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Kyivstar Shop - online store for the largest mobile operator in Ukraine
In 2016, we won a tender for the development of a corporate website and retail direction for Kyivstar. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have significantly improved the existing website, developed new functionality and modules.

Functionality and convenience

The main task of the Kiеvstar store was to withstand heavy loads. We increased the bandwidth of the site and optimized it for fault tolerance. For convenient shopping, we integrated payment widgets of PrivatBank and MonoBank.

We developed the number selection functionality. Now, when buying, the user can add a favorite number, a significant date, or even encrypt a word to their number. After that, they only need to choose the number that they like and buy.

The functionality of choosing a Kyivstar VIP number was implemented. This service is perfect for the B2C segment. The user chooses a “beautiful” and memorable number and makes a purchase in two steps.

We developed a regionality module. The site identifies the user's location by IP, whether the user is a Kyivstar subscriber, and provides personalized content for the region.

We created functionality for generating promo codes. Kyivstar can generate several types of promo codes directly from the admin panel: reusable and unique. 

We implemented the functionality of product reviews. We developed and implemented eSim functionality. The user can check his device for eSim use. If necessary, the user can purchase a virtual card and activate it using a QR code.

We created a phone exchange module. While buying devices or even a Kyivstar sim starter kit, the user can exchange his old phone and get a discount. You just need to choose the model of the device and its condition. 

We developed a design for landing pages and banners, thus speeding up the work with the website and adding new listings and special offers, etc. We added a module for SEO automation and effective ranking in search results.

We implemented the cashback functionality; upon purchase, the user receives cashback to his personal Kyivstar number. 

We developed and optimized AMP pages for the mobile version of the website. Since the website has the full functionality of the desktop version, users with a slow Internet may have problems loading pages. Therefore, we used AMP technology, which speeded up page loading several times.


  1. The improved website can withstand heavy loads and is a convenient service for users.
  2. Developed modules simplify product selection.
  3. The chosen stack of technologies allows you to adapt the site to any device, connection speed, etc.





PHP / Symfony 5 / MySQL / RabbitMQ / Redis / ElasticSearch / Varnish / Nginx
PHP / Symfony 5 / MySQL / RabbitMQ / Redis / ElasticSearch / Varnish / Nginx


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