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WOG Pride is a unique opportunity to feel confident on the road.
WOG Pride is one of the largest mono-brand networks of filling stations and the largest importer of fuel in Ukraine. Our cooperation began on December 7, 2018 - with the first analysis of the application on iOS. The client turned to us for the redesign of the WOG Pride mobile application. We have been making improvements (including code) for two years now.

We were able to do better

Working on WOG Pride is already a product story, where we act as UX / UI designers and developers in the overall WOG team.

In the product, the WOG side is responsible for the product backlog, hypothesis formulation, and problem statement. We are responsible - for the design that makes the product user-friendly, available for implementation, and fulfills the business objectives. And also for mobile development on Android & iOS.

We constantly receive feedback on the results of implementation, opportunities for further improvement, as well as create and track funnels for all important flows.

For 2+ years of cooperation, we have worked on 50+ completely different tasks. From very small to large - interacting with WOG partners, various APIs and the complex interaction of different services.

Our designers and mobile developers worked closely and effectively. Together we parsed all the requests exchanged between the application and the server, made a table of the types of operations by indirect signs, finding them in the query texts. Everything was discussed and tested many times, and it has been successfully operating for a year and a half.

Loyalty program "PRIDE"

WOG Pride is a personal online driver card. Registration is done through your phone number. The user's personal account contains the following sections: home page, special offers, services, map, profile.

What does it give:

  • The ability to control the cost of fuel and other goods;
  • The ability to track the history of your purchases, the accrual and write-off of bonuses in the WOG filling station network;
  • The ability to receive personalized promotions.

We have remade the history of operations from an inconvenient list into a modern view, with a visual display by types of operations, movement of bonuses, and other improvements. At the same time, we did not change the backend in any way, the entire data structure there remained the same.

We developed services:

  • WOG PAY "Wallet" - to pay with a master pass payment card using a QR code from the application;
  • WOG PAY "Fuel" - for online refueling;
  • WOG PAY “Coffee” - for the possibility of purchasing in a couple of clicks.

All of them are related to the fact that you do not need to get out of the car. Refuel, buy food in a cafe or WOG coffee - you can go to the machine and scan the QR code. The order will be delivered to the car. The developed application is convenient and at the same time saves the user's time - now there is no need to stand in line at physical points.

  • Added viewing of fuel prices in each filling station with the ability to purchase for yourself or a friend;
  • Added history of push notifications in the "Profile" section;
  • Fixed the problem with the PIN code via Touch | Face ID;
  • Updated and made transactions and check;
  • more convenient;
  • Added a new convenient fuel cost calculator. It calculates fuel consumption according to the selected type and necessary vehicle;
  • Now the “Fuel Calculator” displays the filling stations that are on the route;
  • Added the ability to adjust the volume of a full tank;
  • Added a bit of musical magic when paying with Mastercard.

Safety and comfort above all

We implemented the ability to purchase an insurance policy through the Pride app. The user just needs to add the car number and the expiration date of the current policy, and we will promptly remind them of the need to renew it. Also, the policy can be issued for a car from another country. 

We introduced functionality that allows you to check and pay traffic fines. And also, the application automatically notifies if fines are recorded for the car.

Total online

We implemented the use of promo codes in the application.

We activated personal promotions.

We added a button "Transaction history".

We launched a convenient electronic tip. After refueling, a push comes from WOG PAY, opening it - you can leave a tip to the refueller without leaving the car.

Added "Gift Cards". The user can pay for coffee or fuel and make a gift to a friend online.

There is a possibility of partnership. We can provide cooperation with the gas supply and the English school - Megawatt and EnglishDom.


  1. WOG Pride is convenient due to minimal contact with the cashier;
  2. № 9 in the “Business” rating on iOS. App score 4.8 (36 thousand votes);
  3. Redesign and developed functionality make the application up-to-date and easy to use.



1C \ Apple Pay \ Mastercard \ Masterpass \ BISbank \ Google Pay \ Google Maps
1C \ Apple Pay \ Mastercard \ Masterpass \ BISbank \ Google Pay \ Google Maps
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Head of Digital WOG
Evgeny Cherny

"WOG" is the first national chain of filling stations. They have been on the market for over 20 years.

We got a smooth process. We received a high-quality product, with which we continue to work and develop further. We are trying to integrate new ideas.

Everything is solved quickly and efficiently, despite the fact that we work in different cities.

5/5 - "Brander is the mechanism, the screw that we were missing"
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