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WOG is the first national chain of gas stations. The client came to us to redesign the home page and update the design to bring it to the new corporate identity developed by the Fedoriv agency.

We did it

The work began with a UX analysis. We analyzed in detail the competitors' websites, their communication, structure, and features. We studied the requests and popular pages, why and where users come to. In addition, we conducted surveys that showed that the application is used more than the site. We compared the tasks of real people with requests in statistics, and realized that everything came together. 

We created a concept for the main page, where each block was supported by figures. We showed it to the customer, and the work went on.

Did much more

We redesigned the concept, sticking with the figures, but making the design more human and emotional. We analyzed, rethought, and redesigned the structure, all pages, and all their content. The website began to speak and look completely different. 

But first, we created the principles according to which we thought out the structure, designed the pages and wrote the texts.

People, not drivers. Places for people, not gas stations.

The main thing is people, and then their cars. You will not see the section “Drivers” on the site, there will be no mention of filling stations (although in some places there is no way without them). On the main page and on the service page, first the opportunities for you, and only then for the car. This is in the menu, and there are many details, at least in the number of filling stations on the map. 

Even on the page “About the Company”, where others talk about their history and corporate values, we have people in the first place. 
“We are building WOG for you”, and we are talking about the future, plans and dreams, rather than about the past.

App First

Almost all the opportunities for people who are on the website are in the application. It is more convenient, closer, more functional. Moreover, in the application, there are no competitors for queries on Google when they are looking for the nearest gas station or fuel prices.

The website should become a portal to the application. Therefore, each page has its promo, but unlike standard banners, it takes into account the context. On the “Fuels” page, you will see the fuel capabilities of the application, and on the “Cafe” page, they will tell you how to conveniently order food using it.

More engagement

We figured out and thought over how to motivate the user to view more information about our services. At the end of each page, a person will see a large banner with information mostly related to the current one. For example, on the page “Fuel” (refueling) we suggest “Cafe” (food).

The person does not have to go back to the menu to view other pages. We increase the number of viewed pages through quality offers. So we get a user that is more aware of our capabilities.

Time to act

All pages have room for action. If you read about Cafe, download the app and order food, or see where to go. See a special offer - take part right away. 

There is no page where you can only read, there is always action, and there are continuation links. Even when describing social initiatives, we make a person a participant - “Help other people with us”.

Simple and understandable

Scroll and tap are the most understandable and simple actions. No carousels. If possible, no pop-ups. Large font. No loaders and long waiting.

We adapted the website so that the person gets a great experience regardless of the device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, or large screen.


  1. The WOG website is in a new style, it speaks and looks in a new way.
  2. Each page of the site pushes the user to action, and the main thing on the site is the application.
  3. Don't be afraid to redo if you can.



Symfony 4 / RabbitMQ / Redis / MySQL / Lua / nginx / Docker
Symfony 4 / RabbitMQ / Redis / MySQL / Lua / nginx / Docker
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Head of Digital WOG
Evgeny Cherny

"WOG" is the first national chain of filling stations. They have been on the market for over 20 years.

We got a smooth process. We received a high-quality product, with which we continue to work and develop further. We are trying to integrate new ideas.

Everything is solved quickly and efficiently, despite the fact that we work in different cities.

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