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jacob lee
Online shop of niche clothes from London
Read “Jacob Lee” and feel the spirit of rock-n-roll of today. The website serves as a shopper and a business card for the brand. In the foreground you can see clothes, all the necessary information for buying and spirit of freedom. It is the case, when simplicity is a new rebel.

Look into my eyes

The website captures your attention with new collections and light, but austere design. Rock’n’roll is in every pixel.

Post-meta-neo-classics is everywhere.

Clear product grid, not overloaded with colours and patterns gives an opportunity to feel freedom when choosing clicks and purchases. Looks like back and white are the deepest colours, aren’t they?

Nothing superfluous

Jacob Lee approached us with their own vision and understanding of design. Together we adapted it to comfortable shopping, filled it with the spirit of rock’n’roll and refined it to the level of a benchmark for quality purchasing and brand recognition. The site itself was made on upmarket Magento 2.3.



HTML5 LESS require.js Grunt
HTML5 LESS require.js Grunt


Magento 2.3
Magento 2.3


stripe mastercard DHL
stripe mastercard DHL
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