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You are told to think outside the matrix, but what if the matrix doesn't exist? It was invented by man, like all other limitations. Technology is the best way to get rid of limited thinking. You need the ultimate experience that Magento has.


These are dozens of additional tools that were not in the Community Edition. You just need to understand the aspects of the technology you want to use. We promise that in the company with Brander, the development process will seem easy and interesting to you.


What's included in Enterprise?
Global acceleration 1 / 4

Literally everything becomes faster: from navigating the website to placing an order. The buyer gets the opportunity not to linger at this stage, to go through it quickly and excitingly. It seems to us that this allows spending money painlessly.

Drag'n'drop 2 / 4

This trendy phrase literally means “drag and drop”. Exactly! You grab the file with the mouse button and throw it into the desired field. It’s useful when registering a user, in correspondence. It makes the website faster and the user more mobile.

Design that responds 3 / 4

Admit it, it's more pleasant to use a website that feels your every movement, responds to it with animation. As you develop interfaces with Enterprise Edition, additional features are added to make the design that responds to you. Responds with convenience, of course.

Easily upgradable 4 / 4

A nice bonus is the ease of upgrading from regular Magento to Enterprise Edition. Moreover, in the process, there is an opportunity to rethink and improve some aspects of the online store.

Brander is a candidate for the result
Development step by step
Read the case

If you came for an update to the Enterprise Edition, then you probably have a standard Magento program. If you did not do it with us, then we need to understand how our competitors worked in order to adapt and do better.

Draw up a reference

A very important document that determines how many hours it will take to develop, what specialists will be involved. The presentation process begins. The result is the announced price and signature.

Design development

We determine whether the website needs a redesign. When the business is growing, and the website requires new capacities, this procedure is indispensable. Therefore, our task at this moment is not to lose the visual triggers familiar to your customers and add new functionality.


Now, our coders take on the designer's work. Functionality should not absorb aesthetics and vice versa. When the perfect balance is found, the project comes to the penultimate stage.


After you have approved the project, and we have made the final touches, we send the site for launch. If this is an application, we send it to the App Store and Play Market. After that, marketing and technical support will begin, but more on that another time.

With a yearly income of over a million dollars. When three hundred orders a day is not fantastic, but an ordinary day. When you have hundreds of catalog pages and the desire to trade quickly with such a significant load.
If your business matches the description in the previous paragraph, we don't think the price will come as a surprise.
Customers with standard Magento often ask this question. We answer them and you: it is obligatory! The project is getting bigger in every sense. If you don't take it seriously, then this story may not have a good ending.
Samsung, Huawei, Ford. These names speak for themselves.

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Magento Enterprise development

Magento Enterprise development is based on an open-source e-commerce CMS, which is free to use and modify and is an easy way to start selling products online. This CMS is written in the PHP programming language, using an object-oriented architecture, which makes it easy to add extensions such as payment gateways and integration with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as set up various types of products.

Differences between Enterprise and Community Magento editions

Magento Community is a free CMS that powers over 20% of all online stores in the world. Magento Enterprise web development is based on a commercial product that runs online marketplaces of many well-known brands. Both versions are built on a common core and have identical base modules. Community Edition, despite its limitations, is also considered reliable and functional.

This list shows the main differences in Magento Enterprise development:

  • you will have to pay to use this version;
  • availability of PCI data security standards;
  • you can count on support from the developer;
  • additional administrative roles and access levels;
  • history of administrator actions;
  • gift certificates;
  • credit the customer;
  • the ability to create test sites with the function of undoing changes;
  • organization of sales with changed prices;
  • advanced data encryption;
  • advanced content control system;
  • dividing clients into groups;
  • encouragement of customer loyalty;
  • automatic mailing lists;
  • remote customer support;
  • functionality for the business-to-business model;
  • seasonal discounts with a time limit.

Benefits of Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise web development allows you to increase sales and overall productivity. The improved PayPal system allows buyers to pay for the purchase without leaving your site. You can easily organize, view and schedule a wide range of new content, including product and category updates. Handy tools developed based on usability testing will make the whole process fast and efficient.

The new dashboard timeline provides a visual overview of all scheduled updates, so the team can easily coordinate campaigns to maximize sales impact. In addition, the platform supports integrations with various services and solutions that will make your online business even more successful. This provides additional opportunities for expansion, exploration of new horizons, and revolutionary implementations.

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