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Zolotoy Vek
The pioneer in Ukraine in selling jewelry online
Zolotoy Vek is one of the biggest Ukrainian makers and retailers of jewelry. In 2004 the company started developing e-commerce. Brander was recognized as the most experienced company and together with Zolotoy Vek we created the first ever Ukrainian jewelry online shop. For more than 5 years we have been refining the product collaboratively.

Zolotoy Vek - jewelry with soul and the best online store

Zolotoy Vek is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers and retailers of jewelry. In 2014, the company began developing its e-commerce business. Brander together with Zolotoy Vek created the first jewelry online store in the niche. The work began with the creation of a modern and convenient online store at that time. As time went on, the website developed on Magento 1.9 gradually became obsolete. And a new task for our team was to transfer the website to a new engine and redesign without losing leadership positions. For more than 5 years we have been continuing our cooperation and improving the product together.

Always learn, always sell

Taking into account that we provided technical support of the first version of the project, as well as a range of marketing services, the client entrusted the updated version of the website to Brander. The work began with the transfer of the Magento 1.9 website to Magento 2.3, since the old CMS version had optimization constraints. We also updated the website design, speeded up its work, enlarged the structure of the catalog, restructured and developed new modules.

The thing we prioritized when developing the website design was UX (User eXperience). With data from the marketing team, we mapped the user journey, studied behavioral factors, developed a new page structure, and added conversion elements. We completely rebuilt the main menu: displaying data, sections, categories and filter categories. The menu is fully administrable and has flexible settings for the client. Design type- Mobile First. This means, we developed and optimized the website for the mobile version first, and then for the desktop one. Because 70% of the traffic on the Zolotoy Vek website comes from mobile devices. The design of the updated website was developed based on the colors of the Zolotoy Vek brand book.

We simplified ordering. The process consists of 3 steps: personal details or authorization, delivery (based on cities and carrier branches), choosing stores for pickup and payment. We also thought over and developed the option of paying installments from Monobank and PrivatBank, which made it possible to increase the number of purchases on the website. We added the option of editing the order and choosing the size of the product in the checkout.

Since each product has its own size and weight, we abandoned the standard functionality using options feature. We developed a new module that speeds up the launch of product pages. If the user forgets to select a size on the product page, the site reminds him of this.

A new module for open delivery was developed. According to the standard in the Magento module, delivery options are shown after selecting a region whereas with the new module all delivery methods are shown straightaway.

We redesigned the main page of the website, its visual component and the layout of blocks.

A flexible system of filtering settings, as well as setting the layout of filters, is configured for the client. The system for sorting goods was redesigned, first there are goods with custom priority, then the most viewed ones and then goods that are out of stock.

Integration with an ERP system allows you to fill the website with the sizes, weights and attributes of the necessary product in a few minutes.


  1. Zolotoy Vek is constantly improving services and products for its customers.
  2. Due to the newly developed modules and updated functionality, we simplified the choice of the product, which led to an increase in conversion.
  3. Redesign based on behavioral factor and user journey improves the experience and convenience for the end user.



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html5 less grunt requirejs


Magento 2.3 php 7.3 mysql 5.7 elasticsearch redis varnish
Magento 2.3 php 7.3 mysql 5.7 elasticsearch redis varnish


1C Crm Nova Poshta LiqPay PrivatBank MonoBank Turbo Sms Google Ecommerce Facebook/Google Feeds
1C Crm Nova Poshta LiqPay PrivatBank MonoBank Turbo Sms Google Ecommerce Facebook/Google Feeds
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Zolotoy Vek company is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of jewelry. In 2014, we began to develop the direction of e-commerce. We ranked Brander as the most experienced company in e-commerce solutions and developed a successful product.

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