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You can make fun of the Android operating system as much as you want and tell horror stories about the quality of the phones that run on it, but it is still chosen by a huge audience. No matter how hard Apple tries with their promoted marketing flywheel, they continue to occupy the second place. Let's understand more about why to develop apps on Android and how to get on the phone screens of a huge audience.


android app dev

Who Needs It?

Who Needs It?

A growing business

Let's say you started your business and launched an online shop on iOS. Everything was going smoothly, but then you suddenly realized it was time to expand. After that, you can safely email us, and we will politely offer you an Android app.

Those who need an advertising platform

Android is supported, foremost, by Google Corporation. Its employees provide its clients with almost unlimited advertising opportunities. The scale is such that it is hard to imagine. 

Those who need a unique application

It happens that clients are squeamish about unique programming languages for Android (for example, Kotlin). All because someone once told them that it only complicates things. Don't believe in such rumours! There will be no difficulties with us. We will make the Android app separately or in addition to the iOS version.

Why Should I Choose Brander?

Why Should I Choose Brander?

For full-cycle and turnkey work

Full-service and turnkey work is your way into a world of endless comfort. You won't need to call anyone, rush to meetings or attend shoots. Everything will be done without you, but under your control.

Making long-term deals

The creative mind of a businessman gives him the opportunity to plan new projects. We want to be a part of these projects and help realize the boldest ideas.

We keep your secrets private

If necessary, we can enter into a non-disclosure agreement. You will keep quiet about our secrets of success, and we will keep quiet about yours. The main thing is that you and I know, and everyone else doesn't need to know.

Our Principles

Our Principles

At the moment you make a decision, remember:

  • Brander values your time and money. We won't waste it on trivialities unless the job requires it; 
  • Brander is committed to long-term relationships, so every client is a partner and colleague;
  • Brander takes your wishes into account and likes to see them come true;
  • Brander stands for consistency, minimal stress and mutual understanding. This is the atmosphere in which we work best!
Which Platform Should I Prefer?



To start with, we had to learn this programming language as it is used for the purpose of Android development. Java supports Android Studio and is considered the basis for learning the next language on this list.


This is another official and no less demanded language. It is also supported by Android Studio and is characterized by its ease of learning, which allows you to write code concisely and efficiently.


This language is adapted to the peculiarities of Android development thanks to an open library for developing cross-platform solutions and a set of UI tools that can customize the interface of Android apps as accurately as possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?

We'll tell you after the first meeting

Everyone who reaches this point hopes to find an answer to all questions about costs, but we have to disappoint you. Each case study is different. We will first need to understand the goals, objectives and complexities, as well as determine the number of hours required. When we calculate all of this, then we will tell you more precisely.

You will get a reasoned answer

There will be no dry figures without explanation. We promise a report in which the amount needed for the work will be supported by illustrative examples.

We give our word that…

...our price is always weighted on the scales of fairness ?

Why Does Your Business Need an App?
Why Does Your Business Need an App?
It's your online image

You can't expect high sales figures if you don't have a decent presentation of your business online. An app and website helps to fix this.

Businesses need features

You should not limit yourself to a single website. Yes, it is a necessary input too, but you need to keep developing it to pump up the business. An app is the next step in the journey.

Optimization for Android

Sometimes it happens that a businessman is made a cross-platform app, but the capabilities of the programme start lacking, and he decides to split it into two operating systems. Remodelling an application in this way is a serious task, and we recommend entrusting it to us.

Mobile Apps vs. The Web

mob app vs web

We can't unequivocally state which one is better. And, frankly, no one can. Therefore, you will have to decide based on your tasks and needs. 

  1. There are times when you can't do without an application. For example, you want your online shop to be viewed on a mobile phone, or your news column to be conveniently flipped through with your finger on a touch screen? Then run for an app!
  2. Mobile apps are minimalistic. This allows users to navigate more easily and make purchases faster. As for the website, it gives a great information load, and in this it has no equal.
  3. Become a part of the new era. A cool and convenient application is a sign of deep understanding of the current era.
There is a chance, of course. And it will be much higher if you agree to marketing support from Brander.
To do this, we will conduct a study to determine what your competitors' strengths are. We'll also find your competitors' weaknesses, and you'll play to them.
The choice depends on your needs. The audience of these operating systems is different, so we advise you to consult our manager before starting work.

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Android Mobile App Development — Access to Billions of Users

Do you want your client to always remember your brand? Android app development will reduce the distance between you and your audience. We will study your business model, potential users, offer a pleasant, clear, user-friendly design. We will write reliable code, implement integrations for you and bring the product to the customer. Furthermore, we believe in each project and bring to perfection applications that will solve your business problems.

What Kind of Business Is Suitable for This?

As an Android app developer, we will make your business flexible, irrespective of the field or direction. Increase of the conversion rate with the release of Android mobile app will be able to:

  • eCommerce;
  • service industry;
  • financial companies;
  • B2B;
  • online media;
  • manufacturing companies.

Android Apps Advantages

If you wish to develop Android app, you will see a number of advantages that make this platform attractive. Here are some of the key advantages of Android apps:

  1. Open platform. Android is an open source operating system, which means that developers have access to the source code and can modify it as they see fit. This allows for more flexible and innovative applications and fosters an active developer community.
  2. Scalability. The Android platform supports a variety of gadgets ranging from phones and tablets to smart TVs, headphones and even car systems. Android app development company make applications that adapt to different screens and various user needs.
  3. Larger audience. Android has the largest market share among mobile operating systems, which means developers can reach a wide audience. This gives them more opportunities to monetize and successfully promote apps.
  4. Diverse app shops. In addition to the official Google Play app shop, there are many alternative shops and platforms for distributing apps on Android. This gives Android app developers more freedom to choose a platform to publish and monetize their apps.
  5. Flexibility in development. Android developers have access to a variety of programming tools and languages including Java, Kotlin, C++, Python and others. This allows you to choose the best way for a particular task and the developer's experience level.
  6. Multifunctionality. Android devices provide a wide range of functionalities including multimedia capabilities, NFC (contactless payments), integration with various services and many others. This makes Android applications versatile and able to fulfil a variety of user needs.
  7. Wide range of hardware specifications. Android devices are available in different price categories and with different specifications. This means that users can choose devices that fit their needs and budget, which creates more demand for a variety of applications.
  8. Customization control. Android gives users more options to customize and personalize their devices and apps, allowing them to create individual user experiences and making the platform more appealing to different user groups.

So, the Android platform provides developers and users with a number of significant advantages including openness, scalability, large audience, flexibility, feature-richness, variety of hardware specifications and customisability. These factors make Android an attractive platform for creating and using mobile applications.

How Do We Develop Mobile Applications for Android?

Developing Android apps is a complex process that consists of six main stages.

Market Analysis and Concept

First, we meet with you and discuss the future project. The clearer you visualize it, the more effective the development will be. Even if you only have a brilliant idea, our team will help you realize it. After discussing the TOR, we analyze your "neighbors" in business, potential audience and propose the best solution.


This is a responsible and complex stage. Based on the analysis of your customers, user portraits are prescribed. Prototypes of interfaces are created, taking into account the behavioral factors of your mobile audience. There are nuances in developing apps for Android that are unlike the web version and must be taken into account. After UX design, we coordinate the layout with the client and hand it over to the specialists.


We draw a pleasant interface and create a unique corporate style for your project. We detail animations, infographics, icons, logo.

Technical Part

After creating a beautiful design, the project goes to the programmers. With the help of Android mobile app development magic and efficient tools, the team implements your ideas. 

Publication in App Shops

After the technical part, we start testing to check the Android app for performance, quality, and usability. Only after making sure that the product works flawlessly, we prepare it for publication.

Marketing and Support

We won't quit and we will always help you. We are a full-cycle company, so after Android app development services, marketing specialists get to work. Furthermore, we'll create a brand philosophy, build a content plan to win the market, deepen audience reach, and build trust in the product. We will dilute the detachment from competitors with creativity in photos, videos, texts.

With Us, Clients Get More


App development for Android covers Android 6 Marshmallow and above. This covers 90% of users of Android devices with current OS versions.


Publish your finished product in Play Market from our account or give detailed publishing recommendations from yours.


The team of professionals is fully immersed to develop an app for Android, responsibly treats each stage of its creation. We realize that the life of an app is just beginning with its publication. We are ready to help in the product development further: support, updating, promotion.

Increasing Sales

Among UK citizens, 70% of users choose Android devices, and one third of them make monthly purchases from mobile devices. Pleasant and clear interface facilitates quick purchase.


The market of smart technologies and opportunities of mobile apps is constantly expanding, which attracts more and more users. Android app development in UK can generate income: make the product paid, allow in-app payments, add paid content.

Frequent Questions

What Is the Advantage of Developing an App on Android Platform?

Recent social surveys of our Android app development agency have shown that 70% of UK citizens choose Android smartphones. Play Market checks apps faster, gives more freedom of action to users. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop?

The price depends on what functionality you need to get as a result. Without analytics and detailing, you can only give an approximate cost. To get a more accurate estimate, you need to understand the requirements for the program and the desired functionality.

How Long Does Development Take?

It is difficult to say exactly how long Android and iPhone app development usually takes. It depends on the number of screens, functionality, design, specifics of the theme and other things. If you already have a clear TOR, we can make a quick estimate of the project.

How Long Does It Take To Publish?

The publication schedule can be floating, as it depends on Google's verification: from a couple of days to several weeks. At the same time, the app will already be in the Play Market before moderation.

Can We Keep Track of the Process?

As an Android app development company in UK, we are constantly in touch, so clients can find out how the project is going at any time. Test prototypes will be available at any time. We are interested in keeping the client informed and don't want to hide anything. We are also interested in making the process as transparent as possible, with no pitfalls or surprises. The client should be aware of how the development process is going and at what stage it is.

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