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UK Planet Tools
UK Planet Tools is a modern online store of machinery, equipment, and workwear.
UK Planet Tools is one of the UK's largest suppliers of tools, based in Milton Keynes. We started to cooperate with the company in June 2020. We were assigned two main tasks: to automate the import of goods from the website to websites like Amazon and to modernize the old site functionality and features.

How it all began

We developed a user-friendly interface. The entire design was developed by us on a turnkey basis. We started with UX design - approved, trimmed, supplemented, and only then moved on to UI. Website colors and logo were provided by the client.

Creativity is our everything

We connected and set up the exchange of goods on OGL. We implemented additional functionality for 8 well-known brands making the website brand-oriented.
The main idea was to change the style of the website to match the colors of a certain brand: BOSCH - blue, Tough Master - black, Metabo - green, etc.

We implemented a brand module - Brands. It allows combining products and promotions of the same brand.

We developed landing pages within which, we provided not only a product of a certain brand but also news about it.

Added end-to-end banners. On the listing, they are broadcast in the middle - like a product card. They can be assigned a specific location and at the same time, they do not violate the integrity of the listing. This functionality was created for advertising and notifying the user about discounts on goods.

Everything is simple for your convenience

We implemented a search engine - Algolia, for a quick and easy search for the products you need. 
We integrated post-code functionality. To automate the filling of all data that is at a specific address and assigned to the post-code.
We implemented the Post Code lookup module (crafty clicks) - and integrated it with the service to implement the post-code itself.
We developed functionality for wholesale buyers - Quote List. It allows the user to enter the post code of the item and specify the number of units he would like to purchase. Also, there is the possibility of "price reduction". The cost of goods per unit can be $ 59, but with a wholesale purchase, you can indicate the desired price to the seller, and this, for example, is $ 55. Next comes the agreement of both parties.

Implemented functionality for quick adding to cart - Quick Order.

We developed the functionality - Product Quick View. To preview the necessary equipment without going into the product card.

This is a full-fledged page with a full list of characteristics: description, a gallery for viewing the product, kits, discounts, and the ability to select the necessary parameters to add to the cart. We brought here the Wish list, comparison, and addition to the Quote List.

We added integration with the Orbitvu service. This service generates a 3D model of the tools and allows the user to examine it in detail.

We developed extensive Seo MageWorx functionality which allows you to automate Seo-work and make it as convenient as possible.

As for the delivery. We implemented shipping methods managed through the admin panel. In the panel, you can configure the conditions for the availability of goods. Depending on the day of the week and the current time, the cost of delivery and its availability is calculated.


  1. Created more extensive functionality and opportunities for customers to purchase and provide promotional options;
  2. The developed site solves the problem of dependence of the customer's business on third-party intermediaries;
  3. Interaction with other sites can be fully implemented without any problems, and this is fully automated.



JS/ Less / Css / knockout js / require js / jquery / grunt
JS/ Less / Css / knockout js / require js / jquery / grunt


PHP / JS / Magento 2.3
PHP / JS / Magento 2.3


OGL / M2E / Algolia / Reviews CoUk / Stripe / Amazon Payments / PayPal Payments / OrbitVu / CraftyClicks
OGL / M2E / Algolia / Reviews CoUk / Stripe / Amazon Payments / PayPal Payments / OrbitVu / CraftyClicks
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