Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing teams are now focused on attracting traffic, hoping that it will turn into customers that will cover all the costs created by these works. However, in the case of traffic optimization, this is only half the case. Getting the benefits of traffic encourages companies to long-term and sustainable growth. At this point, other instruments come into play. We will talk about them today.


Who requires it?
Optimizing the conversion rate (OCR), as mentioned earlier, turns traffic into clients. This is an assistant, thanks to which you can take advantage of the flow of data to the site, making free trial versions. Also in test mode, check the service of purchases and subscriptions attractive on the selected focus group. Optimization is necessary:
Trade in services/education;
Mono Merchandise stores;
What does optimization consist of?
Improve customer understanding 1 / 4

Conversion optimization helps to better understand key audiences and determine which communications meet their needs. The aim of the optimization case is to find the right customers for your business. Important note: attracting more people won’t do business any good unless they’re the people you require!

Exploring the resource base 2 / 4

A high conversion rate means using an appropriate amount of resources. After learning how to get the most out of our efforts to attract customers, we increase conversions without having to pay more for a potential customer.

Deliberate 3 / 4

The audience size may not increase at all as your business grows. It allows you to increase the OCR. Thanks to him, in fact, will avoid the exhaustion of resources and potential customers. The audience is not infinite, but thanks to OCR. By turning more visitors into buyers, you can develop your business without losing potential customers.

Invest in the user experience 4 / 4

Your customers should feel smart and sophisticated while surfing your website. This feeling makes them stay and buy the product. OCR studies what works on your website on this feeling most. Weaknesses are mitigated by improving strengths by several orders of magnitude.

Assessing benefits
Brander together with the client

Not only do we technically provide the customer with everything they need, we also study their business with the “insight” approach. It reveals the essence of the company and embodies the most refined details in the combination of design and programming.

We can keep quiet / we can share

In the e-commerce market, to talk about other people’s secrets is, at the very least, ill-mannered. We’re very nice, so we’re ready to sign a confidentiality agreement with you, which will include all the formal obligations of the parties. We are also happy to share our technologies and best practices, if they are suitable specifically in your case.

Experience based trust

We wish for cooperation that retains only positive experience and trust. This applies not only to the products we develop, but also to the service.

Final word

We have helped a variety of brands to improve their positions in a variety of industries, but primarily on the web. With more than 1,000 cases behind our backs, experience in design, programming and auditing, we will optimize conversions with the best trading tools. Remember, your passion is our passion.

It is a kind of software that collects data about the site and its visitors. It helps to understand how people use your site and what changes they want in the future.
A good ratio is between 2 and 5 percent. The rest of the cases should be considered individually.
We expect a conversion rate of 1.5 to 3 percent from your website or target pages. This requires different functions, such as call-to-action, stable replenishment of schedule and content. All this will be taken into account in the technical specifications.
Optimization is a continuous, often monotonous process of collecting information and turning it into real cases. Without it, profits and substantial growth are hard to imagine.

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Increasing website conversion with Brander

The term conversion rate optimization refers to an indicator that demonstrates the achievement by users of a number of intended goals. These goals (taking into account the specifics of a particular website) differ from each other. For readers to understand the essence of the conversion, this term should be presented as referring to the general target audience of those visitors who made real transactions.

Scheme of work

Conversion rate optimization services can pursue either one or several goals at once, which have already been mentioned above:

  • conversion by the number of clicks to the page (the number of those who registered on a website or made a purchase is taken into account);
  • conversion relative to the time that the guest spent on the virtual resource (the calculation is based on the results of the analysis of the time limit set by the customer);
  • conversion based on the number of pages that were viewed in one visit.

You need to be prepared for a long and difficult cooperation with a conversion rate optimization agency, the constituent elements of which are:

  • improving the usability of a virtual resource;
  • search engine requirements.

A number of changes made may cause a website to lose positions it held before. The competent promotion highlights several methods of increasing conversion at once. Upon completion of the work, the position of the resource is greatly improved. There are various ways to increase conversions, and all of them are mainly aimed at improving the quality of the site.

Benefits of increased conversions

A virtual resource is perceived by its owner as an effective tool for making a profit. We are talking not only about an online store but also about a website with news content (in this case, the owner makes a profit by placing advertising content). The maximum task of conversion rate optimization is to create conditions under which the income of resource owners will grow dynamically. Attracting customers and subscribers happens as a result of improving both the design of a website and its usability. All this leads to an increase in conversion - the funds intended for the implementation of marketing initiatives are spent rationally.

Practical aspects of virtual resource conversion 

As a result of well-conducted conversion rate optimization:

  • a client base is being created (and a pre-existing registry is being expanded);
  • income from the operation of a website increases (advertising costs do not increase);
  • increasing the number of loyal customers.

The performers involved in the implementation of marketing initiatives must:

  • attract visitors to a website;
  • start interacting with them;
  • identify the main clients' needs;
  • conduct a presentation of goods and services, presenting them from the most beneficial side;
  • keep statistics, analyze the implemented measures, draw up reports on the work done.

The following stages of practical activity are distinguished by conversion rate optimization services:

  • formation of tasks to increase conversion;
  • introduction of advanced analytical systems (with their subsequent configuration);
  • collection of information necessary for analysis;
  • obtaining a specific result.

Work algorithm

Conversion rate optimization services need to understand the specifics of the business, identify the target audience, and formulate specific business goals. The virtual resource is being audited. Purpose: establishing efficiency and identifying possible shortcomings. To achieve this, web analytics tools are used. With their help, it is possible to see usability shortcomings, get acquainted with the statistics of resource visits, and develop clear recommendations for improving the situation.

Information is collected not only when working with a virtual resource. The goal is to assess the competitiveness of a particular business area within the niche it occupies, to develop ways to effectively search for potential customers, and to identify the most appropriate types of advertising.

Upon completion of the analytical work, a detailed list of tasks is formed, the implementation of which will significantly increase the conversion of a virtual resource. The step can be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved. Conversion rate optimization agencies can use (both in combination and separately) a number of effective marketing tools. These include work on forums and social media, link building, and the implementation of measures to improve a website.

The end result is an increase in conversions. The criterion is calculated as the ratio of the number of customers who made an order to the number of all users who visited a website.

Factors affecting conversion:

  • website design;
  • usability (convenience and ease of use);
  • content (unique, interesting, keyword-optimized);
  • technical component;
  • website optimization, internal and external;
  • user journey (three-click rule);
  • selling triggers.

It is worth starting conversion rate optimization for e-commerce, the result of which is an increase in conversion, after resolving the issue with goals. There may be three of them:

  • purchase of goods (the order is made through the functionality of an online store);
  • filling out an order form, after which the user calls the contact person;
  • registration on the necessary website, and participation in surveys and contests conducted by it.

List of tasks to be done

There is a lot of work to be done during conversion rate optimization for e-commerce to achieve the following goals:

  1. Upload images of guaranteed high quality. Blurring, and "broken" pixels are not allowed.
  2. Prevention of a situation in which the guest does not immediately see the contact information and phone numbers of the managers accepting applications. It is not enough to post useful information in the "Contacts" section. Increasing customer loyalty involves posting on a website the address of the company's representative office, maps of directions to the office, and photos of employees' workplaces. With this approach, an organization that has placed a selling resource on the World Wide Web will begin to take on real features.
  3. Location of detailed information about the company and ways to contact its representatives on all thematic sections.
  4. Uploading a catalog with goods and services that include specific prices. The purpose of such e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to attract a new target audience. Customers get an idea of the price of the issue, which greatly increases the chance that they will make a purchase.
  5. Creating an atmosphere that can show the guest that the virtual resource is functioning properly. The best way to solve the problem is to use the news block. It is advisable to bet on your own informational occasions. Also, you should place banners with information about current discounts, promos, and special offers on the website.
  6. Search for detailed information about the company by the visitor in 1 or 2 clicks. Information about the duration of work on the market, certificates and licenses, awards, and qualifications of employees should be freely available.
  7. It is fundamentally important to focus on the reliability of not only the company as a whole but also its specialists.
  8. During website conversion rate optimization, it is important to indicate the region in which a particular organization operates. This is done in the interests of not only private users but also search engines, whose statistics take into account relevant queries.

Increase conversion and the attractiveness of a website

Brander has been on the market since 2009. During this time we have developed more than 1000 successful projects: websites and mobile applications. We are a conversion rate optimization company, which allows us to help develop an online store, a corporate website, and an online business card at the highest level. We have an efficient marketing team that can come into play early in development. Thanks to this, a product will enter the market that will be much easier, faster, and more efficient to promote. We will create an online store or a website for you that will show an excellent conversion rate.

Do you already have a resource? As conversion rate optimization experts, we are ready to help you increase conversions on the website in the most effective and fastest way. Ready to change and attract new customers? Leave an inquiry and our manager will contact you.

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