Magento Performance Optimization

Magento is the most popular proposal for business from developers. This content management system satisfies all e-commerce needs and is upgradeable to Enterprise Edition for even more features. There are situations when a client already has a website  on Magento ready, and he asks to speed it up. This is a feasible task that we will assign to the back-end programmers. They work with the server and databases—they are responsible for the speed of Magento.


Who requires that?
Magento's performance is the first reason pushing e-commerce to order it. Everyone agrees that the faster buttons, ordering and listing works for you, the more pleasant emotions the client gets. We recommend overclocking your website /application on Magento if you are:
Business 2 business;
Single goods store (less often than others).
Bonuses of working with Brander
Step-by-step instructions
We learn the product

It is important to start from this stage. How much we study the development in detail depends on how quickly we go through the familiarization, after which the actual development begins.

Terms of reference

It helps us understand how much work the team has to do. This allows to draw a conclusion about the final price and performers. Also, for both parties, the terms of reference becomes a roadmap. You will always know what is currently in development and what is still planned.

Code audit

We check the code for vulnerabilities, and also try to understand how much of it will have to be rewritten for our needs. If we are the authors of an old development, the process is greatly facilitated.

The process itself

Everything necessary is done to make the website running faster. Image sizes are optimized, session history is checked. All this clogs the website and can negatively affect its performance. We know how to find and eliminate the causes for this.

We would not recommend doing this on your own. Magento is a complex technology that should not be underestimated. Breakdowns can be very difficult to fix, which is why we recommend that you contact Magento-experienced professionals.
If you came to fix other people's bugs and want to speed up after a not-so-successful development, the price may be higher. We haven't worked on the previous version of the code, so fixing bugs is always harder.
Magento has several levels of immersion. When you (and your business) reach advanced level, we advise you to switch to Enterprise Edition—it is more productive and can withstand the capacity at another level.

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Magento performance optimization

Magento performance optimization is best suited for large, complex online stores with high loads and a large range of products. The rich functionality of this CMS allows you to customize all aspects of the store. Thanks to additional modules, you can integrate it with all the services you need for online commerce: statistics, analytics, accounting, payments, logistics, delivery, marketplaces, and so on.  You can implement a loyalty service in the store with the accrual of points for purchases, gift cards, certificate issuance, and services for wholesale buyers and distributors. Many modules and extensions are available for free.

How can we optimize Magento performance?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might need Magento performance optimization:

  1. Wrong choice of theme. Website owners often try to choose the most effective design theme, but at the same time, they forget about performance, ignoring sloppy code and unnecessary plugins.
  2. Incorrect database configuration. Magento site performance optimization is known for its flexibility, but misconfiguration can significantly reduce the responsiveness of an online store.
  3. Insufficiently powerful server hardware. The server might have a weak processor and little RAM, or it might just be misconfigured.
  4. Incorrect selection of the functional mode. Magento has several different modes of operation, but most users choose "Default". This is not suitable for all cases.
  5. Too much multimedia content. Photos and videos are very important for any online store. This is the best way to present a wide variety of products. But an abundance of graphics and videos can also make website pages significantly heavier and slow down their loading speed largely. There are many ways to optimize the loading of media files. For example, you can use formats that reduce file sizes.
  6. Incorrect caching settings, missing flat directories, and other reasons.

Why do you need Magento performance optimization?

Magento 2 performance optimization guarantees the stability, efficiency, and scalability of a website. Optimization work allows you to analyze the current state of the system, and identify possible errors and bottlenecks in services, networks, load, resource usage, and database. All this must be done to reduce the response time for users, and the load on the server and speed up the loading of a website for visitors.

Only by consistently carrying out all these stages, it is possible to achieve positive results in increasing the speed and improving the quality of a store, since Magento performance optimization of configurable products is a complex process. It affects both the server component and the client's experience of interacting with the system. When developing a new store, it is necessary to monitor the performance level at the earliest stages - at the level of analysis of individual components, and the final stages, to avoid serious problems in the operation of a website.

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