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Our e-commerce agency is like mixing magic and technology. We don't just build websites and apps, we create magical portals into the shopping world where customers turn into money. And remember, if you don't have an online shop, you're probably losing customers with quirks who would rather buy toilet paper online. Collaborating with us is so easy, even your grandmother can sell her knitted socks online. Conventional shops are becoming a thing of the past, because e-commerce is the future of shopping!

Who Needs E-commerce Agency Services
E-commerce agency services are valuable to a wide range of businesses and individuals seeking expertise in developing, managing and optimizing online retail operations. Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from e-commerce agency services:
Retail businesses
Brands and manufacturers
Entrepreneurs and start-ups
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Service providers
Healthcare providers
Educational institutions
What Our E-commerce Agency Considers Success
Increased sales.

An increase in sales and revenue indicates that your business is effectively attracting and retaining customers.


A high conversion rate means your website and marketing strategy are working well.

Customer retention.

Returning customers are usually more expensive and easier to maintain than new customers.

Benefits of Our E-commerce Agency
Unique approach to each client.
We don't believe in template solutions. We develop e-commerce strategies that are precisely tailored to your needs and your audience.
Results, not promises.
We don't promise you golden mountains, we deliver real results. Our clients see increased sales, improved conversions and brand growth.
Flexible and adaptable.
A changing market requires a quick response. Brander is ready to adapt to changes and optimize your strategy so that it always delivers value.
Simplicity and transparency.
We make the entire process as transparent as possible. You will always know what steps we are taking to achieve your goals.
Costs may vary depending on the scope of work and the complexity of the project. Some agencies charge a fixed fee, while we work on an hourly basis.
The timescale depends on the project’s complexity. A simple website could take a few weeks, while a more complex e-commerce platform could take several months. Clear communication and a well-defined project scope can help manage expectations.
Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth running of the app. This can include regular updates, security check and troubleshooting.

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Projects received Honorable Mentions

Reasons to Order the Services of Our E-commerce Agency

Brander offers a range of services aimed at establishing or enhancing your company's online presence. Wish to be successful in the digital sphere? Our e-commerce agency aims to provide end-to-end solutions and support. It is suitable for businesses looking to succeed in the competitive online marketplace. We help them to achieve their goals and drive growth.

Benefits of Our E-commerce Agency

  1. Performance. We take into account the requirements of search engines and perform load testing. We also optimize the operation of the web shop, aiming for fast-loading pages.
  2. Security. We ensure the security of online payments and customers' personal information in the online store. Our e commerce agency regularly checks and implements security patches.
  3. Flexibility. We ensure system scalability, easy maintenance and quick implementation of additional functionality in response to changing market conditions.
  4. Modern approach. We only use modern interface approaches and proven solutions for optimal performance on all types of devices and screen resolutions.

E-Commerce Technologies Our Agency Use


Open source platform that allows companies and e commerce agencies to create and manage web stores.


Often abbreviated as JS, it is a programming language used primarily to develop interactive and dynamic web pages.

Google Analytics

It allows website owners to track and analyse various aspects of website performance.


It offers a wide range of features covering various aspects of development, including database management, hosting and more.

Laravel, Python, Drupal and More

The full list of technologies we use is very extensive.

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