Corporate website development

You have a successful business, a large staff and a lot of activities within the company. One thing that's missing is a functional website that allows for connectivity between different departments of the company in one place. You can safely call it your internal social network, or a place where all corporate ideals are met.

Who Orders Corporate Websites?
All those who want to keep employees in one hub, give hints, notify about activities, keep records. If you put your corporate communication in order, you'll link different departments and show them the business in the form of articles, forms, and spreadsheets. It's simple and straightforward!

We especially recommend the corporate portal to:
Big companies
Growing Brands
Media portals
Online trading
Commerce in the service industry
How Are We Going to Develop This Site
Let's find out what your goal is
What do you want from a portal, to be specific? A messenger for HR or courses within the company? All of these things can be done. The main thing is to know what the client wants.
Let's discuss design
At this stage, creativity begins. The designers will listen to your ideas and suggest their own. Somewhere in between, the truth is born.
Bringing ideas to life
The designer will be joined by a programmer, and together they will start implementing the project on the web. We are testing every step of the project and will notify you if something from the previously proposed project does not work the way you wanted it to.
Stuffing with content
That's where the copywriter comes in. He is the guru of letters, we trust him wholeheartedly. Sometimes the copywriter may need additional consultations to find out the wishes in detail.
The site is ready, final inspection
Yes, it happened! We are, however, not relaxing yet. We need to understand whether everything works without delays, whether the resource will be able to withstand the load when it will be used by up to a hundred company employees at the same time. Only then will we show the work to you.
Advantages of a Corporate Portal
All in one place

You need to know which departments are busy this week and which are free. If you think that this will bring additional difficulties into your life, we hasten to reassure you. A systematized business is designed to add more hours to your free time, and that's what we're here for.


Integrate your corporate website with other information storage systems. It can be accounting from 1C or messenger. The choice is yours.

A social network named after you

If you really link the site to the messenger, give all your employees accounts with the ability to fill out information and give them a few days to get the hang of it, you'll see the project turn into a social network with all its benefits.

Video conference

To popularize the corporate website among employees, we also advise you to make an update in the form of a video conference. Employees will be able to communicate with each other, as they call it, "without leaving the cash register". They will make friends, and this is a big plus for business and earnings.


Our Principles

At the moment of decision, remember:

  • Brander values your time and money. We won't waste it on trivial matters unless the job requires it.
  • Brander is focused on long-term relationships, which is why every client is a partner and colleague for us.
  • Brander takes your wishes into account and loves it when wishes come true.
  • Brander for consistency, minimal stress and understanding. This is the atmosphere in which we work best!
Brander Thinks in Corporate Terms
We understand the business
A corporate website is needed for businesses that are looking not only externally but also internally for growth. You are contributing to the team and its cohesion for a common result. We will help you create the best webspace for this.
We work in cycles
The basic order is done, what's next? Next, we want to show you how your business can work if you add marketing tricks to it.
Post-release support
Collaboration with the client builds better if they know that they will be helped in customization afterwards and not left behind when a bug suddenly pops up.
Your word is law
Don't forget, we recommend but rarely insist. Yes, we do web development, but you know your business better. We trust you for that knowledge, and you trust us for development.
Optional! Let's say your startup wants to create an internal presentation hub where everyone can share business ideas. A corporate portal allows you to do this.
Perhaps you want a simple messenger on ready-made examples, or a site with a developed infrastructure, where you can correspond, order, leave feedback and hold conferences. The prices of the first and second options will be noticeably different.
No, it's not. Some businessmen think it is an excess, that it doesn't bring in any money. But they forget that the well-being of the team and convenience is one of the main factors of success. It is the corporate website that provides comfort.

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Corporate Website, or How to Unite the Company

A corporate website is your business card in the digital space. It is a full-fledged presentation of the company, which you create yourself. The main mission of corporate website development is to attract new clients or partners. The goals in creating a website can be different, depending on the desires of the company itself. For example, to become an industry leader or to reach the international level. At the same time, its own resource is also able to solve other problems. Website enhances the image, strengthens the reputation of your company, causes trust and builds loyalty. Clients trust companies that have a beautiful and modern corporate website more.

Brander have been creating corporate websites for over 9 years, so we can tell you exactly what will work and what won't. If you order corporate website development services, we will develop it for your company with a unique design. Your site will have author's style, and convenient functionality. 

Who Needs Corporate Website Development?

A corporate website is a company's entry into the virtual space. With your own web resource, you will be closer to your customers. You will open a new channel of communication, tell them about yourself, make them trust you and build loyalty. We will be able to create your web-service, no matter how complex and wide would be the subject and specialization of your activity. Corporate website developer is necessary for any modern company:

  • commercial projects;
  • government organizations;
  • online media;
  • public personalities;
  • service sector.

Creating a Corporate Website: Cost and Terms

Corporate website development, price and lead time on each project will be different. It depends on a number of subtleties. For example, if there are TOR for the development of a construction company website, next nuances will be taken into account: 

  • the specifics of the direction; 
  • competition in the industry;
  • implementation option (promotional site, development of a corporate web-site, catalogue or showcase, lending); 
  • CMS or framework; 
  • uniqueness of design;
  • connection of additional modules; 
  • integration setup.

If you like corporate websites of your competitors, show corporate website development company an example, which we will use as a reference. This will also help us to evaluate the project and give you an approximate price for developing a corporate website. Leave a request and our manager will contact you.

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