Drupal website development

Every year, new CMSs appear. To compare them, make ratings and other tedious statistics. But among them there is only one long-lived - Drupal. This CMS wins the prizes of audience sympathy for the last 10 years.

A superficial analyst will say that the number of sites on Drupal is falling every year, and you should choose "something simpler" like WordPress. An analyst with experience will politely ask his colleague to shut up and show that the number of resources on Drupal has long outgrown the quality, and crystal clear statistics of hacks makes security the main feature. Let's not repeat the mistakes of a superficial analyst and study all aspects of the engine.

Drupal or Not Drupal - That Is the Question!
Drupal is distributed for free, so you will have to pay only for the hours of work of the programmer. Our expert Alex calls Drupal not a CMS, but a CMF (Content Management Framework). He says that CMF gives him more freedom. Alex is sure that Drupal's versatility makes it the number one choice for:
Official company websites
Forums and portals
Full-fledged media
Portfolio sites and landing pages
Cultural institutions
Complex interactive elements
Government resources
Stages of working with Drupal
We'll make a plan
In it, we will specify the goals of the site, explain how it will be able to compete with your nearest competitors, and convince you that they will bite their elbows when they realize that they gave up the site on Drupal for nothing. After that, we'll talk about the cost of the project.
Designers are breaking into the project
Together with them, the layouts of the site and its interface are customized.
Let's get started on the design
The initial setup is performed, the site and server are linked, and the database is integrated. Coders work alone.
Connect the auxiliary modules
They will give admin rights and set the security bar. Let's not forget about the language pack.
Easy start
There is no need to overload the project at this stage, so we will only upload the essentials to the server. If you want, the Brander team will tell you everything in detail.
Final Testing
We will see the work done in the best light. This is when you will realize that you have come to us for a reason!
The release is just the beginning
All the tools will work as they should, and the site will start attracting its first visitors. Additionally, we will build into the site the collection of analytics for reporting on customer loyalty to the business. We will set everything up so that you can check it on your mobile or PC.
A Carload of Benefits
Comfort and opportunities

Low server load, accelerated backend development, variety of user interfaces and elements of the most popular PHP framework Symfony.


Save money on tips at your favorite coffee shop, as the license is free.


The resource will interface with accounting software and connect to third-party computing services. Thanks to Drupal, the numbers will be in order, because it doesn't make mistakes.

It's easy!

Once the project is launched, you will be able to update the newsfeed, do administration, pull in information from social networks and update the list of offered products on your own, without additional knowledge.

Constant updates

With each update, Drupal adds to its list of frontend features and solutions.


Implementation of search fields at a champion's level. Drupal ensures your site toolkit is a functional masterpiece!

Once and for many years

Development on Drupal makes a project long-lived. A site created today will remain visually and technically relevant for several years.


Our Principles

At the moment of decision, remember:

  • Brander values your time and money. We won't waste it on trivial matters unless the job requires it.
  • Brander is focused on long-term relationships, which is why every client is a partner and colleague for us.
  • Brander takes your wishes into account and loves it when wishes come true.
  • Brander for consistency, minimal stress and understanding. This is the atmosphere in which we work best!
we the best
Is Brander Perfect at Everything?
We don't leave any problems behind
Everyone wants a profitable website where there are no bugs and development difficulties. We can do it. Add to that over 10 years of experience and more than 1000 successful projects in web development, digital marketing, e-commerce and mobile applications. Brander guarantees that future co-operation will be successful.
We work until we win, and you'll feel it
Your idea with our help will start to materialize from the very beginning of cooperation. Marketers, analysts, copywriters, designers, the most hardcore programmers will invest their experience, as well as the ability to solve any problem with an asterisk.
We're not afraid
Brander will not give up on aspiring start-ups and is not afraid of a nationwide company. We are not intimidated by the sheer volume of work, because we draw strength from the challenge!
You'll want to stay our friend
For us, long-term relationships with our clients are the foundation of our business. The first project lays the foundation of trust and leads to co-operation for many years.
Drupal website development is a labour-intensive process, with a mortgage for the future. Be patient, because in the end you will get a super site on a complex and flexible CMS, where content is easier to manage than a bicycle.
What do you want to end up with? Drupal is about reliability! The framework is not afraid of large volumes of documents and is designed for future expansion, and Drupal has an excellent diploma in security issues.
Of course. We will check all stages of development with you. The team is on call 24/7 and is always ready to provide the latest news about the work with the project.

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Projects received Honorable Mentions

Drupal Is a Champion CMS

Did you know that 54% of websites that were built on CMS Drupal made it to the "Top Best Sites" ranking? Developing CMS Drupal websites is not the most popular service. But it is by far the best solution for non-standard, time-consuming, high-loaded services. Drupal is a free open source system, engine power, security and reliability. With Drupal, you get the limitless possibilities of the framework and the convenience of a full-fledged CMS. This is a challenge for a Drupal website development company, an opportunity to realize almost any idea of the client. By the way, we also built Brander's corporate website on Drupal.

Who Is Suitable for Website Development on Drupal?

In some cases, Drupal is called not CMS, but CMF (Content Management Framework). This engine allows you to create a complex project with a variety of functionality for simple content management. Drupal website development services will be relevant for:

  • E-commerce;
  • Marketplaces;
  • B2B solutions;
  • Large portals;
  • Media projects;
  • Forums;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Web services;
  • REST API applications.

Why Choose Drupal?

Drupal uses Symfony components — the most popular and modern PHP web framework. Updates, a huge community of Drupal website developers, unlimited possibilities for any business. All this you will get using Drupal in your projects. You can integrate Drupal with any external services and other solutions of your infrastructure. The flexibility and scalability of Drupal exceeds any content management system. 

Easy content creation, robust performance, and excellent security are standard Drupal features. But the great thing about Drupal is its flexibility! There are thousands of ready-made modules for any task. We also have unique solutions from our experts that will fully meet your requirements. Drupal has truly limitless extensibility. Drupal tools help you create the versatile, structured content that a modern dynamic web interface requires.

The latest versions of Drupal are designed and built following the API-first principle — the information stored and managed by Drupal can be accessed by absolutely any software. For Drupal website development, at your service all modern technologies for creating information systems — Symphony, Composer, Twig, GraphQL, JsonApi, Simple OAuth, Open API and others. 

Also, using Drupal will allow you not to be limited in the choice of solutions for the front-end! At your service is a modern and fast rendering system Drupal, as well as all modern popular technologies — React, Angular, Vue.js, Ember and others. When your projects are based on Drupal, you are not only keeping up with the times, you are ahead of it — the projects created today will be relevant for many years to come.

Drupal website development in the UK will be the best choice if you need a reliable and user-friendly system to manage your content, which will allow you to use this anywhere — mobile applications, web services, any API-based solutions — all this is possible with Drupal!

How Much Time and Money It Will Take To Develop a Website on Drupal?

Since it is a complex system with a voluminous structure, the development of sites on CMS Drupal takes more time than on WordPress. However, the term of creation of the product depends on the desired functionality, the number of pages, uniqueness of design and other things. It is possible to determine an approximate time with a full-fledged TOR.

Drupal website development cost depends primarily on the complexity of the project: design, number of pages, additional modules and plugins, advanced features and other aspects. Leave a request for a free consultation, and we will tell you the approximate cost of the project.

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