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If you are engaged in online promotion, the following text is a must-read. The site needs SEO support, because this allows it to get to the top of the rendition in search engines. As a result, conversions increase, the business owner rejoices. Mobile applications also need support. It is possible to make your way to the top of the rendition in Google Play and App Store, even in the presence of competitors. The way to the top will be cleared for you by a special guru from our team, who proudly carries the title of ASO specialist.

Features of Our ASO
Work on mistakes
The optimization process is point-by-point and requires strict adherence. We analyse the current state of affairs, taking into account your views, number of installations and customer loyalty.
Every client claims that they watch their competitors through a spyglass and know all their dirty secrets, but in practice this is not always true. Don't worry, we'll re-analyse it, because we know what nuances you need to pay attention to first.
Semantic core + metadata
Optimization at this stage requires matching relevant search queries and requirements of the shops where the app is hosted. Our team will compile a list of keywords for all cases.
Reporting preparation
The client likes to monitor the progress of the work, and we will give them that opportunity. We can notify about progress via messenger or email and provide detailed reports with infographics that show comparisons with the same period last year and describe plans to pay for monthly work.
Difference From SEO
In simple words

SEO is about optimizing the website, while ASO is responsible for optimizing the application page in the shop. Both methods share the same goal, because they should attract as many customers to your product as possible. Nevertheless, there are differences, and that's what it's all about.

Differences in analyses

SEO focuses on collecting a semantic core, setting up and buying links. ASO first researches competitors and then selects keys and visual elements. The best option is always selected for each individual page.

About traffic

Traffic is counted differently in these methods, because SEO focuses on the browser, while ASO focuses on the mobile online shop. Naturally, the audience attracted is also different.

You can't have one without the other

Not everyone has heard about ASO yet, so it seems something unfamiliar and alien to many representatives of domestic business. But we assure you that both ASO and SEO are necessary.

Our Offerings
App Store / Google Play
A full audit of a page in an online shop is carried out. Then we move on to competitors and determine a list of keywords that suit the opponent's product and its target audience. At this stage it becomes clear whether work on mistakes is needed, and what should be done to build up the audience. In most cases, the procedure costs the client free of charge.
One-off job
It starts with a semantic kernel check and keyword analysis. The text content of the shop page is updated, which has an impact on the ranking. Often we involve designers in the work to make the page sparkle with new colours and attract attention with a higher probability.
Texts are updated regularly, and work is being done on the app rating and comment block. More attention is paid to the visual part, the design becomes better due to constant work on it. Keywords are supplemented if necessary.
The differences are functional and personal. For example, services related to optimizing a food delivery app will not be identical to those for a mobile gas station. Nevertheless, they are subject to the same marketing algorithms.
If you have an app, and you don't understand why it's constantly hovering at the very bottom of the search results, the answer is obvious. ASO optimization is something new for the UK market, so businessmen are not used to it yet. But you should feel its effect on yourself, and it will be impossible to refuse.

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