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When a team of experts are working on an idea, the latter turns into a business. Launching a startup is a challenge and we are ready to accept it. We will research your idea and help you with building up a business model, bringing a fully functional product into the market. We have cases of successful startups in our portfolio. Together we have gone a long way from generating an idea to an ongoing business. We keep collaborating with loyal customers and expand functionality of the applications.

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Most popular questions
Sure! Together we will analyze it, find the milestones and come up with a solution for its implementation. We also agree on the functionality needed, prioritize its implementation, write a backlog and create a product.
Depends on its tasks. A cross-platform app is relevant for verification of hypotheses, for applications with basic functionality and small startups with a limited budget. In a nutshell, while choosing you should keep in mind the application functionality and its tasks. A proper decision results from a thorough analysis.
We analyze and work on a business model of the project, outline its needs. The next step – we carry out the benchmarking and competitor analysis. We finalize the concept, define the user’s roles and functionality for each role. The results are summarized in a special document, a backlog. Afterwards a UX-specialist creates interactive prototypes. We align the visual part and the functionality from the backlog. Interface looks schematic at this stage of work. This is the route, which a user will follow using the application. Next comes UI. We draw a nice interface and unique corporate style for your project. We draw animation, infographics, icons and a logo. Once the layouts are ready, we get down to development. After testing we roll out on Google Play and AppStore.
Depends on the speed of verification from the side of Google and Apple. That makes the timeframe “floating” — a few days to a few weeks.
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