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Bomond - chic, glitter and perfume
Bomond was on the list of Ukrainian companies that, at the dawn of the online shopping era, realized its importance. Fashionistas are constantly on the Internet and social networks, they even now read glossy magazines online. They want to buy cosmetics and perfumes on the Internet without being bored for hours at the showcases in queue.

We were given the task of modernizing the existing site and attaching a lot of new features to it. We set a deadline of two months, so without delay we began to draw up the terms of reference. Our multipage document showed the way from an outdated website to an advanced online sales tool.

From brief to action

The briefing was easy and short. That is the case when the parties understood each other without many hours of explanation. We started with competitors analysis. The client did his homework and provided us with a complete list of references, which he calls a “good site”. The brand book received from Bomond helped us a lot. There was no doubt that we will work together ?

Design for everyone

It is about adaptability for all devices. Every day we see an increase in traffic from mobile devices. This was also seen by our colleagues from Bomond. We decided to make an equally user-friendly design for all platforms. Ordering perfume from Versace or powder from Dior will now be equally pleasant for the owner of any device!

100% brand oriented!

Bomond provides more than two hundred brands. All products need quality presentation and care. We have compiled a page with a brief history, a list of promotions and hot goods.

300% customer oriented!

The client can also play with the site for their own pleasure and set additional search filters, such as sorting by collections, seasons and exclusivity. The list of favorite brands helps to better navigate the site. They can be sorted in different ways, synchronizing with the purchase history.


For the main page, we decided to organize a block with banners that will catch the eye of the visitor and encourage him saying goodbye to his money faster. We made a number of significant improvements to the previous version of the search system.


We placed the functionality of "Nova Poshta". With it, any, even a new inexperienced manager, will be able to place an order and send it to the recipient. The standard list of functions was expanded and allowed to add related products. We have developed a separate control panel for them. The “Interesting Products” module encourages impulsive buying. Let it happen as often as possible!


Bomond have upgraded a lot since working with us. It was nice to see how easily we found a common language with their team. This contributed to the introduction of new features. As a result, the online store not only changed its design, but also greatly improved its technical characteristics. We love its modern multi-brand policy and customer care, we love Bomond!

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