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In business, it is typical to focus on the customer and his needs. This is true, some, however, build their success not with a potential customer, but with businessmen like them. Naturally, such businessmen want to be in touch with each other and for this they need a portal. A cool B2B portal from Brander.

What Business?
When business trades with business, sales become harder, because both parties are professionals and therefore rely on high volumes of deliveries and complex techniques for working with each other. In an app, it's important to work through this complexity but not overload the functionality. We recommend paying attention to the following B2B areas:
Speciality trade
Sharing knowledge between companies for money
Logistician application - for supply chain management
Mechanism for corporate governance
How to Develop That?
In the business world, getting to know each other plays a key role. We never skip this stage, because we know that the success of our rendezvous will determine how easy the process goes from here.
Design phase
We've met and made a plan of action. It is time to involve the designer. He is not just tasked with drawing a cool interface, he must understand the essence of work and relationships in a business-to-business format. Thanks to the fact that we often create products in this segment, the designer's hand is full and does not make mistakes.
Programmers often say that after a good designer's work, they have nothing left to do. Don't believe it, it's professional modesty. There is still a lot of work to do, but our guys are not discouraged. On the contrary, they are excited about the new experience and enjoy spending hours on it.
The process is not everyone's favorite, but it is no less important. When the work is done by several departments, programming and a sharp mind, it is mandatory to check for errors and we do not make exceptions. We ask the client not to worry, it will not affect the deadline of the work.
Project Objectives
Build trust

When someone who offers you a co-operation has a functional and stylish app, it's hard to refuse. That's why it's highly recommended to go in with trumps! The trump card in your formula is the app!

Bridges instead of walls

When a business trades with a business, customers often miss the importance of applications, relying on their own expertise and desire to save money. We recommend rethinking your approach and making a contribution to the company's development.

The cult of usability

Sometimes the customer does not even realize how much comfort the application will give him. So that the customer doesn't feel that they are paying for nothing, they are shown the intermediate result at each stage, thus allowing them to take part in the development and prove themselves.

Presence in the info field

Advertising your services is much easier with an existing app. Being on the App Store and Play Market lists makes it much easier to get on the attention list of potential customers. The average daily smartphone usage time is constantly increasing. You have to play on it!

Types of B2B Portals
Informative site

The simplest version. It is also called introductory. Your clients will not be able to make complex actions with the site, but will be able to familiarize themselves with all the necessary information.

Website integration with the sales department

Consider it as a separate tool. The integration works independently of the main site and at any time it can be pumped up and the list of programmes for linking can be expanded. What is not a super-option?

Transaction orientation

Option for quick trading. The client comes to the resource, he does not have an understanding and solution to the arisen pain, so he trusts you. In such trading systems, the manager's role is minimized. This puts additional work on you, be prepared.

Consultation orientation

A variant of the long game. The customer clearly knows the nature of their problem, but is still unable (or unwilling) to solve it. Depending on the salesperson, if he or she can comfort the pain even on a verbal level, the sale is almost in the bag. The manager becomes a valuable team member if he or she can solve the customer's non-trivial problems on the fly.

Potential for improvement
We love the way customers' eyes light up when they realize the possibilities they have with app development. You tell us about your business, and then we'll tie all the variables together.
The decision to be more serious
It seems to us that a service doesn't have a 100% metric. It's in your best interest to make the app so that the client is delighted more than he expected. When both sides of the trade are specialists of their niche, you should be better than everyone else by 20-30%, minimum.
There's still a client on the other side
The rule of treating the consumer of your product in B2B is no different from the segment with customers. We will make sure that communication between business and other businesses resembles ace aircraft control.
We believe that such a moment comes from the very beginning of the process. Don't wait to be signalled or anything like that. It is always better to be proactive.
Depending on what your objectives are, these parameters change. We recommend you read our fascinating long-form report, which will answer all your questions.
We understand that moods can change, as can the vision of the product. We don't have anything against it and will fix what we don't like if possible. BUT! We urge you to be more attentive at the stage when the team shows you the preliminary result, this is a better time for corrections.

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Development of B2B Website

Brander’s business website development is the creating of a site for the wholesale. Simply put, it is an online shop where customers do not choose goods based on their emotions. They think everything through and weigh everything well. They take into account the peculiarities of wholesale trade. Furthermore, they pay a lot of attention to pricing and ongoing co-operation. As a rule, it takes more time to make a purchase decision, and it is not always made alone.

Advantages of B2B Marketplace Development

We are simply the best website developers for small business and larger companies. That is why we provide our clients with following benefits and advantages:

  1. Automation and optimization of transactions. This saves time and facilitates communication between the seller and the clients. Bidding becomes flexible, but it is not necessary to meet in person to resolve various issues.
  2. Loyalty. All transactions after the development of B2B marketplace are supported by contracts. Goods are sent only after confirmation of payment. Any actions related to exchange, cancellation and return become easier. All processes are documented, making both parties feel secure. 
  3. Thanks to business website developer, you will get convenient means of communication. These are all kinds of chats, video conferences, tools for exchanging documents. You will be able to view product catalogues and transfer selected items to the shopping cart. 
  4. Process automation. Once the B2B marketplace is developed, it will be possible to automate the input of info. It is necessary to reduce the probability of errors and misprints. Forms can be filled out automatically. Accounting reports and other documentation can be transferred online. 
  5. Business website development company will lead you to an expanded customer base. This marketplace will make it easier to find additional customers. It will be possible to retain them due to the recommendation system. This system will select and offer them goods on the basis of already made purchases.
  6. Personalization. As a result of B2B marketplace development, products will be divided into categories. Seasonal offers and recommendations are provided on a personalized basis. Customers can be divided into wholesale, regular, newcomers, those with little interest, etc.
  7. Analytics and performance measurement. After the custom website design and development for manufacturing businesses, tools will appear. With the help of these tools, it will be possible to assess the efficiency of trade. Also, to track the assortment and understand which goods are more in demand. It will also be possible to control turnover. You can learn to understand the degree of customer engagement.
  8. Transparency and reliability. After developing a B2B marketplace through document turnover, the probability of error will be reduced. Transactions can be tracked in stages. As a result, the seller and customers will begin to trust each other and not worry that a mistake will be made at some stage.

Technical Aspects of B2B Marketplace Development

In the process of small business website development, as well as a bigger business,  specialists have to take into account many nuances. It is desirable for a catalogue to be niche-oriented in order to sell goods and services in large quantities. In B2C, the assortment is usually much wider, because it is focused on a mass audience, so the categories are much larger. The development of a B2B marketplace will provide functionality for price comparison. As well as a convenient search system by article. To fill the catalogue, you need to provide ready-made templates that will speed up the process.

As a result of business website development services, the site will be oriented towards loyal customers. With the scheme "Business to Business" participants benefit from building long-term relationships. It is important for distributors, wholesalers or buyers. In order for a client to get full access to the functionality of the B2B marketplace after development, he must register. Without registration, the site can only be used for introductory purposes. The trading platform provides legal guarantees, so that the buyer and seller trust each other. Communication is carried out via chat, due to which it is possible to do without unnecessary calls.

The development of a B2B marketplace implies the design of the interface. This design will be minimalistic and as convenient as possible. It focuses on providing useful information that sellers, customers and other visitors need. This visual simplicity will hide the complex functionality needed to run the business. This includes chat with managers, paperwork, algorithms for generating promotions and discounts. Also, recommendations based on purchases and user path analysis. And all of this will have an impact on the business website development costs.

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