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Membership card and a fitness tracker for a chain of sports clubs
Application Aura combines several functions: managing club membership, serving as a personal assistant and a tracker of activity. The application helps set the goals and track the steps you take to achieve them. Please, give a warm welcome to your personal Iron Arnie! Whether you fancy it or not, there is no escape from doing the work-out.

Personal account

Managing a membership card and a personal account: calculating the days left, prolonging and suspending your membership.

Fitness tracker

For those who like to procrastinate, there is a special option “Set a goal”. Thanks to an advanced system of push-messages, the app can remind you to start the work-out, to analyze the current activity and even remind of water-drinking regime and serve as a progress log.

Diary of progress

Gamification is a trend, which works well in sport: colourful diagrams and infographics will show what daunting challenges you have risen to over a year, a month, an hour. To get in shape till summer is no easy task, mind you!

Aura is not just “another fitness application”, which will be deleted once the smartphone memory is full. It is a little personal planner and a strict watch-dog, that won’t let you procrastinate and is sure to help you get the perfect body you have been dreaming of.





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