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MEGABANK is one of the most stable and reliable banks in Ukraine. The history of the Bank's creation dates back to June 1990. And since 1998 - "MEGABANK" has been building an effective retail chain on the territory of Ukraine. We began to cooperate with the company back in 2016. The customer asked for the revision and redesign of the website.

Keep it simple

Right from the very start of work, we decided to completely change the design, navigation, and structure of the platform. We drew a brand book in order to emphasize the corporate visual style of the company, the main tasks, and the goals pursued.

No more text in small print - only informative visuals with a description of the bank's products and the possibility of ordering them online in 3 clicks.

At this stage of cooperation, the design principles were modernized. We came up with a new slogan: “Stability from European guarantors”. This was done in order to emphasize the presence of foreign shareholders in the property of the bank. It includes the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the German Development Bank KfW, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Also, a new element was added - "Band", on which the slogan is written and the logos of those shareholders are depicted - EBRD, IFC, KfW.

We currently use the logo with the slogan underneath and the "Band" in all of our promotional materials.


Along with the work on the design of the website pages, the Internet bank interface for private and corporate clients was restyled.

We added "Image Rotator" to the main page of the website. It displays advertisements for the following products:

  1. Deposit accounts for individuals;
  2. Loans for consumer purposes;
  3. Opening social and retirement accounts;
  4. Microloans for business.

We also added pictures with advertisements of various shares, ratings, and news of the bank there. To make the news on the website more noticeable, we added a picture to the "rotator" with a link to it. 

Also, there is a link to the website of the "Single Settlement Center" on the main page of the site to pay utility bills.

We also added functionality with a convenient calculator for deposits and loans. It automatically calculates the final result as accurately as possible and displays it to the user in a convenient format.

Now the website has a map with working hours and a search for the nearest ATM or branch.

The new Megabank website is a full-fledged e-commerce tool, with the help of which the bank promotes and sells new services and attracts customers. The new site is user-friendly, convenient, and useful for clients of any type: from students and young entrepreneurs to large businesses and retirees.


  1. The new website helps the bank to get rid of queues, gain a new audience, and, therefore, increase the number of loyal customers and earn more money.
  2. The new site is a transparent, visual, and understandable structure for everyone, which explains the principles of work and promotes banking services.
  3. Simple banking for everyone, for free, and so that no one leaves offended! And no more “don't you see, we have a lunch break?”.



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CSS 3.0


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Symfony 2.8
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