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Prototyping is a key stage in the creation of a project, where ideas take shape and concepts become reality. We are well aware that every project is unique, which is why we offer a personalized approach that reflects your goals and customer needs.

Who Needs a Prototype of a Website?
Website prototypes are important and will be useful for:
Business analysts
Designers and UX/UI Specialists
Testers and QA specialists
Stages of Website Design
Research and analysis
At this stage, the goals of the website creation and the definition of its functional tasks are determined. Target audience analysis. The needs, pains, preferences and characteristics of the target audience are studied. This helps to form a positive user experience. Competitor analysis. Conducted a study of competitor sites to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
Development of structure and layout
Development of the site structure. The main sections and subsections are defined, site maps are created. Layout development. Development of a rough layout that determines the distribution of elements on the pages. It is used for the first demonstrations to customers and making corrections.
Creating a design
Color palette and work with fonts. The color scheme is defined, fonts are selected, corresponding to the brand and site goals. Development of graphic elements: logo, images, illustrations. Interface design. Interface design is created, including navigation elements, buttons, forms and other components.
Development of the technical part
Selection of tools and technologies. The technology stack suitable for the realization of the site's tasks is determined. Work with the database. The database structure is created, if necessary. Frontend and backend development. Development of client (frontend) and server (backend) parts.
Tests of the functional part. Functionality tests of all functional components. Compatibility tests. The site is tested for how correctly it is displayed on different devices, OS, browsers. Security tests. Checking the level of site security and its protection from potential threats.
Optimization and promotion
Optimization. Improving performance and page load speed, optimizing images and other elements. SEO-optimisation. Application of search engine optimization methods to increase the visibility of the site in search engines. Promotion. Development of a promotion strategy, including the use of social networks, contextual advertising and other channels.
Start-up and support
Website launch. The site is hosted. Staff training. If there is a need, the staff is trained to work with the administrative part of the site. Additionally, instructions are provided. Technical support. The company-developer provides technical support services, updates and subsequent maintenance.

Mobile Application Interface: Basic Requirements for the Prototype

Without a mobile app, businesses have a very difficult time. If you take into account the trend towards online sales and the increasing number of purchases from mobile devices, without an app, a business loses the lion's share of the market. A mobile app is not a distinctive feature, but a must-have element of a business. What should its prototype be like? We have 
collected the key requirements:

  • intuitive navigation;
  • visual elements and design should be consistent with each other;
  • simplified user input and interaction with the prototype;
  • adaptability to different screens and devices;
  • consistency: all elements should be consistent and in the same style;
  • ease of testing by the user.
problem solved
Advantages of Website Development With Us
Time-tested quality
We are a team of professionals who have been working in the field of development and implementation of projects of varying degrees of complexity for many years. We value the uniqueness of each project and provide a personalized approach to prototype development. Our team listens carefully to your needs, goals and suggestions to create a prototype that exactly meets your requirements and expectations.
Communication is the key to success
The key to success lies not only in specialists and technology. Quality communication between employees, departments and customers guarantees fruitful co-operation. We are in favour of honesty and openness, trust and timely feedback. The sooner our teams receive customer feedback, the sooner they can move on to the next stages.
Integrated approach to work
We take on not only the technical solution, but also guarantee a comprehensive approach to prototype development. This includes analysing the company's business goals, researching competitors, and taking into account the long-term development strategy of your project.
The process of developing a prototype site depends on a number of factors, among them: the desire of the client, the number of specialists involved and so on. One of the important factors is feedback as well. The better, faster and clearer it is, the faster the team can move on with the project and deliver it to the customer.
The cost of designing a website depends on numerous factors, which include timing, the number of specialists involved, and the final tasks. If you are interested in the approximate cost of creating a prototype site, you can use the feedback form.
Yes, adaptation of the site for mobile devices is not just important, it is necessary for modern business. Adaptation of the site for mobile devices significantly increases the audience coverage, increases the number of sales, positively affects the presence of your brand in the network.

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