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The growth of conversion is the main obsession of every website owner. We assert that there is a web design focused on the growth of conversions. It allows you to follow a direct path along the path of development. Developing a site from scratch, we start from its design. Understanding how a resource will look makes you realize and implement its functionality.


Who needs it?
Conversion-oriented web design is not just a fashion word. It is practically synonymous with “benefits”. The benefits for business are not obvious unless you know what a user’s experience is and why you want to improve it. We recommend conversion web design:
Business in the market B2B and B2C, with an individual approach to each;
Wishing to compete with competitors for the share of Central Asia;
Striving to provide the best customer experience;
Entrepreneurs who can optimize costs.
Components of conversion design
Brander’s advantages
Tech Specialists with marketing habits

It is not enough for us to have the perfect knowledge of the technical aspect of development, we want to help businesses realize the product afterwards. To do this, we have a marketing department that studies business, sales, customer habits and conditions in which entrepreneurs build capacity.

We are the keepers of secrets

While we generously share our development secrets with the client, we keep silent about his business strategy. It is unethical to take the secrets of others into a competitive environment such as e-commerce. For your peace of mind, we are also prepared to sign the relevant treaty, everything is covered.


Yes, we can look at the design examples that you show us and are ready to implement the most useful functionality, but the form will be unique. We believe that doing something that has already been done in the age of digitalization is the way to nowhere.

Post-release support

When a customer knows that his website will work no matter what, he behaves more calmly and focuses more on the main thing—earnings and growth of his business.

It is the basis for creating marketing campaigns with high conversion. To achieve it, all methods of convincing design and psychological triggers are used.
It answers people’s questions about what you do and why it’s important. The answer is accompanied by attraction, persuasion, the joining of meanings and the gathering of information.
Website conversion occurs when a user performs a desired action, such as buying or completing a contact form.
Yes, it is a digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing the percentage of site visitors who perform a certain action called conversion.

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eCommerce conversion design

eCommerce web design services are needed for an increase in the conversion of an online store and in its performance indicators. If the indicators are not high enough, then the site will not pay off, even despite its high traffic. It is important that as many visitors as possible turn into customers, that is, add products to the cart and pay for them.

How can you increase the conversion of an online store?

If you are interested in how to increase the conversion of an online store, then you need the right e-commerce design for this. Let's take a look at some of the most common mistakes that negatively affect sales:

  1. Lack of responsive design. Today, smartphones and tablets have already become more popular than desktops. Most users use mobile gadgets to access the Internet, so it is extremely important to develop a separate version of a website for them to increase the conversion of an online store.
  2. Sophisticated navigational design for e-commerce. There is a so-called “rule of three clicks”. This is how many mouse clicks a user has to make to complete a purchase. Modern users are not patient, and because of this, the conversion of an online store may fall.
  3. Lack of motivating interface elements. If you choose the wrong fonts, color palette, and button layout, then your website can make an unpleasant impression on users and reduce the conversion of an online store.
  4. Stock images instead of unique ones. If you use popular and overused photos found through Google searches in your e-commerce design, then don't be surprised that potential customers don't take your business seriously and don't want to buy anything from you. Reviews help increase the conversion of an online store. Visitors tend to leave sites that don't have customer reviews.
  5. Slow page loading speed. If pages load slowly, this not only annoys visitors but also negatively affects the ranking of your website in search engines.
  6. Inconvenient interface. No need to reinvent the wheel, because almost all modern selling websites have a similar structure. Users are accustomed to this structure because it is intuitive and familiar to them.

eCommerce trends

We are observing a stable development of Internet trade, this happened to a large extent thanks to a full adaptation to the pandemic realities because the spread of the virus stimulated technological development. Based on this, we can say with confidence that designing in e-commerce will only flourish in the future. Let's list the trends that will prevail in the industry next year:

  1. User comfort. Hyper-personalization will simplify the purchase process, and the saved information about the customer will allow you to set up optimized advertising according to their needs.
  2. Video consultations. Reviewing the product in real-time will speed up the process of selection and purchase itself. Also, 3D visualization of the product in e-commerce designs and online fitting is gaining popularity.
  3. Chatbots and voice chatbots. It is a great replacement for consultants. But the availability of communication with the employee must also remain.
  4. Ecological goods. Eco trends continue to develop, and often the environmental friendliness of the product and the delivery process plays the most important role in the decision.
  5. Omnichannel sales. Every customer has their favorite place for shopping - for some, it is eBay or Amazon, and for others only Instagram. Therefore, make sure that your product is present on all possible e-commerce designed platforms.
  6. Original packaging. We mentioned hyper-personalization online, but it can also be added to your product packaging.
  7. Payment speed. It is best to give the customer the option of several payment methods. In addition to payment by bank card and PayPal, there is an increase in the tendency to pay in installments.
  8. mCommerce. Buying and selling using only mobile devices will become even more popular. For example, in the USA, the share of mobile purchases is more than 50% of all online purchases! You should think about the convenience of the mobile version of the website from which you sell your goods.

Now the main market trends are preserved and e-commerce continues to develop, but the trends are changing. Some trends are not new but remain relevant. This is primarily because they attract and retain customers. Customer expectations play an important role in shaping trends.

Increasing the conversion of an online store based on reviews

If you are interested in how to increase the conversion of an online store with e-commerce design, then be sure to take into account the opinion of your customers. For example, the well-known agency Digimatix recently conducted a public opinion poll with very interesting results.

More than half of the respondents said that they do not pay attention to the e-commerce design of a website, and in their opinion, this does not affect the conversion of an online store. At the same time, almost all respondents said that convenient navigation is important for them because due to the lack of free time, they want to quickly complete all the necessary purchases and leave a website. 

Online store conversion optimization should also take into account the quality of images. Almost half of the respondents believe that the images on the best e-commerce-designed website should be not only unique but also of high quality. However, the most important aspect is the cost of goods. Almost all respondents confirmed that they make a purchase decision based on the price. 

At the same time, not everyone is looking for cheaper goods. It turns out that many customers, on the contrary, choose more expensive items because, in their opinion, this is evidence of the high quality and a certain “prestigiousness” of goods. For example, many try to stay away from budget smartphones, choosing products from Apple, Samsung, and other prestigious giants of the mobile gadget industry. We can conclude that the conversion of an online store is positively affected by the presence of goods from different price categories.

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