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Native and cross-platform applications, admired by clients and users. We can do multipurpose mobile development – e-‍commerce, service and b2b applications and successful startups. We research your niche, user behavior and design a user-friendly UX. We write a reliable code, do integrations and help you bring the product to the market. Our applications are created to hit the business-targets.

A couple of centuries ago, all people wanted was more gold. With time, this hysteria turned into a gold rush. Today, however, without any exaggeration, the world is engulfed in mobile technology, and it can be considered the fever of our time! If a business lacks smartphone technology, it loses its audience, nothing more, nothing less. And even now you are reading this text from your mobile, aren't you? Keep scrolling, it's going to be interesting.

What Kind of Business Needs an App?

Reducing the size of mobile devices has become the number one goal for companies around the world. No one buys oversized devices anymore, because you want everything to fit in your pocket. Going back to the question of what kind of business needs an app, we can confidently answer, "Everyone who sees their future in the new age!". In a world where Ilon Musk is going to Mars and neurointelligence is already available, creating an app for business is a necessary step, not a whim. Order development now if you:

A marketplace of any size
Dreaming of expanding your business
Trading with business or customers
Are in the business of certifying services
Sell a service
Teach online
Build online banking
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Maxim Banin

We are a network of travel agencies HT.KZ. We have been in the niche for 14 years. 

We are the leader in the sales of tourism products in Kazakhstan. 

Thanks to Brander, we received not only a new application but also experience, a new vision, and new goals.

5/5 - "If we did it on our own, I don't know if it would be so good."
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What Are the Benefits of the App?
Regular growth in mobile users

For the last few years, our customers have been regularly reporting to us about spikes in revenue growth from the mobile platform in one segment or another over the reporting period. We always try to bring relevant information to our customers, which is why we tell you that a mobile app enables communication with numerous potential customers.

An app is the best choice for smartphones and tablets

Our main goal when creating a website or app is to encourage the customer to make a purchase. A curious statistic: 57% of shoppers refuse to consider products on websites that are not adapted for mobile devices. However, it's apps that do the best job of adaptation.

Customer communication channel

If you sell, you should realize that customers will always have questions, requests and even complaints. In order for them to convey all this to you, a separate communication channel should be provided. If we integrate a feedback form and a simple messenger into the mobile app, we will solve the problem and make the customer feel important.

Become an analyst

Not all business people want to keep track of the key figures of their business, and in vain. We encourage you to be better than your lazy competitors and keep all operations under control. Thanks to the tools you can add to the app, you'll know everything about conversions, sales, new visitors and their activity times. This will not only allow you to save money on additional staff, but also pump up your own managerial skills.

The Price of the Question

Of course, you can't announce the final cost without first studying the product. Therefore, let's look at everything from the other side. We are ready to explain point by point what affects the formation of the price, and you will be able to decide whether it is worth it. So, the following points affect the final price:

  • The scope of work, the number of pages in the application, controls, and types of supported devices
  • The number of specialists who will deal with the case
  • Who the app is created for, if there are any nuances.
  • How complex the design will be
  • How many graphical elements will be present
  • How quickly the payback period should be reached 
  • How strong will be the load on the service.
Which Is the Best Platform to Choose?

The platform from Apple Corporation is primarily chosen by wealthy users. Studies show that they do not tolerate low-quality products and want to immediately get the most out of the product they pay for. Don't expect them to turn a blind eye to the flaws in an app. They will notice the flaws and will definitely tell their friends. It's better to avoid blunders, but fortunately, we know how to avoid them.


The most widely used platform in the world, with 2.5 billion active users. Just think about this figure! This platform also will suit those who are scaling their business and looking to enter Asian markets.


Sometimes a client wants to get results as quickly as possible without paying for two applications. In such a case, a cross-platform solution comes to the rescue, which allows you to create an application based on a single code base. Maintaining such applications is somewhat easier, but double efforts are required from the programmer.

Our Principles

At the moment of making a decision, remember:

  • Brander values your time and money. We won't waste it on trivialities unless the job requires it; 
  • Brander is committed to long-term relationships, so every client is a partner and colleague;
  • Brander takes your wishes into account and likes to see them come true;
  • Brander stands for consistency, minimal stress and mutual understanding. This is the atmosphere in which we work best!
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iOS native
Swift Objective C
Swift Objective C
Android native
Java/Kotlin Dart C++
Java/Kotlin Dart C++
Symfony Node.js Python
Symfony Node.js Python
How Do We Develop Applications?
We get to know the business
Everyone's requests are different. Despite the fact that applications are made approximately on the same principle, you should not miss the details. It is the details that will play a crucial role. Thanks to them, people will buy your app and advise others on social media.
Let's show our perspective through the TOR
The terms of reference will describe all the key points of our cooperation. You will know the price and features of the work, as well as the number of hours and specialists to be involved.
The designer will develop and show you the interface
You will understand how the user will interact with your application. At this stage, it is advisable to make cosmetic edits because it will be more difficult later on.
The programmer will bring the application to life
Our web craftsman will scrutinize the specification, then look at the designer's work and make it come to life. This is a delicate procedure that requires diligence, patience and a lot of talent. We try not to distract our guru until he says it's done.
It's important to get the green light from all the specialist teams involved in the project. When they confirm that everything works without bugs, we can show the app to the client. If we also hear the cherished word "OK" from the customer, we will start uploading the application to online shops.
Why Entrust the Application to Us?
We have already made a VERY large number of applications
You can see the full list on our website and see for yourself that we don't brag for nothing.
We support apps after release
We can list over a hundred agencies where clients are denied support, but we're not like that. Brander employees are interested in promoting your product because our reputation directly depends on it.
The workflow is always simple and straightforward
There will be no abstruse terms in the TOR, confusing the client for the sake of tipping the budget and other unprofessional gibberish. You will know from the very beginning how long it will take to develop the application and how much you will have to pay for it.
We take all the difficulties on ourselves
If a customer works with us, he will not have to prove to the App Store technical support that his app does not infringe someone else's intellectual property. We take care of such disputes. Why bother the client when we have competent people and necessary resources for this purpose?
Most popular questions
If your audience consists entirely of mobile users, you can. But don't forget about the website, because you need to constantly expand your audience on all existing fronts.
It is proven that the rate of spontaneous purchases among mobile users is much higher. If you are planning to create an online shop, we predict that it will be among smartphone and tablet users that will generate the most sales.
Earlier, we have already mentioned that it will not be possible to determine the quality of an app without knowing the factors by which it is evaluated. The terms of reference will explain to you in detail why the price will be exactly the same. After that, all that remains is to contact our manager and start working together.

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Mobile App Development 

Companies must adjust to the current market conditions. Mobile app development for businesses is not a luxury, but rather an extra means of communication, promotion, and sales. Our team will produce dependable code, a sleek interface, and stunning design — we will dominate the market with your product. We have faith in each project and strive to perfect applications that address your business challenges.

Our team is committed to creating mobile apps that not only enhance communication and promotion but also drive sales for your business. With our expertise in developing reliable code, sleek interfaces, and stunning designs, we are confident in dominating the market with your product. Each project is approached with faith and a determination to address your unique business challenges.

What Kind of Business Do We Create Turnkey Software For?

Mobile apps development makes your business agile, generates revenue, improves brand reputation. The software can become a line of business or a startup idea. Smartphone software development is suitable for:

  • eCommerce;
  • service industry;
  • financial companies;
  • B2B;
  • online media;
  • manufacturing companies.

Stages of Mobile Application Development

Project development is a complex and comprehensive process. There are six main stages that are responsible for realizing your idea.

Market Analysis and Concept Creation

There is no sphere in the market without competition anymore. We see our mobile app development services in making mobile app the best. Our team fully immerses itself in the project, studies the niche, identifies competitors, analyses their activities. The study of the target audience influences the software concept. After analytics, together with the client, we prescribe the terms of reference for mobile app development. Only after the plan is agreed upon, our team gets down to work.


Creating software for smartphones starts with planning. Based on the analysis of the target audience, our mobile app developers company prescribes user avatars, typical behavior, and stories. This is one of the most important stages, as it determines the user functionality. The result is the first layout of the future program.


Mobile application interface development is the responsibility of UI specialists. A good UI design facilitates the contact with the program. At this stage, all interface elements are prescribed. Menus, clickable buttons, icons, animations are drawn in a uniform style. The designer in our mobile app development agency creates a unique style of your product.

Technical Part

After creating a beautiful design and user-friendly interface, specialists start working. We use only effective custom mobile app development services, languages, tools:

  1. For Android devices, mobile app development on Java, Kotlin is suitable.
  2. For iOS devices, Objective-C and Swift programming languages are used.
  3. In cross-platform programs, our developers use Dart language with the use of Flutter SDK — a universal solution for relatively fast project launch.
  4. Python language, Node.js platform and Symfony framework written in PHP are the responsibility of the backend ("behind the scenes" of the program).

At this stage, the frontend — the client part of the smart program — is also developed.

Publishing in App Shops

After the technical part is completed, we start testing. Only after making sure that the program works correctly, quickly and conveniently, we get ready to publish the application.

Marketing and Support

We will not leave you behind — we will always help you. Mobile app development is a project that launches the life of your product. We realize that this is only the beginning, so we offer product promotion with effective marketing tools.

Customers Get More With Us


Publish software in the shop from our account, or give practical advice on how to publish from a client's account.


Reach 85% of UK citizens — smart device users. From a smartphone, more than 70% of owners make a purchase within 1 hour.


If the client needs to improve the program, our team will provide support, updates, promotion.

Increased Sales

A pleasant interface, well-thought-out functionality, usability makes a purchase more likely. At least 53% of users buy from a smartphone every month, and that is why you need to develop mobile apps.

Optimization of Business Processes

If a customer orders integration with 1C, they don't have to place orders separately from the admin panel, customers wait less, and the level of trust increases. In addition, with 1C integration, reporting and other documentation is automated.


Your project can generate income. Offer additional functionality, add a payment option, or make access to the product paid.

Frequent Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of mobile app development in the UK depends on the specifics of the topic, complexity of functionality, and design features. We create projects on platforms, with which you need to take into account the nuances of the individual project. The clearer, more demanding, formulated TOR, the more accurately the team will name the price. 

How Long Does It Take To Develop?

Duration depends on the complexity of the technical part, features of the user interface, functionality. To get a preliminary estimate, fill in the feedback form.

How Long Does It Take To Publish?

After the software creation is completed, the moment of truth comes — publication in the shop. Publication depends on the moderation peculiarities of the platforms. Play Market checks products faster than App Store. On average, moderation lasts from several days to several weeks. At the same time, the software will already be published.

Which Is Better: Native or Cross-Platform?

Native software development is suitable for a business if you know your target audience exactly. If deadlines are tight, cross-platform projects are faster.

Can I Follow the Process?

Our team of mobile app developers in the UK is always on call and the client has access to clickable prototypes. After each stage, the prototypes are approved with the client.

About Our Team

We started our journey in 2009 as a creative usability studio. Every year, every new client became a challenge for us and gave us an incentive to develop. Now we are Brander — an experienced team of business solution developers.

Our mission is to look for and find: growth points, cause-and-effect relationships, promising projects and talented people. We grow together with our clients and build our joint success story. We analyze every pixel, byte, and character. Furthermore, we sift business models through a sieve of common sense and speak frankly.

Brander has already developed more than 700 projects. Our portfolio includes successful cases of mobile development, e-commerce, and startups. We understand that each client needs a unique solution. And development and marketing are the tools to create it. We know where to break down to molecules and where to embrace.

We strive to be useful from the very first meeting, to help, to contribute our experience to a new project. If we work with you, it means we definitely believe in you. We are masters of analyzing and developing solutions. If a client is not sure, we will always offer the best solution, even if it is less profitable for us.

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