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Tell me honestly, when you search through Google for a product, have you ever gone to the second or third page of the search results? And on the tenth? Most likely, you never went to the tenth, and very rarely go to the second and third. Why is this happening? The idea is firmly rooted in our subconscious that on the first page, Google gives us the best, most popular and trusted online stores. Is it really? No, not necessarily.




What is SEO, and how does it work?

Mankind was very afraid of the uprising of robots, and took measures to prevent this from happening, so the bloody revolution did not take place. But the robots already control us, and for this they did not need any rebellion. You are very much mistaken if you think that you make the decision to buy online on your own. Search robots, also known by the slang names “spiders” or “crawlers”, decide a lot for you. They determine which online stores you visit first. Ultimately, buying a new washing machine, smartphone or laptop is not your conscious choice, because you are being manipulated. This is a very subtle and imperceptible manipulation, but you should not deny it.

The task of SEO specialists is literally to “please” search robots. They make sites attractive to crawlers who, in a sense, “crawl” through sites and “probe” them for compliance with the requirements of Google or other search engines. And if such a spider considers your site worthy, then it will assign it a high rank, which directly affects the ranking in the SERP. As a result, your site will have a high place in the SERPs, then potential buyers will run to your shop en masse, and these can be converted into profit.

We apologize for this creepy analogies with spiders, but now you understand in general terms how it works. This opinion that a good online store will eventually rise to the top of the search results on its own is fundamentally wrong. It will never get out there without the participation of search engine optimization specialists. Your store may have a huge assortment, the lowest prices, a beautiful and understandable design, but all this will be wasted if you don’t optimize it in time. It is a mandatory nuance that cannot be ignored.

SEO specialists work consists of the following stages:

  1. Internal optimization that involves the creation of unique content based on key user search queries. Content should be 100% unique, attractive and useful for the customers.
  2. External optimization or work on obtaining external links. These means the placement of links to your store on other diverse resources, which allows you to collect a wide audience.
  3. Development of a convenient site structure. It should be interesting, useful and comfortable for visitors so that they stay longer on it.
Magento Optimization

Magento is the best content management system for online stores today. There are paid and free versions of this software, but both offer wide functionality out of the box, which, if necessary, can be supplemented with extensions created by the community. Magento has created a real sensation in the field of e-commerce, because thanks to it, owners of online stores with user skills have the opportunity to fully control their site, make changes, set rules, etc.

Such a CMS offers you SEO optimization by default, but it’s not good enough. Have you ever seen online stores with the Homepage tag? This suggests that the owner of the site did not pay attention to SEO optimization. The tag should contain phrases which describe the essence of your business and the selling proposition. Currently, stores with incorrectly filled tags are rare. During the Internet development, a similar pattern been observed sometimes.

Let’s name a few problems that search engine optimization specialists have to solve in Magento:

  1. No unique page addresses. This CMS loves to add numbers to monotonous addresses, which makes them non-unique from the point of view of search robots.
  2. Automatic duplication of pages in the Catalog folder. Because of it, the same page with a certain product will receive hundreds of duplicates, and they cannot be allowed to be indexed.
  3. Creation of high-quality and unique content for landing pages. The more interesting and detailed product descriptions there are, the better it will affect traffic and sales.
  4. Pagination, sorting, filtering and more.

Web studio Brander has extensive experience working with various CMSs, so we are ready to offer our services. In addition to SEO optimization, you can order Magento site development from scratch, updating this software to the latest current version, developing and integrating additional extensions, auditing your online store and repairing bugs. We understand that Magento seems a difficult topic for the uninitiated, but this should not be shy. We can do all the hard work. You can talk to our managers for more detailed information.


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Magento SEO Services

Magento SEO services may be needed by representatives of e-commerce, whose online stores are built on this CMS. This content management system is open source, and this is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Due to its features, it is great for developing large-scale online stores. This CMS is chosen because of its high adaptability, numerous built-in tools and the ability to manage multiple sites from one admin panel.

Learn more about Magento

Services of Magento SEO companies are in demand because this content management system is focused on e-commerce. The possibilities of this tool are so wide that they can satisfy the needs of any entrepreneur. This CMS initially provides ample opportunities, so specialists from IT companies do not always have to “fasten” additional functionality. Default features include staged filtering, bundling, browsing history and more. Catalog management can be automated if desired, and this is extremely important for online store owners.

Magento SEO services are needed for search engine optimization and implementation of marketing tools. It is important that your online store is displayed on the first page of Google search results, otherwise it will be bypassed by competitors. As practice shows, Internet users rarely open the second page of search results, and the third even less often. It is important to create the right "map" of the site, which will be guided by search robots. The owner of an online store will also be very helpful with marketing tools, including all kinds of promotions, discounts, coupons, etc.

Magento SEO Services are often ordered, because this CMS provides ample opportunities:

  • confirming, changing and deleting product tags;
  • the ability to create redirect search results;
  • virtual showcase;
  • image management with the ability to automatically resize;
  • personalized goods;
  • RSS feed;
  • discount report;
  • tax report;
  • selection of VIP clients who order frequently or choose expensive goods;
  • formation of lists of goods that were in the basket, but were not purchased;
  • reporting on negative and positive customer reviews;
  • much more.

Performing SEO optimization

You really need the services of Magento SEO companies, even despite the fact that this default CMS is already well optimized for search queries. The difficulty lies in the fact that you don’t know how to set everything up correctly.

Removing index from URL

Initially, due to the engine specifics, the web pages are passed through the index file, as a result of which incorrect links are formed. These URLs are not optimized for searching. To fix this, you will need to enable Server Rewrites in the settings.

Setting up SEO for your catalog

Magento SEO company will make the necessary settings in the optimization section. For example, we will disable the use of the category path for product addresses, and then enable the use of the canonical link tag for categories and products. The URL of the link must show Google where the original web page is located. This will protect against the occurrence of duplicate pages when all kinds of filter parameters are applied for changing the address.

Changing Title and Description

One of the important tasks to be completed by Magento SEO agency is a home page optimization. This will significantly affect the success of promoting an online store. The main URL is usually called “Home”. In the process of changing it, you must enter the name of this page. Ideally, the name should consist of five or more words which maximally reveal the essence of the business. For example, if you sell children's goods, then it will be the words "children's clothing, toys, food, hygiene, etc." As for the Description section, you enter an additional description of your business. These will be the words like “good prices, delivery service, high quality” and so on.

More settings

For Magento SEO experts, there is a lot of work. Here are some more important points:

  1. Adding prefixes for names. As a result of such manipulations, your online store will become more recognizable for Google.
  2. Development of a sitemap for searching. It is created in the "Catalog".
  3. Specifying correct names, descriptions and key words for different categories of goods. This is important if you want them to be sold.

After we complete the above steps, you will definitely become very good friends with Google search. Brander has extensive experience in SEO, so we are ready to take the job and provide you with an excellent result. You are unlikely to be interested in more details about all the actions that must perform in the course of our work. On the other hand, we are always open to an honest dialogue, so if you wish, please contact our managers for more detailed information. We will gladly explain in the most understandable language how and why you need to optimize your online store.

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