Cross platform mobile app development

Cross-platform development is chosen more often. It is understandable, because no one wants to spend more money, time, and nerves on creating separate applications for iOS and Android. Cross-platform provides a single code base, the ability to easily edit and revise. Let's take a closer look at how cross-platform has such a positive reputation.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Native Development
Native development means the use of an original programming language, as well as tools created specifically for a particular platform. Do you prefer iOS? Good, then we offer XCode development in Swift. Do you want Android? In that case, we choose Java.
Native development speeds up the process
Adds features
Gives exclusivity
Makes it easier to edit
Sometimes excludes the possibility of working on another platform
How Do We Make Cross-Platform Applications?
We get to know your project better
For this, we need an interview with the customer. It's best to organize a face-to-face meeting, but you can also Skype. We'll want to know all the details about your project, so don't hesitate to be candid. The more details we learn - the better we'll be able to customize the app.
Hand it over to the designer
He will draw the interface and show the client how the consumer will interact with their app.
Then to the programmer
He "brings the design layouts to life" and turns them into a functional web tool.
We need to make sure that everything works without glitches, and for this purpose several stress tests are conducted.
Native vs Cross-Platform

Native vs Cross-Platform

Native exclusivity

If a product is created exclusively in a native programming language, it is considered native. For example, for Android, native languages would be Java and Kotlin. Such apps won't be able to run on iOS, but will provide a lot of nice bonuses to Android users.

Cross-platform friendliness

Cross-platform friendliness means that apps can run on multiple platforms at once. However, not all the chips will be available, some of them won't be able to be implemented.

Speed of development vs. extensive functionality

If the product is customized for a certain system, it will have its own advantages. Undoubtedly, an application written in a “proprietary” programming language will stand out for the better, but speed is definitely not among the advantages of native development. If you need fast results, it is better to choose a cross-platform.

What Cross-Platforms Are Used?

What Cross-Platforms Are Used?


This platform allows you to use at least 90% of the source code without changes on different operating systems. The performance remains high at the same time. Xamarin is designed for writing interfaces that are suitable for growing businesses.

React Native

This platform is supported by Facebook developers. Inspiring, isn't it? Released in 2015, this technology reaches its full potential when you get familiar with its library. It provides access to the external shell of the platform, as well as tools to modify the visual shell.

Kotlin Multi-Platform

The single source code of the platform is used to create applications for different operating systems. Separate code in this case will be needed only in some places (for example, when creating a unique interface).


This framework is constantly updated, and in terms of technology it is suitable for both operating systems. The end user will not notice much difference between the code and native code. This framework is used by Alibaba and many other well-known brands.

About the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cross-Platform

About the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cross-Platform

Cross-platform is not suitable for large business projects

If you have a simple app in your plans, then the cross-platform is a hundred percent suitable for you. However, you should not hope for the coolest result if you plan to create an expensive and large-scale resource.

Cross-platform reveals its potential in minimalism

If you plan numerous pages, graphic contrivances and distinctive elements of one of the platforms, it is better to choose native.

Cross-platform helps you meet deadlines

If you have to work under tight deadlines, and the result is needed quickly, it will be very difficult to write a high-quality native app. It is better not to take such risks.

About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Native
About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Native
Fast performance as a feature of a native application

An application written for a particular platform will always perform better in a speed contest. This is exactly what separate code is needed for.

Development in native takes longer

We have already had dozens of cases when a client thought that such a job could be done in a couple of weeks. We are sorry to upset you, dear businessmen, but it will take more time.

You will get technical perfection

Sounds too good to be true? But it will be! Patience is always rewarded, and you will realize this simple truth when you get your hands on native development.

The Best Solution for Business


So who wins this argument? Native or cross-platform? You decide for yourself, dear friend! We believe that there are advantages to both. If you need to get your app as fast as possible, and exclusivity, speed and branded features for Android or iOS are not that important, then go for the cross-platform, and you won't go wrong. But if you are a convinced idealist and envision an app that will only fit within the confines of one platform, then opt for native development. The good news is that Brander will do a great job either way.

Our Principles

Our Principles

At the moment of making a decision, remember:

  • Brander values your time and money. We won't waste it on trivial matters unless the business requires it; 
  • Brander is committed to long-term relationships, so every client is a partner and colleague;
  • Brander takes your wishes into account and likes to see them come true;
  • Brander stands for consistency, minimal stress and mutual understanding. This is the atmosphere in which we work best!
Let’s Work Together!
We work full-cycle
Let's say you need not only an app, but also a website. Okay, we'll do the website. We will report on the second stage of work in detail as in the first case. We will do everything at the highest level.
Let the client unlock his potential
It is very pleasant to see how the customer turns into a creative person when he is full of ideas for the development of his business. We will listen carefully to your suggestions and add the most successful ideas to the TOR.
Conquering hearts with the quality of service
We love it when a client feels important. His ideas are always paramount, so at any stage we have time to listen to the customer. We promise not to bore you with excessive attention, we will find the optimal balance of interaction with the client.
Support the project after release
Would you like to know how apps get to the top of an online shop? We will share this knowledge, and if necessary, we will employ techniques that will allow you to achieve the same popularity.
No, it isn't. A programmer in such a case has to work with a vast, albeit unified, code base, as well as keep in mind several derivatives that apply only to iOS or Android.
If you need target audience research and marketing support, you'll have to wait up to a month.
We already have more than a thousand successful cases, so it's hard to say unequivocally. Everyone has different tasks and needs, so orders are distributed roughly equally.

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Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Do you want your product to get closer to the customer? Cross platform mobile app development will reduce the distance between you and your audience. This is an opportunity to reach potential customers quickly, on a budget, and efficiently. Unlike the separate iOS and Android solutions, this app will work on two platforms at once. This will save not only time but also money. 

What Kind of Business Is It Suitable For?

Cross platform app development makes your business flexible, regardless of the field or direction. Increase conversion rate with the release of mobile app on iOS and Android will be able to:

  • eCommerce;
  • service industry;
  • financial companies;
  • B2B;
  • online media;
  • manufacturing companies.

A cross platform application is relevant for hypothesis testing, projects with simple functionality, small startups with a low budget.

Benefits of Such Applications

Cross platform applications are software products designed in such a way that they can run on different operating systems and devices without significant changes. This concept has a number of distinct advantages that make it very attractive to developers and users. Here are some of the key benefits of cross platform mobile development:

  1. Increased market reach. Cross platform apps allow you to reach a wider audience as they can run on different popular operating systems such as iOS and Android. This allows developers to attract more users and expand their customer base.
  2. Saves time and resources. Best cross platform app development can be more efficient as developers can use common code for different platforms. This reduces development costs and speeds up the release of new versions of applications.
  3. Ease of updates. Application updates can be simpler and more consistent across platforms, making it easier to support and distribute patches and new features.
  4. Reduced training costs. It's convenient for users when they can use the same app on different devices, reducing the need to learn and adapt to different interfaces.
  5. Single user interaction. Cross platform app development company can provide a single user interaction across all devices, which improves usability and creates a more consistent experience for users.
  6. Rapid scalability. Because cross platform apps are easier to scale across devices and operating systems, they can be quickly adapted to changing market requirements and user needs.
  7. Risk mitigation. When an application runs on multiple platforms, it is less vulnerable to risks associated with changes in market conditions or the technology ecosystem of one platform.
  8. Increased competitiveness. Cross platform mobile app development services allow companies to be more competitive in the marketplace by giving users more choice and flexibility in the use of devices.

Cross platform applications offer a number of significant benefits to both developers and users, making them an important tool in the world of modern information technology and mobile applications.

How Do We Create Such Applications?

Cross platform mobile application development for Android and iOS is a complex-integrated process that consists of six main stages.

Market Analysis and Concept Creation

First, we meet with the client to discuss the basic idea. After listening to all the wishes for the application, the programming team determines which format would be better: native or cross-platform. The team studies the client's business, competitive niche, "business neighbors", determines the target audience and behavioral factors. We work out the terms of reference and after agreeing with the client on all aspects, we start creating the product.


Based on the analysis, user avatar and typical behavior are prescribed, stories are created, first interface mock-ups are created. As a cross mobile app development agency, we are taking into account the nuances of cross platform programs, peculiarities of your mobile audience. After the prototypes are agreed upon and approved, the project goes to the designers.


At this stage, your app gets a color. The designer works out the corporate style of the program, prescribes fonts. Infographics, icons, animations, logos are drawn in the style of the product. 

Technical Part

After the design is the technical part. With the help of frontend and backend magic, efficient tools, Flutter SDK, our programmers realize your ideas.

Publishing the Application

When the technical part is completed and the project is ready, the testing stage begins. Only after making sure that all the functions of the application work, the team prepares the product for publishing the application in the marketplaces.

Marketing and Support

Brander is a full-service company, so after the mobile app development for iOS and Android, the marketing team gets to work. We will spell out the brand philosophy, create a content plan to win the market, deepen audience reach, increase customer trust, and make a creative defense against competitors.

With Us, Clients Get More


Cross platform applications reach Android and iOS users, which is more than 85% of UK citizens. At least 70% of smart device owners make a purchase in a mobile app within an hour.


Our cross platform mobile app development company can publish the product in App Store and Play Market from our account or give practical recommendations to the client for personalized placement.


Publication in the app shop is only the beginning of your project's life. Our team is ready to continue to help in its development: support, updates, promotion. All this is necessary to maintain the functionality of the application.


Technologies are constantly evolving and opportunities are expanding. A mobile application covering Android and iOS users can generate income: offer a subscription for useful functionality, or make the product paid.

Frequent Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Mobile Apps for Android and iOS?

The cost of cross platform app development services depends on the complexity of the project. Also, the final cost is influenced by the specifics of the theme, the number of screens, and the expected functionality. To get a preliminary estimate, you need a clear TOR specifying all the requirements.

Will This App Be Worse?

The main difference from a native app is the possibility to make an app for two mobile platforms at once. This will give you an additional advantage.

How Long Does It Take To Develop?

Cross platform app development in the UK is faster than a native one. Its development time depends on the complexity, specifics, functionality. To get a preliminary estimate, fill out the form.

Do I Have to Wait Long for the Product Release?

The product goes through moderation in the app shop. The terms of publication in the App Store and Play Market are different, so the terms will be different. In Play Market moderation is faster, in App Store — up to several weeks.

Can I Follow the Process?

The team is always in touch, so clients can find out how things are going at any time. Clickable prototypes of the app are available after each stage, so you can request them if necessary. We are not interested in keeping the development process secret from the client.

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