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Chudo Ostrov is a chain of offline toy stores. We started to cooperate in 2019. Chudo Ostrov came with a request to develop an online store. The client already had a corporate website, which was a business card, not a store. The website had special offers, articles, but nothing that would allow selling online.

Wonderful online store

We offered a solution based on CMS Magento 2. This system is flexible, optimizable, and can withstand heavy loads. Upon release, the site retained its position in SEO as we moved it to the corporate domain. Taking into account that the website had 24 thousand unique visitors per month, it started converting and bringing orders right away. 

We developed the functionality of multi-warehouses. Now the user can find out information about whether the necessary product is in stock in a particular store. We also realized the possibility of self-pickup.

We fully integrated the website with 1C. The customer can customize and manage product categories, attributes, the product itself, and export orders. We added the LiqPay payment system to the website. 

We developed a personal account and a bonus system on a barcode. When registering, each user is assigned their own barcode on which bonuses are added.

We implemented SEO modules, meta tag templates for products, categories, and articles. We registered redirects from the old website not to lose the position of the new one. 

We developed the functionality of cashback on the website. For each product or product category, the client assigns their own percentage of cashback.

We implemented functionality for loading loyalty cards and using them on the website. Unlike other projects, when checking a card, we do not request data from 1C, but we do it right on the site and automatically generate a barcode for the user.

We made it easier for the client to add new items (listings). We developed a block builder for displaying a grid of banners or sliders with links to a product.

We developed a check for bonuses when paying for goods with loyaty (bonus) points. When the user pays, the website contacts the server and checks the their bonus account. According to Ukrainian legislation, the client cannot conduct transactions for sums that are equal to zero. In the case of full payment with bonuses, the website automatically leaves 1 hryvnia for each product.


  1. The Chudo Ostrov website has an excellent customer base from the old corporate domain. This fact alone made it cost-effective from the first day of release.
  2. The multi-warehouse functionality greatly simplifies the purchase for a potential user.
  3. The user-friendly interface of the site makes you want to come back for new purchases.
  4. Full integration with 1C saves time and simplifies site content support.







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Ivan Zlatov

"Chudo-Ostrov" is a chain of physical toy stores. We’ve been in the niche for over 10 years.

The developed website helped us to refocus and start selling online.

And the application solves two tasks at once:  working with the existing client base and providing functionality that allows us to use the application in the future to build this base.

4/5 - “Our project is in good hands of Brander”.
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