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Roots - European wines for Ukrainians
Roots is a Ukrainian company -  wine importer - founded in 2018 in Kiev. It started with the sale of wines in HoReCa and 2 years later launched a retail direction for the end user. Roots' goal is to create an online store that helps to choose the wine to your taste and to try something new. Surveys have shown that often consumers are not well informed about wines. They want to find the right wine quickly. The concept “That is the one” helped to solve this problem. Roots helps to find the right wine for the appropriate event.

Wines that suit every taste

Having studied the needs and behavior of the potential buyer, we developed a practical and simple interface. We have worked out the division of wines into categories for easy navigation: red, rosé, sparkling, etc. The user was given the opportunity to choose the desired type and style of wine, region, and event for which the wine is bought.

The listing has been worked out to the smallest detail. We have created filters with many parameters to make it as easy as possible for the user to find a wine to any taste. The wines are classified by event and color and by production region and harvest year. Each consumer will find, and most importantly, buy the desired wine quickly and painlessly. We removed all unnecessary information from the listing of goods and left only the volume, crop year, name, and price.

If desired, the user can add a product to the cart directly from the listing, or add it to the wish list. In the listing of the product cart and in the cart itself, we developed attributes in the form of icons that are intuitive for the target audience.

We thought over the structure of the product cart. We have developed the functionality of the product status, the ability to add wine to the wish list and the cart. The cart fully describes all the characteristics of the wine, the characteristics of the manufacturer, and the style of the drink. We created the functionality of buying a single item or in bulk. Provided the last option, the marketing rule is applied and a customer receives a discount.

We have worked out the "Cases" section in which sommeliers present original selections according to the mood, event, or season. Cases are formed based on the goods that are in the system, they are combined and have their price and discount. After purchasing a case, using an ERP system, wines are written off from stock.

We have created and thought out the "Regions" section. Wine connoisseurs can choose a country, then a region, and get complete information about the wineries and choose the wine to taste from this winery.

We simplified checkout, which significantly increases conversion. The application form has the required minimum of fields: first name, last name, phone number, and city. When you select the latter, all possible delivery methods are opened. We integrated delivery by Nova Poshta.

We created a personal account that stores contact information, user orders, selected products, and addresses. This functionality significantly speeds up repeat purchases and improves user experience.

We developed and implemented SEO modules for search engine optimization. We worked on unloading feeds and working with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


  1. Roots online store finds wines that perfectly match the needs of each client.
  2. Thought-out functionality helps the consumer to buy wine to taste in the shortest time.



HTML / Css / RequireJS
HTML / Css / RequireJS




Nova Poshta / Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics / Google Merchant Center / Tranzzo / ERP
Nova Poshta / Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics / Google Merchant Center / Tranzzo / ERP
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