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P. ua - smart search of printer ink cartridges and other printer consumables.
BUY and PRINT - P.UA — an online shop selling printer ink cartridges and other printer consumables. This is a joint project of Brander and one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of consumables in Ukraine - ‘Worldwide Manufacturing, E.D.’ company. The project’s main goal is to help a customer choose a necessary printer ink cartridge as soon as possible and at the best price. A necessary printer ink cartridge can be easily searched by printer model. They also offer professional assistance in consumables choice.

P.ua - a new direction, new opportunities

Our cooperation started in 2012 when the client decided to launch an online retailer and develop in the direction of Ecommerce.  The online shop needed to be modern, convenient, and functional to make the process of purchasing as simple as possible for a potential customer. After some time, in April 2020, the client decided to launch a new website and widen the range of products. The project grew from the online shop that helps quickly find a necessary printer ink cartridge and other components for printers into an online shop with a really wide range of products.

One of the milestones of the new website development was its upgrade to Magento 2.3. The upgrade was quite complicated, especially when the project was scaled up to a market leader in selling printer accessories and consumables. Hidden logic allows to conduct up to 1000 transactions daily.

There weren’t any significant changes in UX or UI, the load fell at Backend и Frontend. We developed from scratch and implemented a search engine, filtering engine, label constructor, fitting algorithms for product analogues, and the opportunity to place an order for both individuals and companies.

Our team developed the module of label constructor for goods. For each page or listing, you can upload any images or text and change the label’s color and layout against a good image.

A state-of-the-art search logic for goods is developed using the Elasticsearch engine. The new search categorizes search results so you can look through the categories with necessary goods in one click as a search query may not only be a name but also a part of a description or product feature.

At the request of our client, we developed the module of devices. Upon choosing a device model the website offers cartridges and consumables for a necessary device model by categories. When the range of products on the website grows, a customer can use this module to create new search models from the admin panel or 1C that we integrated with the website. 

We also created a module of custom statuses of goods. The standard module of Magento has only 2 statuses: in stock and out of stock. Our team wrote a module for creating a limitless number of statuses of goods. Using integration with 1C a customer can manage these statuses and adjust the affordability of a good, ‘Buy’ button display, etc.

The functionality of goods delivery time estimation is developed. It uses 1C to pass managers the information about the time when a good needs to be shipped.

As for filtering goods, it’s optimized to the extent that it allows you to find the necessary search results of the product within seconds. This kind of optimization is particularly important for the display of the site on mobile devices and when having slow internet connections. 

Product analogues are selected based on more than 30 parameters: cost of goods, compatibility with printers in the brand line, compatibility with other brands, product characteristics, etc. The developed analogue algorithm makes it much easier for the client to find a substitute for the product.

We added blocks typical for individuals and companies to ordering options. Thus, the purchase process was simplified for all users and allows them to receive the payment account without leaving home. We developed the functionality that lists all delivery methods in a city.

At the request of our client, Google and Facebook Pixel enhanced e-commerce with customized events was added. Facebook / Google Feeds upload was also configured.

As for SEO, work was done to optimize all functionality, devices, and brands.


  1. P.ua, an upgraded site on на Magento 2.3, easily withstands the load of more than 50 thousand products and performs well.
  2. The developed new modules for the site significantly speed up the search for the necessary products and simplify the purchase process.
  3. Flexible search and analog selection algorithm help the end consumer to easily find the right product for purchase.



HTML5 LESS Grunt RequireJS
HTML5 LESS Grunt RequireJS


Magento 2.3 PHP 7.3 MySql 5.7 ElasticSearch Redis
Magento 2.3 PHP 7.3 MySql 5.7 ElasticSearch Redis


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