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YAPOSHKA is a chain of restaurants serving Japanese and Italian cuisine.
YAPOSHKA company started in 2011. At that time they were called "Yaposhka & Italiani" and worked as round-the-clock sushi and pizza delivery service. During these 10 years, Yaposhka changed their corporate identity, opened 5 delivery kitchens and 3 restaurants in the city center. Our cooperation started in 2016. The client asked for the development of a user-friendly and modern website.

Only we can do it better

The site was built on Magento 2. This CMS has wide functionality and can withstand heavy loads.

The design is based on the style of the logo and brand book, however, we took into account the fact that we should focus on attractive and well-taken photos of the restaurant's products.

Minimum action - maximum pleasure

We made the website modern and competitive. One of the main requests of the customer was also a convenient and simple admin panel. So we adapted all the functionality completely for the client. 

The design concept provides for an original layout of goods. We redesigned the map page and product tiles for sushi sets and pizza.

All customer data is stored in the personal account: name, phone number, address, purchase history. You can change, delete, save a new delivery address for quick ordering. You can reorder through the "order history" in just two clicks. Also, bonuses from orders and cashback are collected in your account. You can use them to pay for the next orders.

The navigation menu was made end-to-end and placed on all pages of the website. We implemented it like an accordion menu, which is just a vertically stacked list of headers that can be hovered over to reveal or hide content associated with them. 

In the basket and checkout, you can choose the kind and number of chopsticks, the number of people, and the necessary proportions of desired ingredients. And for certain categories of goods, an additional gift is provided.

We introduced a new functionality - “Buy with this”. Therefore the product card was reworked. Scrolling elements were added to this block. This functionality was implemented to increase the average time spent by visitors on the website, reduce the bounce rate and increase the average check.

In case of incomplete ordering, the client receives a notification that “ the food is in the basket” and is waiting for the order to be completed.

In addition to the listing, which is displayed in the header, there are also tags for all products to make it easier for the client to choose a product.

We added the ability to select an additive or several additives by category: cheeses, vegetables, meats, sauces, and many more. All added ingredients are counted automatically.

We added “WEIGHT UNIT” functionality to the website. The client can choose the number of grams, liters, pieces for each product. One product can have several options. 

We added the combined payment functionality. The order can be partially or fully paid for with bonuses.

We developed "the Pizza Constructor" functionality. It allows you to make your own pizza 'from scratch'.

The perfect solution

We integrated the app with DMS. After issuing a check, in the first message, the client receives an order confirmation on their phone via SMS or Viber. It has a product list and a link with a geotag of the nearest self-pickup point. This is done so that the client could build a route and pick up the order themselves from the nearest kitchen, which will save them 10% of the order value.

In the second message, the link to Yaposhka's Viber channel comes. This is a great opportunity to get answers to questions if there are any without calling the operator back, thereby saving both your and employees' time. As there are a large number of orders, this mailing is implemented to unload the call center.

Why can't these links be added to one message? They can actually. But better not to. After adding a “button”, a simple SMS is transformed into an advertising one and its cost soars up to three and a half times. With such a  big number of orders, it is expensive and impractical.

We integrated FastOperator into the website. It calculates the exact delivery time and displays it to the customer at the checkout.

We added a multi-language interface to the website. Now browsing is available in Russian, Ukrainian and English.


  1. Yaposhka's website is a quick and convenient way to get food to the office or home when you don't want to go anywhere.
  2. With the help of the website, it is easy to choose food and drinks, to combine an order from any set of dishes of Italian and Japanese cuisines.
  3. The website is developed on Magento 2, which means that the order is processed quickly and you will not be nervous waiting for the page to load.





Magento 2.1
Magento 2.1


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