Magento Omnichannel Retail Solution

The world of e-commerce is growing. There are new proposals for improving the service on the Internet, improving the quality of sales. Magento Omnichannel contributes to this diversity.If you ask me what it means. Think of it as a unifying factor that gathers the whole ecosystem. Sites, applications, social networks and other communication channels. Omnichannel unites them all.


Who should be the one to order?
E-commerce. If you have a smaller site on Shopify or something, Magento’s Omnichannel will allow you to scale with the right dynamics and will give you control over all your online manifestation that you have not yet known. In e-commerce, these capacities are selected by:
Trade in goods;
Trade in services;
Educational programmes;
Marketplaces and their maintenance.
What is it about Omnichannel?
At the strategy level 1 / 4

Research shows that Omnichanell’s experience increases in direct proportion to the number of hours spent on creating the best service with Magento.

Improve habits in digital 2 / 4

Using the services associated with Omnichannel is nice and fast. We note a positive trend in purchasing power after conversion to Magento power with additional Omnichannel amenities.  The habit of using your services, even if they are the best in the universe, needs to develop. Entrust this to us.

Quit offline 3 / 4

The decision to run a business online multichannel helps track stock of goods, avoiding fakaps with real world management and logistics. Transparency of management helps to avoid complaints, failed sales and other troubles that are costly for business.

Availability in the name of result 4 / 4

Omnichannel multi-channel platform stimulates interaction with customers and helps companies to communicate with Central Asia, at a fundamentally new level. This is reflected in the wide access to customer data. Not only is their tracking real-time, it’s also available from any channel. Communication is automated, and the manager as well as the owner will understand.

Three things worth mentioning
Omni-strategy features
Four pillars

Visibility: You focus on the client and study only the client. Measurement: to realize your marketing point and how it should interact with the customer. Personalization: Since the customer is in the center, interaction with him is a key characteristic. We invest in the service, the speed of the manager’s response and, most importantly, we perceive each client at the level of personality. Optimization: We adjust the marketing strategy, pushing from the budget. The formula works in reverse order as well.

Investment area

This item should be of interest to companies that want to implement the omnichannel approach. Platforms - You can sell whatever is needed through several platforms, but only one can get the most attention. In today’s reality, it’s a smartphone. Processes - for our part we promise to double-check the design and programming, but you must work on the service and staff training. Employees - tact and understanding of consumer problems is much more important than a cool site, but today one without the other does not work, because you need a site as well as cool employees.

How to start omnichannel promotion?

Clearly define your target customer. Adjust the business model to it and inspire marketing strengths. After you have commissioned us to present your brand online. We will wrap it in a convenient shell and will be able to sell it on all Magento platforms simultaneously. To do this, customer support must become a priority.

Omni means developing a business model with the option of additional settings embedded in every online and offline component. This ensures continuous flexibility of communication between channels.
It will create a personalized approach to each customer, facilitate checkout and tie up invisible threads in all units of your business.
Omnichannel is followed by its introduction into the complexity of your business. Focus on the consumer ceases to be obsessive, because happens even without connecting to the vendor. The thing that does the work is the site and application.
The future of retail is about convenience, personalization, and efficiency. Buyers are better informed about their capabilities, so business is obliged to redouble its efforts to take care of values and influence on the customer. All this gives Magento Omnichannel.

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Magento omnichannel retail solution

Magento omnichannel CMS is an open-source engine designed exclusively for online stores. This CMS is used to manage trading platforms based on MySQL and PostgreSQL. Even the basic version has many useful functions for an online store: currency selection, discounts, and promotions, reporting, detailed product cards, etc. The user can place several different online stores on the same platform and then manage them from a single admin panel. This option is suitable for both website owners and specialists engaged in the creation and promotion of custom web resources.

Benefits of Magento

The advantages of Magento omnichannel are really numerous, but we will try to highlight the main ones:

  1. Using the CMS Magento platform, it is possible to create several stores and manage their work from one admin panel, which saves time. The principle of single access to the admin panel is appreciated by the owners of such websites.
  2. There is a function that allows the use of major world currencies. It is possible to convert them without leaving the page of an online store.
  3. Magento's omnichannel solution allows you to create a modern and pretty convenient catalog. You can add extra categories and subsections to it. This feature gives you the opportunity to create a detailed description of products, add a certain number of promotional photos to each product, combine a number of goods according to a certain criterion, bind products to a position, add specialized characteristics and familiarize with warehouse balances.
  4. Another advantage of this platform is the presence of a bunch of built-in functions that allow you to use the structure in the most efficient way. It usually refers to such elements as currency, languages, discounts, promotions, purchase coupons, reports, templates, and extensions.
  5. This platform makes it very easy to work with product prices. It allows you to reduce the cost of goods for any period, make a discount to a certain client, select regular customers, and arrange a promotion for them. This feature helps to increase the rating and sales.

About omnichannel in Magento

Magento comes with a number of very powerful features under the hood that mostly go unnoticed by the people who install and use it on a daily basis. The feature we're reviewing today, the multi-store functionality, is one of them; and perhaps this is one of the most advanced. There is no common language for this function, so we will call it omnichannel for Magento 2.

Using this multi-store functionality, we can take a single Magento installation and use it to power any number of (within technical limitations, of course) stores or websites. This is definitely a godsend for clients who would like to buy products from different versions of websites for various electronic devices. Also, if you want granular control, you can set up different individual stores on the same domain with Magento 2 omnichannel to better differentiate products.

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