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Area of Activity


Working period


Project before the start of work

  • We have already had the experience of cooperation with this client. We developed an application for HT.KZ, they are satisfied with the result.
  • After product development, the client had no idea how to promote the application. Therefore, after the development, the client switched to marketing.
  • Since the client had no experience at all—we did all the work from scratch.

Project team

Chornopyatko Yevhen
Orekhov Artem

Project description

Main tasks and KPIs

  1. KPI across all channels was 100k+ installs by the end of September using Facebook Ads and Google Ads tools.
  2. The goal for 2022 is to quadruple revenue.
  3. For Facebook ads to test advertising goals, audiences and creatives, find effective segments, and get the maximum effect for the minimum price.
  4. Get the maximum installs with Google Ads.

Google Ads

  1. Launched advertising campaigns for app installs in major cities.
  2. Launched on IOS and Android platforms.
  3. After the initial setup and depending on collected statistics, we've decided to expand.
  4. Then launched in-app conversion campaigns in the form of orders with the same breakdown.
  5. Today, we are launching campaigns in the display network on pages with certain content inside the application.

Facebook Ads

  1. We've implemented Facebook SDK tracking in both applications
  2. Started with an emphasis on the maximum possible number of app installs.
  3. Identified the main segments of the audience.
  4. We've prepared creatives demonstrating the benefits of the application.
  5. Launched branded videos.
  6. Launched new segments of LLA user audiences.
  7. We integrated Firebase and Apps Flyer for analytics of advertising campaigns and actions within the application.
  8. Later, we focused on destinations and low tour prices, doubling the click-through rate.
  9. In the course of work, we tested various advertising goals, from traffic to the application to conversion campaigns.



Used Tools

  1. Firebase
  2. Facebook SDK
  3. AppsFlyer
  4. GDN
  5. Google spreadsheets
  6. Remarketing
  7. App Campaigns
  8. AAA Campaigns
  9. In-app conversion campaigns
  10. RaF campaigns

Our Conclusion

  • We continue to cooperate and improve the result.
  • At the moment, we are testing various communications with the user, new advertising sources such as TikTok, and many other features.
Sergey Kuzmenko
Marketing Project Manager
The project is an interesting endeavor for our team. We not only work with current traffic channels and generate new ideas for campaign optimization, but also test new traffic channels. Thanks to a well-built analytics system, the client can fully assess the results of our work.


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