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Our Magento support prioritizes value and efficiency by carefully selecting projects. We thoroughly evaluate projects before committing, ensuring optimal resource utilization for our clients.

Support Magento Development
Our Benefits

We've got a dedicated team of over 30 specialists who are experts in Magento. Whether it's backend, frontend, QA, content, project management or business analysis, we have the right people to support your project.

Ready-made modules

No need to search for modules on marketplaces. We have over 350 custom modules developed specifically for Magento 2 and can advise you on which ones are best suited to your project.


Our team has extensive experience working with businesses as diverse as pharmacies, jewellery stores, clothing stores, pet product stores, electronics retailers, household goods sellers and building materials suppliers. We can share this expertise with you to make your project a success.


We've handled numerous integrations with ERP, CRM, PIM systems and more. With our extensive experience, we can ensure a smooth integration for your ecommerce project.

Сlients we work with
37k Completed Orders | 150k Website Traffic
511 Jewellery Departments
7 Years in UK Market
600 Pharmacies
How It Works
Why Magento?
Module system

Magento is like building blocks. Adding new features is easy, just install a new module. You can turn these modules on or off without affecting other parts of your project.

Built-in basic features

It comes with a lot of features already built in, covering most basic ecommerce needs.

Handles high loads

Magento can handle a lot of traffic — lots of users, lots of features and various integrations.


It's built on PHP, and there's a huge community of PHP developers, especially in Magento — more than 300,000.

Regular updates

Adobe owns Magento, so it's officially supported. They regularly release security patches, updates and other improvements.

Yes, we offer support for both custom and third-party Magento extensions and themes. Our team of experts can help you install, configure, troubleshoot and customize extensions and themes to meet your specific needs.
Yes, we specialize in Magento upgrades and migrations to ensure smooth transitions to the latest versions of Magento or migrations from other ecommerce platforms. Our team will handle the entire process, including data migration, extension compatibility checks and post-migration testing.
Our Magento support services are distinguished by our team's extensive expertise, personalized approach, timely response times and commitment to delivering exceptional results. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations with every support interaction.
We strive to respond to all support requests promptly and aim to provide timely solutions to ensure minimal disruption to your business.
Yes, we specialize in performance optimization for Magento websites to ensure fast page load times, optimal server response times and efficient resource utilization. Our team conducts thorough performance audits, identifies bottlenecks, implements performance optimization techniques and monitors performance metrics to continuously improve website speed and responsiveness.

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Magento development support services

Magento support is a service for development and support of online shops based on the content management system of the same name. These Magento services include technical support, development of new functionality, performance optimization and security. They are usually provided as part of a separate contract, which is concluded after the successful completion of Magento store development. Alternatively, the contractor can also take over a site previously developed by another contractor.

Magento Support and Maintenance

We are an Experienced Magento Support Agency

It's no secret that Magento support services are ordered from contractors for one simple reason — this content management system is complex, and it requires a comprehensive approach. Most business owners are not capable of understanding all the technical intricacies of a Magento project on their own, and it can be too expensive, time-consuming and generally economically unreasonable to train their in-house staff. We, Brander, can handle this task better and faster.

Our Magento Support Advantages

Our strength lies in our experience. We have decades of experience in Magento development support, as well as in developing online shops based on this content management system from scratch. Brander has unique in-house developed modules for this CMS.

Working With Any Businesses

You fit us by default, because we work with any electronic commerce. We already have experience in such industries as:

  • jewellery;
  • grocery supermarkets;
  • restaurants with food delivery;
  • petrol stations;
  • financial institutions (banks);
  • construction tool shops;
  • children's goods shops;
  • many more.

Our Magento Technical Support Package

Optimize Your Magento 2 Site

Modern internet users are not known for their patience and loyalty. It is important to them that everything works quickly and clearly, like a Swiss watch. They will not tolerate if your website takes too long to open, slows down or glitches. They will simply leave to your competitors if they provide a better user experience. Magento 2 support team from Brander will make sure that everything works quickly and clearly for you. Fortunately, this content management system is powerful enough to withstand a huge influx of customers to your online shop. The main thing is to know how to unlock its potential, and we know how to do it.

Supporting Any Versions of Magento

As a full-fledged Magento support agency and a member of Magento community, we formally support any version of this content management system. However, be prepared that we will persuade you to switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2 if you are still using an outdated version of the CMS. With the first version, an online shop is doomed to fail. It will be slow, glitchy and poorly secured, making it unfriendly to users and vulnerable to attack by malicious users. So choose the new Magento!

Meet Our Certified Magento Developers

Expert Magento Support Team

We are absolutely convinced that Adobe Magento is the best content management system in the world, and we actively promote this idea to the masses. Brander Magento experts have spent many years to thoroughly study this CMS, all its aspects and features. If you have ordered Magento website support from us, it means that you have already made the right first step, choosing the right CMS with the potential for expansion and virtually unlimited power reserve. We will help you unlock this potential and demonstrate why Magento is the best.

Individual Approach

Every business has unique needs and every businessman has his own principles, rules and preferences. We make sure that our Magento maintenance will please you from the very first minutes of cooperation. Starting with a customer support manager and ending with professional developers — we have everything you need to get in touch and meet your diverse needs. We will listen to you carefully, analyse your speech and propose a solution that suits your business. We have enough experience to understand different businesses and their needs.

Related Magento Ecommerce Services

Migration From Different CMS

Magento support in the UK is a popular service. But you may also face another need — migrating to open source Magento from another CMS. It's often the case that businesses opt for more simplistic content management systems such as Shopify or Open Cart. Over time, they begin to realize the limitations of these systems and the need to switch to Magento. Brander can help with that.

Magento Website Development From Scratch

We also offer Magento website development services from scratch. This is the best solution for large or medium-sized businesses, as well as those planning to expand. We have already talked about the advantages of choosing Magento CMS above.


What Is Magento Support Development?

This is a service for development and ecommerce support of online shops built on the basis of the same name content management system.

Why Is Magento Support Development Important?

It is necessary to keep your Magento ecommerce store up-to-date, functional, fast and secure. 

How Often Should Expert Magento Support Development Be Performed?

We offer co-operation on a monthly contract basis to ensure that regular support is always available. Even one month without support can have unfortunate consequences for your business because of Magento issues.

How Do I Choose Magento Support Development Providers?

Choose one that specializes specifically in Magento, rather than a variety of CMSs to suit all tastes. Otherwise, you run the risk of dealing with amateurs who have only superficial knowledge.

How Much Does Magento Support Development Cost?

The price will depend on many factors, such as the scale of the business, the complexity of the site and the specific services to be provided as part of the support. In any case, we will discuss the price with you in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How Can Magento Help My Business Grow?

Rest assured that Magento 2 is a cutting-edge platform that keeps up with the times. It has the potential for expansion that will make your business grow and develop.

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