We conditionally divide website design on the internet into design development and decoration. Colourful excesses, shouting pictures and tasteless fonts — this is decoration. They also say that design is either good or bad. For our designers, the word "bad" is insulting, because their work has nothing to do with decoration and is its complete opposite. So it is design that we offer you.

Order by All Means!

You'll say, "Brander, you're too subjective." But we have something to say to that. Subjective can only be an opinion about the stylistics, but good web design can be seen at once. We call a good design that fulfils the marketing task assigned to it. Design sells your brand through visual information, so it is essential for:

B2B/B2C segments
Service sector
Delivery services and restaurants
Main Features
The design provides uniqueness

A good design will be seen not only by you, but also by the client. But much more importantly, it will be seen by your competitor. He will get nervous to the point of headache, because your design will be better than his.

Design is profitable

This point makes your eyes sparkle with delight, and ours too. Design should serve not only as a pretty picture, but also as a marketing tool.

Design brings out the best

Thanks to design, it is possible to correctly shape the mood of the customer, not only on the web, but also outside the internet. Remember, everyone falls in love with eyes first.


Let's assume that your business has been a victim of decoration for some time. Good design will solve all problems and make you successful for the long term.

Development in Phases
Put yourself in the capable hands of Brander
There is not as much pathos in this statement as it may seem at first glance. Brander is responsible for every job it does and, naturally, our team prefers to achieve only positive results. Rest assured that we are just as interested in the success of the product as you are.
Develop a prototype
At this stage, we will draw the outline of the site and understand what it should look like, based on the terms of reference, and determine whether it meets the high bar to which we always adhere.
Not all clients understand design. We don't like to teach others, but sometimes we have to explain to a client the difference between decoration and design. It is difficult to break established stereotypes, but we promise to be patient if we see potential in a project.
Main stage
This is the most active part of the work, starting with the choice of basic colours and fonts. There are usually no disputes on this topic, because clients willingly do their "homework" and provide their brand book. Having this document improves the understanding of the required design, allows you to start drawing layouts and creating prototypes of pages.
A design that is versatile
The advantage of good web design is its adaptability. If it fits existing mobiles and computers, and in the long run can be adapted to new devices, then it's a good job. We aim to not just get rid of embellishments, but to bring your unique sense of style to the design. In the process, you're sure to appreciate our creative excitement and pick up the rhythm yourself.
Shall We Be Friends?
Brander speaks the truth
We are interested in the client being on the same wavelength with us. To achieve this, sometimes we have to tell the client that some of their ideas are too complex and their understanding of style is not modern enough. Naturally, we will argue our point of view, so be prepared to hear it.
Brander keeps secrets
Some brands come to us with their own unique vision and business strategy. This places an obligation on us to keep their working methods confidential. In such cases, we allow for a non-disclosure agreement.
Brander forever!
We confirm that design can turn customers' perception of your brand upside down. Yes, it takes some time for the customer to digest new information about you, but after that, you'll go from strength to strength, and we'll go along with you.
Most popular questions
It is difficult to talk about it in general terms, but the development of turnkey design will definitely require investment. We do not advise you to start large-scale projects without having a financial plan for at least six months in advance.
This question is actually quite important. A professional knows how to arrange pictures and letters in such a way as to influence the mind of the client and bring him to you by the handle.
We will do everything necessary to make sure they do. The design does not have to appeal to everyone, the target audience will suffice.

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