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a modern online store for the Klass supermarket chain
Cooperation with the Klass supermarket chain began during the tightening of quarantine measures in the country. Offline sales dropped, and e-commerce in grocery delivery service became the only option. Therefore, the client needed a website that would withstand heavy loads and be convenient for the consumer.

Come, see, buy

Work on the project began with moving the website from CMS OpenCart to Magento since this CMS has more flexibility, functionality and can withstand heavy loads. Just what an online store needs.

After analyzing direct and indirect competitors, we found out that the online store must have a user-friendly interface, convenient listing, simple checkout form and simple registration. This is what we focused on.

We simplified registration. Now users do not need to use an e-mail address, it is enough to provide a phone number, registration is done via an SMS code. 

We developed a module that distributes orders to the necessary supermarkets. When placing an order, the user provides his address, it is used in the fitting algorithm to improve the logistics of the network.

Created a delivery module that helps to operate time slots, determining the maximum number of orders per slot. We created a delivery module that helps to operate time slots, evaluating the maximum number of orders per slot.The module takes into account the time for preparing and packing an order. We developed a packaging materials module that adds packaging for products, an order and other things to the price.

We set up and integrated an ERP system through which the client can quickly and easily add or remove listings on the website.

We developed the Weight Unit functionality, so that the client could customize the quantitative characteristics for each product, such as: liters, grams, pieces, etc. There may be several such characteristics for one product.


  1. We simplified purchase and ordering for the end user, which increased conversions.
  2. With the new CMS, the site can withstand significant loads.
  3. New modules and integrations help the client to effectively manage logistics, be punctual and improve user experience.





Magento / PHP
Magento / PHP


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