Our retail IT solution is a unique all-in-one e-commerce package. It includes a web version, a mobile app, a web dashboard, a mobile app for in-store product pickers and an open API for integration with third party systems. This supercharges your ecommerce operations and improves the customer experience.

Our Benefits
Proven solution
Our solution has been tried and tested in real businesses, with several companies implementing and evaluating it.
Open source
We offer an open source solution, which means that companies can develop and enhance the products on their own terms, with no subscription fees.
Best ecommerce platform
We've chosen Magento as the best technology for the backend. It's versatile and can handle high loads efficiently.
Native app
For the client application, we use native Swift and Kotlin. This allows us to experiment with native features such as gamification and Beacon technology. Customers get to experience the benefits of working with native products first hand.
Cross-platform app
Flutter cross-platform is easy and fast to implement new features, saves on maintenance costs, and eliminates the need for device-specific functionality.
Retail IT Solution
Ecommerce Retail Solution

Architectural solutions that include custom development for web and mobile platforms, including native iOS applications, alongside a Flutter-based assembler. Delivering atypical solutions, ensuring high quality user experience and intricate functionality: 

  • online shop with custom retail features and functionality
  • development of ecommerce modules to enhance the functionality and user experience of online shopping platforms, sophisticated API integrations;
  • mobile applications for a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android and cross-platform solutions, to meet the diverse needs of our clients;
  • the separate Flutter builder can be used as a standalone product for assembling retail items, providing merchants with a versatile tool for customizing their offerings.
Retailers we work with
37k Completed Orders | 150k Website Traffic
5K Completed Orders
7 Years in UK Market
100k Delivered Orders
Our Features
Customer web functionality

For customers, our solution provides an easy-to-use web interface with dynamic filters, robust search capabilities and an intuitive checkout process. They can easily browse products, filter them according to their preferences and complete their purchases seamlessly. Our solution also integrates with third-party delivery services, allowing customers to conveniently choose between delivery and pick-up options. In addition, customers can enjoy a personalized experience with features such as saved favourites, order history and the ability to re-order items with just a few clicks.

Mobile customer app

 In addition to the web interface, we offer a dedicated mobile application for customers to access our platform on the go. The mobile app offers push notifications for order updates, ensuring customers are kept informed of the status of their purchases. In addition, our app allows for hassle-free phone number authentication and provides an efficient search function to quickly find the products you want.

Store manager dashboard

On the store management side, our solution includes a comprehensive dashboard for store managers to effectively oversee operations. Store managers can view all incoming orders, track order analytics and monitor the speed of order fulfilment. They also have the ability to manage inventory, adjust pricing and set store schedules as needed.

Picker application

To facilitate order fulfilment, we offer a dedicated app for store pickers. This app allows pickers to accept or reject orders, accurately pick weighted items, and make changes to orders as needed. In addition, the app provides the ability to send payment update links when the order total changes and automatically manages deferred orders.

Owner admin panel and call center

Finally, our solution includes an admin panel for owners and call centre staff, providing access to essential tools for managing the retail operation. Owners and administrators can view customer data, track abandoned carts and analyse order statistics to make informed decisions. They can also manage the product catalogue, update inventory and configure module settings to tailor the platform to their specific needs.

Open API (GraphQL/REST)
Retail IT solution is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of different retail businesses. It offers flexibility in configuring settings, managing product catalogues and integrating with third party systems to meet specific requirements.
Yes, retail IT solution is scalable and suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large retail chains. It can accommodate growth and expansion while maintaining performance and functionality.
Yes, retail IT solution supports integration with various third party systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and POS (Point of Sale) systems. This allows for seamless data exchange and enhanced functionality across different business operations.
Yes, retail IT solution offers analytics and reporting features to provide insights into sales performance, customer behaviour, inventory levels, and more. Store managers can access detailed reports and dashboards to make informed decisions and optimize business strategies.
Retail IT solution provides functionality to efficiently manage returns and refunds. It supports automated returns processes, refund processing and tracking of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers. It also provides tools for handling exchanges, store credits and refunds to ensure a smooth and hassle-free return process for customers.
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