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Design QA Development Support - corporate website for the Ukrainian wine importer. - a company that was founded in the autumn of 2018 in Kiev. The main goal of Roots is to help everyone find the wine to their liking. In the first two years of their existence, they managed to collect a portfolio of more than 100 wineries from 7 European countries. We started work on the project in 2019. The goal of our cooperation is to create a website that reflects the customer focus of the company and forms its positive image.

Brand identity

We began the development with UX and UI design, which followed the corporate style of the company. We focused on colors that would be easily understood by the target audience - green, black and white.

The result is a stylish and dynamic design with bright branded graphics and interesting effects. A well-thought-out structure makes interaction with the website as convenient as possible.

We placed the list of sections on the left. The navigation bar does not take up space on the website and makes it more stylish and convenient to use. The following sections are available in it: wines, information about the company, gallery, contacts, and the link to the main website - e-Commerce.

The website has three languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

The highlight of the project

We developed a wine list that has a unique animation. The map starts from Kyiv and spreads to all European wineries. It is presented in the form of a grapevine, which perfectly symbolizes the company's products.

At each point on the map, you can find out brief information about cities, regions, and wineries. Having learned about the company and the world of new wines, the user can go to the wine store and buy wine to taste.

The "Gallery" section plays an important role. It presents photos of wine products collected from 7 European countries.


  1. From the start to the launch of the project, we spent two months working and created more than 40 screens.
  2. We presented a lot of information, advantages, and guarantees of the quality of the company's products, with the help of simple animation, beautiful and stylish infographics.
  3. The website is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, but on the contrary, is easily readable and has the right accents.
  4. Such a “business card” perfectly retains regular customers and, by its uniqueness, attracts new customers.





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