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Damilk - milk for everyone
Damilk is a leader in sales of milking equipment and accessories in Ukraine. The company entered the market in 2011. Initially, it was exclusively engaged in the production of milking machines and dealt with the wholesale segment. Over time, it was decided to get involved in retail and the production of accessories. A customer turned to us for the development of an online store in order to expand the business.

Modern store and complex niche

The task of DaMilk and Brander cooperation was to develop a website that presents the company as a leader in the production of milking machines. Based on the analysis of the business niche and the main competitors, key queries and categories were identified, and a website proper structure was drawn up.

Particular attention was paid to UX design. The specialists studied the behavioral factors of the potential audience and prepared a clear, user-friendly interface for the website. Based on the company logo, fonts and colors were selected to highlight the brand's image.

We have developed a thought out visual architecture. Action buttons have been made more visible. We have set up a link between products, between categories, so that the user has the opportunity to immediately see other product models.

Dividing into categories and filtering are not only essential tools for internal website optimization, they are a great way to build brand confidence and simplify the buying process. When a user can immediately find a milking machine, for example, with a portable cart, the likelihood of a purchase is getting higher.

We thought over the structure of the product card. In the niche of milking machines, every nuance is important, therefore, while designing the product card, we added a breakdown by attribute groups. Such attributes allow you to describe the product in meticulous detail.

We thought out a convenient checkout process. The purchase form has the required minimum of fields to fill out, and the user can choose a necessary milking machine online or call the manager directly. Contact information is available from any page on the website.

We developed and implemented modules for search engine optimization. Given the complexity of the niche, search traffic is an effective channel for attracting potential buyers.

We integrated the module of loans and payments in installments from PrivatBank and Mono Bank. We introduced the LiqPay payment system. We worked on feed unloading and using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


  1. The website is developed with convenient functionality and modern design according to the target audience of the company.
  2. The new website allowed DaMilk to use new sales channels and take a leading position in the market.
  3. We achieved an excellent website ranking of high-frequency, medium- and low-frequency queries.



HTML / Css / Require JS
HTML / Css / Require JS


Magento 2.0
Magento 2.0


Privatbank / MonoBank / NovaPoshta / Google Merchant Centre / Google Feed / Facebook Feed / Google Analytics
Privatbank / MonoBank / NovaPoshta / Google Merchant Centre / Google Feed / Facebook Feed / Google Analytics
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