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Budu sushi
Budusushi - sushi delivery anywhere in the city
Budusushi is a chain of sushi stores. At the moment, Budusushi has more than 20 stores throughout Ukraine. The client turned to Brander to develop a native application for IOS and Android.

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The main feature of Budusushi is the possibility to buy ready-made sushi in stores. Therefore, when developing, we focused on 2 things: delivery and convenient service. 

We conducted an analysis of competitors' applications and UX analysis. Based on the data, a user-friendly interface was developed. The end user should not experience any difficulty in using the application. Since this directly affects conversions.

We removed all unnecessary information from the listing and fly page. We reworked the structure of the application the way it does not overload the user. We left only the weight, price, and ingredients of the sushi.

We developed a map of Budusushi stores. This functionality identifies the user's geo and shows the nearest offline points. It has a short review with the address and working hours.

We develop a personal account that stores information about the user, order history, and addresses. We simplified and speeded up the next order process for the end user. We developed a bonus scheme and a referral system. For each order, the user receives a certain percentage of the order price to the bonus account. The functionality is implemented by integrating the application with 1C.

We developed a simplified ordering process, left the required minimum of fields. The simpler the application is for the user, the more profitable it is for the business owner. We added order statuses so that the user can find out about the delivery stage at any time.

For the client, we added the functionality of push notifications to send clients information about special offers and discounts. It is a great marketing tool to help Budusushi in sales and user engagement of the app.


  1. Budusushi is a friendly application that does not overload the user with the interface.
  2. The developed functionality helps Budusushi to attract new users and engage existing ones.
  3. The application is an effective sales channel that made it possible to reduce advertising costs by 2 times.



Symfony 4.1 MySQL Redis RabbitMQ jenkins firebase
Symfony 4.1 MySQL Redis RabbitMQ jenkins firebase


Swift Google Maps Core Location Core Data Core Graphics Core Animation
Swift Google Maps Core Location Core Data Core Graphics Core Animation


Java/Kotlin Android SDK Room ZXing
Java/Kotlin Android SDK Room ZXing


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Irina Zlatova

“Budusushi” is a chain of sushi stores. We have been on the market for more than 7 years and have more than 20 stores throughout Ukraine.

We contacted you for the development of a mobile application and setting up paid search advertising and targeting.We have been cooperating for a long time. And at this stage, we contact Brander on a monthly basis. We create localization for new cities with you quickly, which is important for launch.

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