Zolotiy Vik App

Zolotiy Vik App
Case "Zolotiy Vik": thousands of jewels in one application
Zolotiy Vik is a Ukrainian jewelry brand. In 1999, a jewelry factory was opened in Zaporizhzhia. In 2023, the plant became the largest jewelry manufacturer, market leader and one of the most recognizable companies in Ukraine. The mission of the company is to give love to each other with jewelry. For help in the implementation of this mission, Zolotiy Vik turned to us.

What did the client come to us with?

In 2023 no one has any questions why a mobile application is needed. Moreover, no one says that it is a luxury. It became a necessity, a point in checklist on the market. If you do not have a mobile application, the audience goes to competitors, everything is simple.

Together with Zolotiy Vik company, we have already successfully developed massive online store, in which more than 11 thousand gold and 4 thousand silver jewelry. Realizing the importance of mobile development in the modern world of digital commerce, the company decided to order a mobile application from scratch. We started working on the mobile app in 2021.

Expanding e-commerce horizons

The application was developed from scratch. The only thing we had was a reference, which was taken from the official website of Zolotiy Vik. We needed to implement the functionality of the site, supplementing it with the unique capabilities of the mobile application.

But there was a difficulty - integration with two 1C databases in such a way that the application had access to one database. Literally, for each module and function of the site, modules were prepared for transferring data from a mobile application. For this, our developers used GraphQL.

Zolotiy Vik online store was created on the Magento engine. This is the ideal solution when you need maximum performance, a large catalog of products and advanced functionality. Therefore, we have done a lot of work on optimizing queries and improving performance, taking into account all the functionality and customer requirements.

At the testing stage, we found flaws in the logic of the site. Thanks to this, the online store also received the necessary updates and improvements.

As a result, the mobile application has become a compact version of Zolotiy Vik online store. Just like on the site, the client can view the catalog on his smartphone, choose a piece of jewelry, view photos, read a description, buy a product, track an order, review saved orders, and many other features for connoisseurs of jewelry.

Image, loyalty, communications

Zolotiy Vik mobile application has received a simplified path for purchases with increased speed. The mobile application has not only expanded the possibilities of e-commerce. It solves the key tasks assigned to it by our client:

  1. Improving the image and loyalty of the company. The application has a high level of user interaction. Thanks to a convenient, fast and beautiful interface, the user performs the target action faster and more willingly. The application meets the needs of the buyer, offering a wide range of functionality. If the app has everything a customer needs to make a purchase, why look elsewhere?
  1. Sales and communications. The application satisfies all the target functions of the operating system in accordance with the user's flow. We have used Beacon technology, camera and geolocation capabilities to create a comfortable and native user experience. Thanks to personal notifications, there is a space for promotional mechanics and effective communication with customers.
  1. Data collection and analytics. The mobile application collects data about buyers and their behavior, generates analytical conclusions through the prism of indicators, and also monitors the effectiveness of interaction with the application interface (this is a great tip for updates, fixes, and product upgrades).


The result is a modern mobile app that empowers e-commerce, matches audience perceptions, and drives sales. Corporate identity is in harmony with design trends, and hard work on the server side allows customers to interact without friezes, lags, bugs and other user experience irritants.
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