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Likar Online
Service for getting a medical consultation online
Calls, arrangements, queues, road to another part of the city, wasted time, nerves, nerves, nerves… Likar Online is an application for getting a medical consultation in a convenient way. Less effort – more efficiency: the app made visits to a doctor as easy as an apple pie.

What’s wrong with you?

Something hurts you, and Google says you are agonizing? Come on, you’d better enter the symptoms in the application and it will help you choose which medical specialist to address. The only thing left is to pick out the one you need from the list.


We have developed two independent applications: for the doctor and for the patient. Almost like a taxi.

Take the pig out of the poke

Each and every doctor has got a profile with detailed information about their experience, expertise, educational background, working place. While mailing each other, a doctor and a patient are investigating a problem. Developers integrated into the app a video call function.

Beauty by birth

Human body is beautiful as it is, and identity of the application reflects it. A big hand to guys from the design department, who have worked with a full set of services: devised milestones and recognizable icons, designed intuitively clear interface, drew it in colour.



Node.js WebRTC Mongodb S3 Express.js Vue.js


Swift 4.2 Alamofire Core Data WebRTC


Kotlin + Java Android SDK Room Socket.IO WebRTC Coroutines Dagger2 JUnit
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