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Megapolis is your city's advertising holding.
Megapolis is a comprehensive solution for your business. The company views the process of preparing the client's advertising activity from the perspective of nineteen years of experience. They specialize in indoor and outdoor advertising and have more than 10 thousand advertising media throughout Ukraine. We started cooperation in 2018. Our task was to develop a corporate website.

We created a "business card" of the holding

We built a WordPress website. We developed a unique design taking into account the corporate style of the holding and all customer requirements. When developing the design, we focused on simple navigation, pleasant colors, and meeting the goals and objectives of end users.

We developed a user-friendly interface. All sections are displayed in the main top menu. There you can choose a place for advertising, see the list of services provided as well as the information about the company along with the holding’s cases, and choose a necessary city for posting ads.

Today Megapolis provides services in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, and Lviv. We introduced a feature - “Address Program” so that the user could choose the website for placing the boards on their own. 

We implemented the functionality in the form of a map, where the places available for advertising and their photos are marked. The functionality allows the customer to see what are the places for advertising on the necessary address. This saves a lot of time for both the administrator and the user.

You can filter advertising structures by type, size, location. In the search field, you can search by a specific street or advertising number. You can also choose the side of the placement and decide on the spot whether you need backlighting on the advertising board. You can also book this area right there.

We added a multilingual module. It provides support for additional website languages ​​and the platform administration interface in different languages. 

We added a feedback form. This is a form on the website through which a visitor can send a message to the website administrator. It is possible to contact on your own using the available instant messengers, or the Callback option.

We introduced a responsive layout. It automatically adjusts the web pages of the website to the size of the device, and their design varies depending on the actions of the user.

In the footer, it is quite convenient to view reviews about the company, available vacancies, and important news of the holding.

And also, from the corporate website, you can go to the Megapolis social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube.

Not without marketing

To complete the visual component of Megapolis’ ‘business card’, we filmed a series of timelapse videos and photo content. Now, a video of the night city is on the main page of the website. Spectacular videos impress visitors and increase the credibility of the website.


  1. The corporate website of the holding is not only an image story but also a b2b tool for ordering advertising space.
  2. The developed feature of the “Address Program” provides the visitor with detailed information about the activities of the holding and all types of locations for advertising in each city.
  3. Usability puts the website in the top positions, setting the competition and increasing the awareness of the holding.
  4. The created content is great for increasing user loyalty.





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