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You see only the top of an iceberg, but a team of marketing experts know what’s under the water. We will dig into your business, research your target audience and develop a communication strategy. Customized selection and launch of tools for the project: SEO, Google ads and advertising in social media. To get you prepared for a flux of conversions, we will help you build up a sales funnel and get the business processes fine-tuned. We also shoot promotional content for digital, TV and street outdoor advertisement.

Most popular questions
We can only forecast the outcome, but not to ensure it. Minimal timeframe for SEO-streamlining is 3 months. Work with searching services depends on their algorithms, activity of competitors and a number of other factors that affect the searching services.
We would like to, but we can’t. There are products which are hard to sell through targeting or PPC. There are niches, that are not to be promoted through SEO, as it makes no sense. Sometimes sales are hampered by system restrictions of a business. Products differ, which makes it impossible to forecast the response of the audience. That's why one-size-fits-all solutions in marketing do not work – each project requires a systemic approach
Depends on what you sell and to whom. You must be ready to invest, if you want to stay top in the niche. Calculation is simple. If you are ready to spend 2-3 USD on 1 conversion, and strive for getting about 300 conversions a day, you will have to spend 600-900 USD a day. And remember about expenses on testing. Verification of hypotheses adds to your expenses, that are sure to go beyond a desired cost of 1 conversion. We can assure you that having a budget of 10 USD a day, designer shoes won’t sell like hot cakes. One of the most costly mistakes is not being ready to develop the project.
To actually start you need to have an exchange and money-back policy on your website, have online payment service or indicate your banking details and physical address of the company. To start selling your website must be user-friendly, speedy and display the goods in a proper way.
For a start – to sign a contract and get access to ads accounts and analytics, if any. If no – we will create them and get them connected to your website/application. Some time is needed to do the analysis. If it depends on developing a strategy, we need to “feel” the business, to get a deep insight into it, to check the customer path to real purchases, to talk to sellers, management and clients. The last but not least – you must be ready for the launch: have all the business processes, logistics fine-tuned, the call-centre staff trained. We oftentimes face situations when a client asks to “turn down” advertising, as the call-centre is snowed under with work, or the goods cannot be timely supplied. Though we have not reached the ceiling, conversions are cheap and we clearly see there is much space for improvement within the approved budget.
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