9 years in e-commerce. Our experience allows us to create solutions for any business goals and objectives. We develop online shops on Magento, marketplaces, B2B solutions and mobile applications. Owing to our expertise in в marketplaces, design interfaces that make online shopping comfortable, convenient and thanks to an upgraded Magento engine – speedy as well. In collaboration with a customer we develop a promotion strategy, launch digital marketing and create promotional content.

Lack of time is a very real problem for people working 24/7. We understand it all and offer a solution especially for such cases. This solution is a website that is always at your fingertips. In the world of e-commerce (electronic commerce), you need to use all possible triggers that accelerate sales. A website with a mobile version is exactly what you need for this.

Who Needs an E-commerce Website Development?

Failure to study the peculiarities of the market will bring a lot of trouble to your business. By falling behind the trends, entrepreneurs fail to keep up with the trends and start to lose their professional acumen. Don't let that happen to you. Order an e-commerce website if you are:

Retail business (online only or brick and mortar)
Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
Manufacturer or wholesaler
Service provider
Educational institution
Healthcare provider
Tourism or hospitality industry
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Dmitry Baraney

Zolotoy Vek company is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of jewelry. In 2014, we began to develop the direction of e-commerce. We ranked Brander as the most experienced company in e-commerce solutions and developed a successful product.

5/5 - "I liked. I would repeat."
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The Intricacies of E-commerce Website Development
You don't need to make your project the same as your competitor's.

You can borrow some good solutions and turn disadvantages into advantages, but you can't copy someone else's ideas completely.

A client who wants an interface with tonnes of graphics and animation will certainly get it.

However, you should not forget that the main thing is sales. In e-commerce, you should distract the customer as little as possible with pretty pictures.

You know your business better, so at certain points our gut won't help.

That's why terms of reference are necessary. Everything in it is law to us, but you can make adjustments to it as you go along.

Magento 2.3
Magento 2.3
delivery services
Nova Poshta Ukrposhta Meest Express FedEx UPS DHL USPS
Nova Poshta Ukrposhta Meest Express FedEx UPS DHL USPS
payment systems
Privat24 LiqPay PayPal Amazon Payments Sage Pay WayFroPay Ipay Masterpass
Privat24 LiqPay PayPal Amazon Payments Sage Pay WayFroPay Ipay Masterpass
Stages of E-commerce Website Development
Familiarization phase
We want to know what kind of client we are working with. It is important to learn details about each other to be on the same page.
Design stage
A designer who has caught the wave of creative inspiration starts working on your resource. He draws layouts and customizes them for a certain type of consumer.
Bringing the design to life is the job of the programmer. He knows better than anyone else how to combine the design and functional part.
After the programmer copes and hands over his work to us, we are obliged to check for bugs through several stress tests. The procedure can be quite time-consuming, so we ask our clients not to worry.
Most popular questions
At first sight some project can look perfect, which is not always true. It is much better to have an online shop that meets your business needs. Getting a closer look at your project, we will make a product that will integrate organically into your business.
it is possible to do integrations with any systems that allow to get access to them through API or the like. If your system has no API, we will fix it. To choose a proper solution, we will analyze your system, its capacity
Sure! We have developed a number of solutions for a comfortable transfer to the upgraded engine. What matters is to estimate your profit from this investment. If your online shop is not big, Magento 1.9 can manage. We can upgrade your store, marketing and sales and when you are ready to expand – will transfer it to a new CMS.
The best option is to make a mobile app, while a shop itself will serve as a backend to it. гThat will allow you to easily manage the information in one place, so you can display it both in the application and on the website. That will also minimize the risks of data being out of sync on two resources. In a nutshell, an online shop serves as API for a mobile application.
The optimal platform for an online shop is Magento. But we also support projects on other platforms. By the by, we were Ukrainian pioneers in using Magento 2.0.
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Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce web development focuses on creating a digital platform for businesses. Developers integrate features such as user-friendly interfaces, product displays and secure payment systems. These websites allow reaching a global audience, managing inventory and processing transactions. Ecommerce development aims to improve the online shopping experience.

Adobe Magento Is the Right Ecommerce Platform

Adobe Magento provides robust e-commerce solutions. It's open source, allowing for customization. Scalability suits small to large businesses. Features include advanced marketing tools and modular architecture. It offers a secure and seamless shopping experience. Active community support ensures continuous improvement. 

Overall, Adobe Magento is a powerful and flexible choice for web development for e-commerce. Magento offers an easy-to-use administration interface. It supports different payment gateways and methods of delivery. Responsive design ensures cross-device compatibility. 

Why Choose Brander for Your Ecommerce Development?

Customized Ecommerce Web Design and Development

Brander tailors websites to specific business needs. This includes the creation of unique interfaces in line with brand identity. Custom development ensures that features meet precise requirements. The process includes thorough testing for functionality and security. Web deployment makes the site accessible to users. Ongoing support and updates maintain optimal performance. Custom ecommerce web design and development enhances the UX and differentiates businesses online.

Secured Payment Gateways

Brander's secure payment gateways ensure secure online transactions. They encrypt sensitive information to protect it. Seamless integration with websites. Multiple layers of security prevent fraud. Users trust platforms with secure payment options. Trusted gateways improve the overall e-commerce experience.

Certified Ecommerce Developers

Brander’s web ecommerce development is up-to-date with industry best practice. Hiring certified professionals like us ensures quality work. We bring efficiency and adherence to standards. Certified ecommerce developers contribute to successful and reliable projects.

Featured Ecommerce Website Development Resources

Ecommerce Backend

The e-commerce web development backend is the behind-the-scenes functionality of the site. It manages databases, processes payments and tracks orders. It's the engine that powers the online store. Backend development involves server-side scripting and database management. Efficient backend operations ensure a smooth user experience. Security measures are essential to protect sensitive data. The ecommerce backend is integral to the overall functionality and performance of the website.

Ecommerce Microservices

E commerce web development microservices break down functions into independent, small services. Each service handles a specific task, such as payments or inventory. A microservices' architecture promotes scalability and flexibility. It allows for easy updates without affecting the entire system. Microservices improve fault isolation and system resilience. 

Refactoring and Replatforming

Refactoring improves existing code without changing its external behaviour. It improves performance and readability. Replatforming involves moving to a new platform or technology. It often involves major changes to the system.

Options for Building an Ecommerce Website

Build It From Scratch

Ecommerce web application development involves:

  • planning goals; 
  • selecting a platform; 
  • designing a user-friendly interface; 
  • coding;
  • integrating secure payment methods; 
  • thorough testing; 
  • launching the site; 
  • providing ongoing maintenance; 
  • implementing marketing strategies for success. 

Each step plays a vital role in creating a functional and attractive online store.

Customize a SaaS Solution

Customizing a SaaS solution means adapting it to specific business needs. This includes adjusting settings, integrating with existing systems and modifying the user interface. The aim is to create a personalized and efficient setup that meets the needs of the organization. Ongoing support and training ensure successful implementation and user satisfaction.

MACH (Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native and Headless)

In web development for e-commerce, microservices break down applications into small, independent services. API-First means prioritizing a well-defined API over development. Cloud-native emphasizes the use of cloud infrastructure for flexibility and scalability. Headless separates the front-end presentation from the back-end. This allows more flexibility in design and deployment. MACH architecture promotes agility, scalability, and adaptability in modern software development.

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