Magento ReactJS Development

We combine the power of the external React JS library with the most popular CMS on the Internet, Magento 2. We use this to quickly break into the world of e-commerce. When cool React interfaces are mixed with the power of Magento, websites that push the business forward are born. Well, to new horizons?


Who needs this?
We want to sell it to you, if you are developing an e-commerce business and need a site that is ready to inspire customers to purchase with a help of cool interface and reliable back-end. We offer Magento + React for e-commerce of these varieties:
Food delivery;
Private clinics;
Single goods stores;
Why combining Magento with React is a top idea?
The simplest front-end 1 / 4

It’s really that simple! Our front-end developer expertly states that the combination works great. The union with Magento seems simple and natural. It’s also your optimal choice for solving UX problems.

Making it easier, not harder 2 / 4

Creating code using the process-simplifying functions of the React library is a life hack and a favorite way of front-end developers. Thanks to this, the process becomes easier and more secure from error.

Stable performance 3 / 4

Oh, yes! Expect faster but smooth work from the updated site. React was designed as an architecture focused on fast page loading, responsiveness, and friendliness. We bring all the listed options to your site or application.

Connection with SEO 4 / 4

React covers some items related to search engine optimization. We do not advise relying only on React in matters of SEO. We recommend a full-fledged study, for which we already have a free specialist.

That is, I entrust the front-end to you?
Features of this combo

The interface created by React JS allows you to code conveniently for most existing devices. Magento supports React with its power and scalability. The duet is very hot!

Testing easily

Applications built with Magento and React are easily tested for bugs and vulnerabilities. If there is a need to test something and quickly repair it, React + Magento will give this opportunity.

Build in blocks

Built-in tools allow the developer to create the final product gradually, clearly seeing the end result. The system resembles a block one, where there is a code instead of concrete.


Development can be carried out for all existing mobile platforms. It helps a lot to be able to link the existing mix with another React Native library, which has a lot of useful stuff for the web, iOS and Android.


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Magento React JS Development

Magento React JS is very similar to Drupal - you can configure almost all parameters. Themes, layouts, meta tags, titles, URLs, and alts can all be edited through the admin panel. Magento is easily scalable, the code does not grow as the site grows, so there will be no problems with crawling or indexing the site. Page loading speed is also above average and can be further improved by enabling additional options. Magento users include some big names: Coca-Cola, Nike, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ahmad Tea, Christian Louboutin, Olympus, and many other industrial magnates.

What is ReactJS?

React JS with Magento 2 allows you to create products of any complexity for small and large businesses. The introduction of digital tools will allow you to create a stylish and practical interface, develop application logic and make it multifunctional. Thanks to React JS, you can implement complex projects and launch new business tools. You can create not only websites and web versions of products but also mobile applications using an identical code structure.

Advantages of React with Magento:

  1. Digital product that works on any device. React JS development allows you to create isomorphic applications. The same structure is used for different systems and devices. When creating a website, some code is used, and it is also used to develop a mobile application. A few changes are made, creating a product for any device in a short time.
  2. Flawless User Interface. Flexible settings make it possible to create an interface of varying complexity. Regardless of the type of product, whether it is a logistics application, manufacturing application, marketplace, or e-commerce system, it is easy to create a clear and functional interface. A lot of settings and simplicity of logic will allow you to make a quality product.
  3. Easy integration with other frameworks. React JS works well in conjunction with other frameworks and integrates into many systems. On it, you can create both new products and improve existing ones, add functionality, and implement tools. For this framework, nothing is impossible, and the functionality is extended through integrations.
  4. Faster time to market. Due to the extensive library and the ability to quickly create modules, React JS development is actively used to create MVPs. This allows you to launch a product on the market not in months, but in weeks. Quick testing of hypotheses will save the business money for development and will allow for assessing the demand for the product. Magento and React solution are for dynamic companies.

Why is React JS often used in Magento?

React JS is a framework that is suitable for building PWAs. It's not the only frame of its kind, but it's more popular than Vue JS or Angular JS. There are objective reasons why many developers prefer Magento React JS:

  • writing code using this frame makes front-end development easier;
  • an affordable alternative in the form of React Native for creating mobile applications;
  • stable functioning of the code and ease of its change in the future;
  • important points necessary for SEO are taken into account;
  • Magento React is technologically advanced and convenient to use, it is also easy to use due to high-quality UX;
  • it functions quickly, as the architecture is designed to achieve fast page opening and rendering, as well as faster response and maximum user experience.

It is important to choose the best solutions when developing websites so that the result meets expectations. React JS automatically comes to mind when it comes to UI and UX development. Flexibility and ease of use are often critical for developers.

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