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HT.KZ is a travel agency with 13 years of experience in the tourism market, which is a niche leader in Kazakhstan. Our cooperation began in 2019 with the development of a mobile application for finding tours. The main task for the development was to create a convenient, relevant, and understandable service for the end user.

Time to travel

Based on the analysis of competitors and their applications, we developed a refined design and a convenient interface. Each element of the application is custom and was designed with the possibility of expanding in the future. 

Most often, applications are released as MVP (minimum viable product), but in the case of HT.KZ, the strategy is completely different. The application was launched as a full-fledged product with all the features and huge functionality, so we carefully worked out and refined every element of the interface.

The application is an aggregator in the field of tours and we created a well-thought-out data processing logic. The application processes a huge array of data in real time with all available tours, prices, dates and provides up-to-date data to the user. 

We developed a personal account that stores data, user documents, tour, and tickets. We implemented the functionality for the quick booking of the tour. The user can take a photo of the documents, send them via the application and purchase a tour. This functionality speeds up the tour buying process and improves the user experience.

We thought over the whole process of tour booking, each user can choose a room in the hotel, a flight, everything to the smallest detail.

We developed a functionality for hotels and tours map. The consumer can get acquainted with all the hotels, their prices and reviews in a chosen geo. 

We developed a functionality with a price chart. When the user chooses a tour and date, the application provides a price chart "before" and "after" the chosen date. Thus, it is easier for the user to track the price change for the tour. 

We created the TourHunter functionality. This functionality is an excellent marketing tool that turns a potential client into a  real client. The user adds the tour he is interested in to his favorites. When the price rises or drops, the TourHunter notifies the user about it via push notifications. Such a tool helps a lot with both positioning and sales.

We introduced functionality for viewing last minute deals for the chosen tour, as well as advanced filters. The filters have such parameters as meal plan, star-rating of a hotel, region of stay, number of nights, etc. The functionality processes data in real time so that the user receives up-to-date information.


  1. HT.KZ is a modern application with a user-friendly interface and top design.
  2. The developed functionality greatly simplifies the search and purchase of a trip voucher.
  3. The application provides only up-to-date data, which improves the user experience.





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Maxim Banin

We are a network of travel agencies HT.KZ. We have been in the niche for 14 years. 

We are the leader in the sales of tourism products in Kazakhstan. 

Thanks to Brander, we received not only a new application but also experience, a new vision, and new goals.

5/5 - "If we did it on our own, I don't know if it would be so good."
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