Magento extension development

Nobody disputes that Magento is great. You will not find such advanced and comprehensive functionality in any other content management system. Even if the basic functionality is not enough for you, you can use ready-made modules, among which there are paid and free solutions.


But there are situations when you study all the available functionality, including third-party extensions, and you realize that something is missing. For example, you need to implement the ability to pay for goods through a system that Magento does not support by default. What to do in such cases?


The relevance of implementing extensions

Let's first make sure that Magento really does not have the functionality you need. It is a complicated CMS that can be difficult to understand even for e-commerce representatives with extensive experience. It has everything you need to create basic and mid-level online stores. If you can't find the functionality you're looking for, it's likely that it just eluded you. Our consultants and specialists are ready to help you determine if you really need extensions, because their development is costly in terms of time and finances, and you will also have to pay for high-quality ready-made modules.

Before making a decision to develop or purchase an extension, carefully review the list of basic Magento features:

  • ready-made templates for websites of online stores;
  • different methods of payment and delivery of goods or services;
  • availability of tools for developing a unique design;
  • support for many languages;
  • support for numerous world currencies;
  • the ability to manage multiple sites from one admin panel;
  • availability of marketing tools to promote your business;
  • setting pricing rules that open up opportunities for automatic formation of the cost of certain goods;
  • discounts, promotions, coupons, other loyalty programs;
  • detailed reporting system covering sales, reviews, tags and more;
  • tax rate management;
  • the ability to create detailed descriptions (product cards);
  • filtering products, making it easier for customers to find them;
  • users can be divided into groups (they won’t even guess about it);
  • customers feedback;
  • personal accounts, shopping carts, fields for placing orders, a system of reviews and ratings, and much more.

The main disadvantage of Magento is the high barrier to entry. For development of a site based on this content management system, as well as for its proper configuration, you need services of IT professionals. Our team has extensive experience working with Magento and other CMS, so we are ready to offer our services. Contact Brander if you need to develop, update and maintain an online store of any scale and any focus. We also work with a variety of extensions and create new, unique modules, which we will talk about in more detail.

How are extensions integrated?

We will cope with tasks of any complexity, but we want to tell you in general terms what problems we will have to solve. Based on the information received, you will understand that the independent implementation of extensions without the help of specialists is a bad idea. Firstly, difficulties may arise if your site based on Magento was developed by another company, and after that you decided to contact us. In this case, we will have to check the CMS core for any changes that could have changed the program significantly in terms of functionality and everything else.

The next possible problem is the relevance of your version of Magento. Most extensions are compatible with the latest versions of this CMS. This means that before integrating extensions, you need to update your content management system to the latest version. On the other hand, there are legacy modules that are compatible with "ancient" versions of Magento. It will be especially offensive if among them there is an extension that you need. But in no case can you roll back CMS to obsolete versions, so we will have to create the module on our own.

The final cost of Magento extension development will be affected by the following factors:

  1. We will analyze your site and your needs. A lot will depend on the size of your project.
  2. The process of creating a module will take a certain number of working hours.
  3. The newly made extension will need to be integrated into the CMS, which will also take time.
  4. It will be necessary to test and make sure that everything works correctly, down to the smallest detail.
  5. There will be a release of the working version of the site. If thorough testing has been done beforehand, everything should work just fine.

Unlike some of our unscrupulous competitors, we will honestly tell you how relevant the desired extension is for you. We will definitely analyze your business and find out if the new custom module for Magento will solve your problem. We are interested in the success of your business, because we rely on the loyalty of our customers and long-term cooperation. All controversial points will be agreed with you in the process of drawing up the terms of reference. Work on the project will begin only after you approve the TOR. For more information, please contact our friendly managers.

Magento extension development

Magento extension development is the creation of a CMS module for an online store. CMS stands for content management system, where the word “content” means text, pictures, videos, etc. This system allows us to create a “skeleton” of the site and add all the necessary data to it. With its help, creating sites is much easier than from scratch, but certain skills are still required. We, the Brander company, have been doing this for much more than a year, so we are ready to offer you our services.

Learn more about Magento

Magento extension development is often ordered, because it is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Its distinctive features:

  1. Open source code that can be edited to your liking.
  2. In addition to standard functions, there are numerous modules and various presets. Another important nuance is that this CMS has the potential to scale.
  3. This content management system is based on PHP and My SQL technologies.
  4. Due to the adaptability of the created site, it is correctly displayed on any devices (mobile and desktop). During development, this reduces both time and financial costs.

Magento extensions development largely depends on features of this CMS:

  • development of product cards with a detailed description, parameters, pictures and a selection of similar products;
  • detailed reporting;
  • support for different currencies;
  • discounts and various loyalty programs;
  • multilanguage.

Despite the fact that our clients often order additional extension development in Magento, even the list of its initial features is very impressive:

  • the ability to develop several sites at once with subsequent management from a single admin panel;
  • the ability to track the movement of goods and the actions of customers, draw up reports and find out what attracts customers;
  • flexible pricing system allows you to temporarily reduce or increase the cost of goods, provide discounts to loyal customers and organize promotions;
  • customization via HTML and PHP;
  • flexible hierarchy system that allows you to create administrators of different levels with different access rights;
  • promotion in search engines due to SEO-optimization;
  • functionality for buyers, which includes the ability to leave reviews and put down ratings, customize their profiles through personal accounts, etc.

What are Magento extensions for?

We can develop Magento extensions for additional tasks. Such plugins expand the range of CMS applications and functionality. Some of them make minor changes, such as interaction with social networks or a form for mailing. Others can make more serious changes, such as expanded functionality of a personal account or gift vouchers. There are also modules that enhance the security of an online store. For example, many users do not want to enter their bank card details because they are afraid of identity theft, but there are modules to protect them.

Magento 2 extensions development may also be needed to optimize performance. Modern users are very spoiled in the sense that they are accustomed to the speed of sites and really do not like to wait for pages to open for a long time. If your competitor's website works faster than yours, then visitors will definitely go to your opponent. Alas, a wide range of products, a variety of integrated payment systems and even numerous texts negatively affect performance, but additional extensions can solve the problem.

Custom Magento extension development will allow you to expand the functionality of the online store:

  • make the shopping cart and wish list more convenient for customers;
  • develop a system for generating discounts, coupons and special applications;
  • implement the ability to track all stages of order delivery;
  • add a convenient product comparison function so that customers understand how they differ;
  • complex filters, with the help of which advanced users will be able to find products with certain technical characteristics.

As a result of Magento module development, this system can begin to fulfill any of your wishes and whims. Extensions are flexible and easy to use. They increase site performance and customer loyalty because these two concepts are closely interrelated. At the same time, you can not worry that the modules will not meet the features and requirements of the site.

We are aware of the importance of site speed, as well as a visually pleasing and understandable interface for users, so we provide customers with only the best quality extensions. Thanks to the use of clean professional code, there will be no programming errors. Our modules are independent developments, not tied to specific templates. We are professional developers with extensive experience working with various content management systems.

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