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Magento is a powerful development tool. Capacities oblige to be responsible for the code that makes up the website or application. We need to check that each element works as it should. This is exactly what an audit is for. It is also useful if you need to decide how to tie an additional set of features to the website. Audits should become a pleasant routine, because an approach with attention to detail will always beat a superficial one.


When do we offer an audit?
If you notice that the website slows down, content disappears, prices are displayed incorrectly, then code audit is the first option that you should try. Also, many people want to know, “is it possible to do this”, “how to make the website even faster?”. We are interested in solving these issues. Brander is ideal for you if:
You need to add new functionality;
Need to speed up the old one;
It is necessary to reformat the store (change the key products, etc.);
Need to find bugs/vulnerabilities.
What is included in an audit?
Speed test 1 / 3

We will make sure that the website shows a good download speed on all devices. The same with the application. Until we make sure that there are no complaints from the point of view of the conciseness of the code, we will not give the green light, sorry. The most common reason for this slowdown on e-commerce websites is fonts, images, and (attention!) bugs in the code. We will look for them.

Budget savings 2 / 3

It may seem strange. “I pay for the audit, what are the savings in this?”. But let us disagree. Yes, you will have to pay, but these investments will pay off as quickly as you can imagine. Websites with bad code require a lot of time, so this transforms into cost. If the process is optimized, expenses can be easily avoided.

Maximum armor 3 / 3

Brander adheres to the formula—there is never too much security. We want this approach to become close to you. Thanks to an audit carried out on time, you get the opportunity to secure your product. Audit combined with the need to improve security is a must-have.

Auditor by Brander
Yes, but not weekly. To arrange a major check and fix the vulnerabilities every six months or every year is a solid and working plan.
Not enough to give it up. We are sure you will not want to give it up after reading this carefully composed text.
An audit is a fairly quick investment. If you start fixing the problem quickly, you can forget about its existence. This applies to all improvements described in the paragraph “What is included in an audit?”.
Code auditing is essentially a part of technical support. Another routine in a longer list of routines. However, maintaining it plays a key role in the website/application lifecycle.

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Magento code audit

A Magento code audit is a comprehensive analysis of a site's source code to help detect errors, security breaches, or programming rules. An audit of the program code is necessary to identify technical errors and improve the resource.

What is Magento?

The most important purpose of this platform is to make online sales as easy and accessible as possible. Nowadays, almost every other CMS works in this direction, but Magento stands out from the rest.

Powerful means are strong and well-coordinated. The system has a fairly solid design, is well-written, and has practically no bugs.

The engine is popular. It was chosen by many millionaire companies, including Nordstrom, Adidas, and North Face. Magento can easily handle up to 500 million views and up to half a million orders every day. Of course, for this to work correctly, a Magento performance audit is necessary.

The convenient structure of the platform makes it possible to easily edit data, and manage several sites in different languages. Now, you can also control the appearance, content, and functionality of your brainchild. The system provides unique freedom in business development. Users can start with the basic functionality, and if necessary, switch to improved options.

Since its creation, the platform has been guided by the motto "Designed to grow, built for flexibility". And it’s been sticking to it. The system is flexible, allowing you to use various extensions or modules. If you need a special project, then with the help of the developer you can easily create a unique module according to all requirements.

When should a code audit be ordered?

How do you know that you need Magento technical audit? A website is a living organism that needs development and constant updating. Those entrepreneurs who know the value of time order a source code audit every quarter to make sure everything is going well.

However, there are a number of symptoms that will tell you that you need to order a Magento technical audit right now:

  • pages take very long to load;
  • part of the page content does not load or has a distorted appearance;
  • updates do not work properly;
  • with a high influx of visitors, the site starts to freeze or even “falls”;
  • some resource functions do not work properly;
  • you do not know what level of security the service has right now (security in e-commerce should always be at a high level);
  • when clients try to perform a target action, some functions stop working, the service freezes or is buggy;
  • you think that the site has some vulnerabilities, and you want to get confirmation or refutation from professionals.

If you’ve already faced some of these symptoms, do not miss the opportunity to order a Magento code audit. The longer you delay identifying and correcting technical errors, the more customers you may miss.

What does a site code audit give?

The larger the online store, the more installed extensions and various modules it has. For an online store owner, these are additional features and improvements, but for customers, it can lead to a mediocre user experience. And if you do not audit the program code, this can lead to terrible usability. Magento audit helps to identify technical errors and highlight areas that need to be worked on. As a result, you get:

  1. Improved resource performance. Our developers will evaluate the quality of the code, conduct a thorough check of the website for errors in the code, and eliminate database queries that lead to a decrease in resource performance.
  2. Increasing website conversions and improving sales. Do not understand why your beautiful website does not generate income? Checking the site code may answer your question. After identifying errors, we will help to eliminate them quickly, efficiently, and painlessly.
  3. Increasing trust in your brand. When a resource freezes or shows errors, it annoys visitors. Once or twice they will suffer, but the third time they will simply close the resource. Annoyance is the main emotion that users will have. Technical audit and bug fixing will help you retain loyal customers and increase their level of loyalty.
  4. Increasing resource security. Magento security audit reveals not only errors but also vulnerabilities and potential threats. Now every online store must ensure the maximum level of security to avoid data leakage, litigation with clients, and loss of income.
  5. The future of your website. Code audits should be carried out regularly. This will allow you to sell from one website for several years, without the need to transfer the data array to a new resource. Also, if you plan to scale with Magento 2 Commerce Edition, auditing and fixing bugs should be your first step.

After the Magento website audit, we are ready to offer reliable support for your website and optimization work if you agree to implement the changes that our team recommends in the report.

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