Magento Development Service

Сreate or improve your ecommerce business with our tailored solutions that focus on flexible functionality, scapability and overall business efficiency. Brander is an experienced development studio with over 12 years of industry expertise.

Magento Development Service
Services We Offer
Magento Online Store

Get your online store up and running quickly with our typical developments and solutions on Magento 2. Our quick start solution approach ensures the perfect balance of cost, quality and speed in building your online store: 

  • we guarantee a basic list of functional requirements and E-commerce up-to-date shop structure for the online store
  • stock notification, price of goods dependence on its characteristics and scalability 
  • accounting system integration
  • with our efficient processes, you can expect rapid development completion within 1–3 months instead of 6–12
Custom Magento Development

This solution is suitable for those who have a working ecommerce but want to develop and improve it, or move to another platform. It’s about bespoke upgrades for your online store. 

  • an online shop that uses customized and sophisticated functional solutions for atypical business needs
  • mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and cross-platform solutions
  • App Shop – a comprehensive mobile application integrated with a robust Magento backend system
  • accounting system integration
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Magento — A Robust Ecommerce Platform
Ecommerce focus for selling products online

Lots of extensions, so developers will be able to get set up much faster. This will help to reduce work time and project costs. Step-by-step filtering features, shipping and payment modules, reviews and more are already installed by default.

Marketing opportunities

With built-in discounts, coupons, wish list and other features, you can quickly increase your cheque amount. You can also set up newsletters to keep the customer coming back more often.

SEO features

Magento has a convenient system for prescribing meta tags, clear URLs are automatically set up, a sitemap and key queries are prepared.

Reporting system

Reporting system is set up as conveniently as possible. The administrator can see all reports on the buyer's basket, sales from the site or sections. He can see what goods marked, searched or removed from the basket. This will allow you to better customize the site features, select the discount items that should be removed or updated.


Online shops on Magento are resistant to DDoS attacks. With our project support, Magento developed shops are fully protected and isolated from external attacks and influence of internet criminals. Protection and security is guaranteed at all levels of cooperation.

Convenience of administration

The site administration is made in such a way that any user will quickly understand its work and will be able to promptly make changes and keep track of orders.

Work Stages
Tasks and technical requirements 1 / 9

We comprehensively outline project requirements and functionality to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Project planning 2 / 9

We organize tasks into sprints, prioritize and set clear timelines for product releases.

UI & UX design 3 / 9

We create visually appealing layouts with intuitive user experiences.

Development 4 / 9

Our team focuses on key features to meet customer and user needs.

API integration 5 / 9

We seamlessly connect to external services and billing systems for enhanced functionality.

Quality assurance 6 / 9

We conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any issues or bugs.

Project demonstration 7 / 9

Stakeholders see the finished product and provide feedback before launch.

Support & development 8 / 9

We provide ongoing maintenance and development for continuous improvement.

Content management 9 / 9

We provide best practices for efficient content organization, SEO and consistency.

Clients we work with
37k Completed Orders | 150k Website Traffic
26 mln Telephone Subscribers
100k Delivered Orders
100k Daily Active Users
Our Benefits
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Dmitry Demidov

"Sushiya" is the largest and fastest growing chain of restaurants of modern Japanese cuisine, which has 32 outlets in 11 cities of Ukraine.

In 2018, when I contacted Brander, our website did not allow us to cope with heavy loads and tasks.

And as a result of cooperation, we got a contractor who did everything for us from 0 to the final result. We got a modern website with a mobile version, which loads quickly, with a design that I imagined.

5/5 - “What would I do differently? I would trust Brander's expertise more.”
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Konstantin Minakov

INBUS is a direct retailer of bus tickets from all bus stations in Ukraine. They have been in the niche for over 15 years.

Brander coped with the task 100%. We got completely ready-made working applications that allow buying bus tickets in up to 60 seconds.

At this stage, together with the company, we decided to continue working and we are developing not one, but four projects.

5/5 - "We proved that cooperation with Brander is a positive experience. We definitely recommend it to other contractors"
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Head of Digital WOG
Evgeny Cherny

"WOG" is the first national chain of filling stations. They have been on the market for over 20 years.

We got a smooth process. We received a high-quality product, with which we continue to work and develop further. We are trying to integrate new ideas.

Everything is solved quickly and efficiently, despite the fact that we work in different cities.

5/5 - "Brander is the mechanism, the screw that we were missing"
Firstly, it provides a robust platform for building and managing online stores. Secondly, Magento offers powerful features for managing inventory, processing orders and tracking sales. In addition, Magento solutions support customization, allowing businesses to tailor their online stores to their specific needs and branding. Overall, Magento solutions empower businesses to succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce by providing a reliable, feature-rich platform for building and managing online stores.
Magento website development times can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the number of features required and the availability of resources. In general, a basic Magento website can be developed in a few weeks, while more complex projects can take several months.
Yes, we offer Magento migration services to help businesses migrate their existing websites to the Magento platform. Whether you're moving from another ecommerce platform or upgrading from an older version of Magento, we can make the migration process smooth and efficient.
Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your Magento website remains secure, up to date and running smoothly. Our team can handle tasks such as security patches, software updates, performance optimization and troubleshooting as they arise.
First, there's technical support, where our experts help with any issues related to the Magento platform itself. This could include fixing bugs, resolving technical issues, or providing guidance on how to use certain features. Next, there's site maintenance support, which includes tasks such as updating plugins, security patches and ensuring the overall health of the site. This helps keep the site running smoothly and reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities. Overall, our Magento support aims to ensure that the online store functions properly, remains secure, and provides a positive experience for both customers and administrators.
The cost of Magento development can vary depending on factors such as the scope of the project, the complexity of the site and the level of customization required. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to each client's specific needs and budget, so the cost may vary accordingly.
Yes, we offer integration services to connect Magento to other systems and platforms such as payment gateways, ERP systems, CRM software, shipping providers and more. This allows for seamless data exchange and improved efficiency in managing your ecommerce operations.

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Magento Development Services

You're setting up a shop. You want it to look great, be easy to use, and handle lots of customers without breaking a sweat. That's where Magento comes in. It's like a blueprint for building a great online store. Magento development services are like hiring a development team to help you build and maintain your online store. We are the architects, builders and maintenance crew all rolled into one.

First, we sit down with you and find out exactly what you need. Do you want a simple shop or marketplace development? Once we understand your vision, we get to work designing your store. We will create a layout that's easy to navigate and looks great on any device.

Next comes the build phase. This is where development company Brander work its magic and turn your vision into reality. We will set up your store, add products and make sure everything runs smoothly. If you need special features like payment gateways or shipping options, we will take care of that too.

But setting up your store is only the beginning. Once it's up and running, it needs to be maintained and updated regularly. That's where ongoing Magento e-commerce development services come in. Our team will keep an eye on your store, fixing any bugs that pop up and making sure it stays secure.

Why Pick Magento for Making Your Online Store?

Overall, Magento offers a flexible, scalable and feature-rich platform for building and managing your online store, making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes:

  1. Flexibility. Top-notch Magento development service allows you to customize your online store to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're selling clothes, electronics or something else entirely, Magento can adapt to your business.
  2. Scalability. As your business grows, Magento grows with it. It's designed to handle numerous products and customers without slowing down or compromising performance.
  3. SEO-friendly. Magento is built with search engines in mind, which means your online store is more likely to rank higher in search results. This can help drive more traffic to your store and attract more customers.
  4. Built-in features. Magento store development services is about a wide range of built-in features, including product management tools, multiple payment options and shipping tools. This means you can get your store up and running quickly without having to rely on additional plugins or extensions.
  5. Supportive community. There's a large and active community of Magento users who are always ready to offer advice, support and maintenance.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of custom Magento development services to help businesses build, improve and maintain their online stores using Magento. Here's a breakdown of what we can do for you.

Magento 2 Bespoke Development 

We specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs using the latest version of Magento.

Development of Magento 2 Themes 

We design and build custom themes to make your online store look great and reflect your brand.

Developing the API

We develop APIs to connect Magento to other systems and extend functionality.

Mobile App Development 

We create Magento compatible mobile applications for a seamless shopping experience.

Magento Business-2-Business 

We specialize in building Magento solutions for business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

Design & Development

We handle both the visual design and technical development of your Magento store.

Magento PWA

We develop Progressive Web Applications (PWA) that work seamlessly with Magento to provide a fast and engaging user experience.

Development of Marketplaces 

We can help you set up and manage your own marketplace within the Magento ecosystem. 

Magento Migrations 

We can help you migrate your store from other platforms to Magento, ensuring a smooth transition.

Developing How to Ship

We create custom shipping methods tailored to your business needs.

Audit, Tweak & Maintain

We analyse and optimize your Magento store for better performance and provide ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Individual Online Store Development

With our development services for Magento, we build fully customized Magento stores from scratch, focusing on your specific needs and goals.

Platform Migration Without Errors

We ensure error-free migration of your store to Magento, preserving data integrity and functionality.

Fast & Secure Cloud Hosting

We provide fast and secure cloud hosting services optimized for Magento stores.

Magento Extension Development

We develop custom extensions to extend the functionality of your Magento store as per your requirements.

Development and Integration of Systems From Third Parties

Magento integration with third party systems such as payment gateways, ERP, CRM and more to streamline your business processes.

Our Team of Certified Magento Developers

Skilled Magento developers are like wizards of the web. They have expertise in Magento to create amazing online stores. Just as builders use blueprints to construct houses, developers use their knowledge and experience to provide Magento 2 development services.

Our developers are like the architects of the web. They know how to create a store that looks fantastic and works smoothly. Whether it's adding new features, fixing problems or making sure everything runs perfectly, Magento developers are the ones to call. Think of them as problem solvers. If something isn't working on your online store, they'll find out why and fix it. They know all the ins and outs of Magento, so they can make sure your store is running at its best.

Magento custom development services is not just about building the store in the first place. Skilled Magento developers also know how to keep it running smoothly over time. They'll make sure everything stays up to date and secure, so you can focus on running your business without worrying about technical issues. 

Our Magento Consultancy and Strategies

You're about to open a shop. Before you dive in and start selling, it's wise to have a plan. That's where consulting Magento ecommerce development services comes in. Think of it as having a wise friend who knows all about online stores and how to make them successful. When you work with our Magento consultants, they'll sit down with you and listen to your ideas. They want to understand your business goals, who your customers are and what you want to achieve with your online store.

Once we understand your goals, we will use our knowledge and experience to come up with a strategy. This strategy is like a roadmap that guides you through the development process and growing your online store. The strategy may include things like what products to sell, how to price them, and how to attract customers. It can also include technical details like what features to include in your online store and how to make sure it runs smoothly.

But consulting Magento website development services isn't just about coming up with a plan. It's also about helping you put that plan into action. Consultants work with you every step of the way, from designing your store to launching it and beyond.

Development Process


First, we need to find out what you want your online store to do. We'll sit down with you and ask lots of questions to understand your business and your goals. What do you want to sell? Who are your customers? What do you want your shop to look like? Do you accept the cost of Magento services? Once we have a clear picture, we can move on to the next step.


Now it's time to make your shop look good. We'll come up with a plan of how it should look and function. This is like drawing a blueprint before building a house. We'll design the layout, choose the colours and fonts, and make sure everything is easy to use.


With the plan in hand, it's time for Magento 2 development services. This is where the magic happens. Our team of developers will take the designs and turn them into a fully functional online store. They'll add all the features you need, such as product pages, shopping carts and payment options. They'll also make sure your store works on different devices, such as phones and tablets.


Finally, it's time to launch your store and show it off to the world. We'll make sure everything works perfectly before we go live. When we're ready, we flip the switch and your store is open for business. But our job isn't done. We'll keep an eye on your store once it's up and running to make sure everything's running smoothly. And if you ever need help, we'll be there to support you and make any changes you need.


What Are Magento Customizations?

Magento website development services can include designing unique themes, adding custom features, integrating third party extensions and optimizing your store for performance and user experience.

Creation of a Custom Module — How?

We define the functionality you want your module to have, create the necessary files and directories, including configuration files, controllers, models and views. 

What Are the Benefits of Developing Custom Extensions?

Magento custom extension development project allows you to add specific features and functionality to your online store that are not available out of the box. 

What Is Custom Module Design?

This involves developing modules that extend or modify the core functionality of Magento 2 to meet the specific requirements of your online store.

What Web Development Services Do You Offer?

We offer a range of web development services including custom Magento themes development, module development, store optimization, migration services, etc.

Do You Guarantee to Meet Deadlines?

We aim to meet agreed deadlines to the best of our ability.

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