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Japanese restaurant, which follows you
The website encompasses a well-known all-Ukrainian chain and enhances customer loyalty. Minimalism as a designer solution attracts attention to the key task – speedy food ordering.

SUSHIYA is all about convenience in buying

SUSHIYA is the largest Japanese restaurant chain in Ukraine. Our cooperation began with the creation of a modern and convenient service for the delivery of dishes. The client had his own website, which needed a lot of improvements and had a lot of bugs. It was decided to develop a new site from scratch. In January 2019, we started work on the project and are improving the project every day.

More shopping with a user-friendly website

Before developing the site, we conducted marketing research of competitors. We found the main disadvantages of competitors: a large amount of unnecessary information for the customer, the need for a clarifying call from the manager, and no (poor) adaptability for mobile devices. The main task in creating a website for SUSHIYA was the development of a simple and convenient service for the end user.

We developed a simplified flypage in the listing, leaving only important options: name, image, price, and weight in grams. The flypage is perfectly adapted for both the desktop and the mobile versions.

Our UX / UI designers took into account all screen resolutions when adapting the website for the mobile version. Starting from 320px width, up to 1920px for owners of large gadgets. The elements of the site are designed so that the user can easily control the interface with one finger.

To make it convenient, we developed functionality for the selection of sauces in the cart, as well as the choice of the number of chopsticks and their kinds on the checkout page. We simplified the ordering process and improved the user experience.

A POS system was integrated, which allows receiving and processing orders in real time as well as updating the order status.

For search engine optimization, we developed a functionality for adding SEO text templates. This improvement allows you to effectively rank not only by city, but also by region.

Since SUSHIYA has restaurants in different cities, we developed a catalogue of these restaurants, with filtering by city and area.

We developed the functionality of online purchase certificates and birthdays. There are 2 types of such certificates: online, which can be purchased through the shopping cart on the website and offline, which can be picked up at any SUSHIA branch or ordered delivery. The functionality of birthday certificates processes the client base and sends an e-mail with congratulations and a discount, chosen by SUSHIYA.

We synchronized with the JMS service for texting to instant messengers and SMS mailings. A functionality was developed to create conditions for mailings. For example, a customer has made a purchase and has been inactive for some time. The service, according to the specified conditions, will send the client a specific offer in order to push the customer to buy again.

The developed website is fully administrable and flexible in its settings and adding new listings.


  1. Convenient and simple functionality of the website helps the end consumer to make a purchase.
  2. The competitor analysis allowed us to create a product that is head and shoulders above the competition.
  3. Proper adaptation of the website for mobile devices enables to increase conversions.





Magento 2.3
php 7.3
mysql 5.7


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Dmitry Demidov

"Sushiya" is the largest and fastest growing chain of restaurants of modern Japanese cuisine, which has 32 outlets in 11 cities of Ukraine.

In 2018, when I contacted Brander, our website did not allow us to cope with heavy loads and tasks.

And as a result of cooperation, we got a contractor who did everything for us from 0 to the final result. We got a modern website with a mobile version, which loads quickly, with a design that I imagined.

5/5 - “What would I do differently? I would trust Brander's expertise more.”
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