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In web development we follow the principles of security, stability, functionality and appearances. We create company websites for major companies, meaningful promotional landing pages for presenting products and fully functional web services. We develop reliable back-end for mobile applications, enhance and provide technical support to the most sophisticated projects.

We want our future customer to be informed. To achieve this, we sometimes have to explain on our fingers what certain technologies are responsible for. Most of the time we make websites, so we have a lot to tell. We promise not to be boring, the story will be interesting! So, let's get started.

Who Do We Make Websites For?

From day one, Brander set out to work with and for business. We have completed over a thousand projects, and in none of them have we deviated from our goal. Our goals today are no different from before, but we have become stronger, more professional and more confident in our goals. We are ready to share our skills, including with you. The site is needed for:

Growing businesses and start-ups
All areas of online commerce
Educational projects
Business projects
Investment funds
Anyone who finds online business in demand
For real
Which CMS Do You Recommend?

They say that it is the best CMS on all parameters, but do not believe in such rumours. In this sphere, there are only leaders of a narrow profile. WooCommerce, in our opinion, is best suited exactly for WordPress.


If you already have a ready-made shop and only the engine is missing to launch it, choose InSales.


We recommend this CMS for solutions based on the popular Webasyst framework.


This platform helps to start faster without delaying on in-depth customization. Suitable for those who are in a big hurry and want to release a product faster than a competitor.


This online shop engine is probably the most popular. It is distributed for free and provides an extensive library that brings variety to the work. One of the best options.

Our Principles

At the moment of decision, remember:

  • Brander values your time and money. We won't waste it on trivial matters unless the job requires it.
  • Brander is focused on long-term relationships, so every client is a partner and colleague to us.
  • Brander takes your wishes into account and loves it when wishes come true.
  • Brander for consistency, minimal stress and understanding. This is the atmosphere in which we work best!
Backend on CMS
Drupal Wordpress
Drupal Wordpress
Backend on Framework
Symfony 2/3/4 Node.js Express.js
Symfony 2/3/4 Node.js Express.js
MySQL PostgreSQL Mongo Redis
MySQL PostgreSQL Mongo Redis
Front end
Angular.js / Angular 4.x.x Vue.js Vuex Nuxt.js React.js Redux Next.js Socket.io
Angular.js / Angular 4.x.x Vue.js Vuex Nuxt.js React.js Redux Next.js Socket.io
Development by Stages
Importance of the first meeting
When we have an introductory conversation, we'll find out what your goals and objectives are, what role the site should play, and what your profit margins should be. All of these nuances will make it much easier to work on the details later on.
Designing layouts
At this stage, the designer mainly works. He will scrutinize the terms of reference and show his artistic vision of the project. Thanks to him, the interface of your website will be one of the best in the world.
Programmer brings design to life
The task of the programmer is to make the functionality of the site work without spoiling the design. The coder's work is hardly the most important, many aspects depend on it. We do not rush our maestro, so as not to distract him.
Not a single mistake
Our symphony must be harmonious. Therefore, we check the application with several stress tests and find out if bugs will appear when the site is moved to the public domain.
Why Do You Need to Order a Website From Brander?
We'll give you some great ideas
There is no doubt that beautiful and stylish sites now know how to make many people. However, we provide not only a bare site, so in addition to aesthetics you will also get advanced functionality.
Keeping secrets inside the company
Sometimes we are approached by clients who are marketing a technology that competitors do not yet have. We realize that this is very delicate work, and we promise: your secret will stay with us. If necessary, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Ready to apply innovative methods
We always have a few promising and daring strategies in stock. Not everyone will dare to try them out, but those who do, thank us later. Maybe you will, too.
We are apostles of the terms of reference
There are companies that don't listen attentively to the customer because they don't think it's necessary. We are definitely not like that! Our goal is a perfect project in every respect, so we will listen to you carefully, fix everything in the TOR and will not deviate from the set course.
Most popular questions
You may not like this answer, but know that price is not always the deciding factor. Sometimes a minimalistic interface can save you tens of thousands of hryvnias on development.
Websites vary in cost, but it is not advisable to go for the "quick and cheap" option. You need a decisive breakthrough in your business, so small money will not do.
That's exactly what we want to do for you. Let's do some research, and together we will find out the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. This will help to define the right strategy.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Web Development and a Website

Website development in Brander is built on the principles of reliability and functionality. We provide our services for corporate sites of large companies and other functional web services. We develop reliable frontend and backend for mobile applications. Furthermore, we take projects of any level of complexity for technical support and improve them.

What Our Web Development Studio Offers

With us, you can order web services that will help you to enter the digital market in a spectacular way. We will develop a corporate website, lending, web application that will help you achieve the main goal of your business. We will provide technical support and promote the project in the network.

Creation of a Corporate Website

With the development of the digital store, having your own website developer for your company has become a real must have. If you want to bring your product or services into the virtual space, our web development studio will create a functional and reliable website. Designers will create a unique author's style for your company, carefully work out usability, so that the site was convenient and attractive to customers. We will integrate it with external resources to optimize business processes, we will write correct code to reduce the number of bugs to zero.

Promotion Sites

Do you want your website to have a wow effect and be useful to your customer? We will create an engaging promotional website with meaning that will promote services and products. Research your potential audience and come up with an impactful design that users will remember. We'll write a robust backend that can handle high loads, as well as set up analytics and launch the product.

Web Services

Airlines, travel organizations, personnel offices of delivery or retail services, digital libraries, language learning courses, time-tracking — the areas where website development company is needed can be listed ad infinitum. We are also ready to create unique calculators, designers and pickers. The team will think over the logic of the service so that the user's path to the target action was short and convenient. We will create a beautiful and functional interface and use the most functional web application development languages.

Technical Support

We will take on technical support of third-party projects of any complexity. We will audit the service, identify errors and omissions, fix bugs. Furthermore, we will optimize the site for greater stability, stability and speed. We will connect the necessary modules and customize integrations.

Stages of Web Development

We take a comprehensive approach to each individual project. Work on the product is carried out systematically and in stages. Website development and promotion includes 7 stages.


Modern website development in London or any other city in the UK starts with analysis, so first we get to know your product. In a conversation with you, we find out the main goal of the project, wishes, nuances and peculiarities. Then we analyse the niche in which you work: we study the target audience, specifics, competitors. At the preparatory stage we form the functional task of the project, the concept of the product, which will affect the subsequent stages. Sometimes our clients come to us with just a raw idea. They want to realize it, but don't know how to do it. We take such projects as a challenge and are ready to show the best result.

Development of TOR

The stage of transition from functional to technical specification. Our website development agency determine how exactly the idea will be realized. Technical documentation is created, on which the project team will rely, all details are spelled out, the last nuances are clarified. At this stage we determine the ways of websites development. For each project, we offer the optimal solution that will work exactly for your business.

Website Design and Development

Web design and development of a specific project is a separate digital book, so all our websites are unique. The layout of the service is written by UI/UX, who study your target audience beforehand. Avatars of potential resource users are prescribed, typical behaviour and scenarios are defined. Immediately, the performance of the prototype is tested. Thus, we create a layout that your target audience wants to see.

UI Project Design

Developing a website involves not only a user-friendly interface, but also visual design. We offer our clients the development of web applications based on a unique author's design. Together with you, we will think over the colour scheme of the project, its stylistics and cool features. At this stage, all icons and buttons are drawn, infographics and animations are created — all the visuals that will work to achieve the main goal of the product.

Backend and Frontend Development

After the design, the programmers get to work. Website development cost is due to the fact that our team uses only modern web development technologies that make the service convenient, functional and fast. Frontend specialists are responsible for what the user will see on the site, and Backend — behind the scenes of the resource. At this stage all tools for website development are used: logic and layout programming, database creation, system structure and admin panel, as well as other components of the site are set up. 

QA Testing

Website development services include testing of performance, efficiency, adaptability. Testers check how well the site works on different devices: iPhone, iPad, smartphones and other gadgets with different screen resolutions.

Product Promotion

Professional web development doesn't end there. We are a full-service company, so we also promote businesses online. This is where our team of marketers comes into the game. We will help in creating a brand philosophy, make a cool defence against competitors, attract new customers and promote your product. Advertising in social networks, context, SEO promotion, creation of unique content (texts, photos, videos) — any marketing tool at the service of your business.

With Us, Customers Get More


Many of your potential customers are searching for the products they want through search engines. Professional website development services include marketing techniques to help you attract customers from social media, search engines and other channels.


We will publish your site on hosting or give practical advice on publishing.


We help entrepreneurs with technical support, promotion and updates.

Increased Sales

Don't miss out on customers — website developers in the UK must make a website with a beautiful design and clear interface. Competent usability is the best incentive for a quick purchase.

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