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Grocemania - marketplace
is a marketplace for delivering groceries from your favorite stores in 30 minutes
Grocemania is a promising grocery delivery marketplace in London. The service enables you to buy all the necessary products without leaving your home in 30 minutes. The consumer chooses a location or enters a postcode on the site and gets a list of stores and minimarkets. Then they order groceries and get home delivery. Grocemania delivers groceries in just 30 minutes and doesn't limit you to a minimal check.

Switching from Shopify to Magento 2.4

In 2019 we started working on this project. The client had a website developed on the Shopify platform. The goal was to improve the website and create mobile applications for ordering products. In 2020 Grocemania decided to move the website to CMS Magento with wider functionality and convenient usability for clients.

Grocemania - new functions, new opportunities for stores

For the new Grocemania website, a personal account for store owners was developed and implemented. The main feature of it is the ability to independently add and manage your range of products. We also implemented multi prices for various market outlets if it is a chain of stores. This allows you to flexibly manage your business and start trading here and now. Reviews for outlets are added.

An application “Order Management” was developed for terminals notifying stores about new orders. We also added a lot of cool integrations: shipping Stuart for delivery, WhatsApp for notifications,, and google geo API for geo points, PayPal, Stripe, and others for payments.

Grocemania - convenient shopping without leaving home

UX improvement for users was more of a global task rather than for business owners. Now, in the new version of the website, the customer can see the list of stores without specifying their location. If the user wants to make a purchase, the Grocemania website will ask you to confirm the location. A simplified selection of stores was added: by opening hours, tags (vegan groceries, etc.), and by needs, for example, certain types of goods.

Shopping has become easier, now the product can be added to the cart directly from the listing, which makes the process more convenient and faster. The service has become more open, which allows you to make a purchase without registering on the site. The entire purchase process is now implemented in Quick View which means there is no need to reload the pages, which makes the purchase process convenient and fast. For the customer to see the route of his delivery, we added a courier tracking function. A mobile version of the website was designed with the full functionality of the desktop version.


  1. Grocemania has found its own free niche and is positioning itself in business excellently.
  2. Thanks to its own “Order Management” terminal design, Grocemania delivers products in just 30 minutes.
  3. It is profitable for the owners of chain stores to cooperate with Grocemania because there is a ready-made functionality of multi-prices, stores, and a ready-made database of products with content. At the same time, they do not need to create their own online marketplaces which allows them to start trading online here and now.







Shipping stuart / WhatsApp / / Paypal / stripe payment
Shipping stuart / WhatsApp / / Paypal / stripe payment
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